My Lord's Lotus-Feet versus my devotion-heart, part 3

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My Lord,
Whenever I tell You lies,
You immediately catch me.
But how is it when You tell me lies,
I cannot catch You?

"My child,
Here is the proof
That I am infinitely smarter
Than you are."


My Lord,
When I fall sick, You cure me,
And this happens quite often.
But when You fall sick,
I can never cure You.

"My child,
There are many things
That you can do,
But I cannot do."

My Lord,
Please name only one.

"My child,
You have established friendship,
Permanent friendship,
With ignorance-night,
A thing impossible for Me
To accomplish."


My Lord,
I am planning to write
My autobiography.
Do You have any objection?

"My child,
I do have an objection."

Why, my Lord, why?

"I shall be terribly jealous
Of you.
I want you to write
My Biography first."


My Lord,
Do You think
You will ever care
To write my biography?

"My child,
I shall write
An excellent biography
Of your life
The day you completely stop
Criticising Me."


My Lord,
You tell me to be careful
Of my ego.
It will destroy me.
My Lord,
When I extol You to the skies,
Will You not have the same fate?

"No, My child,
Long, long before you were born,
I completely destroyed My ego."


My Lord,
Be frank at least once
In Your lifetime!
It seems to me
That You are jealous
Of my mixing with ignorance.

"My child,
Why should I not be?
After all, you are My child.
I do have every claim
To have you only for Myself."


My Lord,
The more I satisfy You,
The more You demand.
Before You wanted from me
Only love, devotion and surrender.
Now You have added obedience.
If I start obeying You,
Then You will invent
Something more!

"My child,
You failed miserably
In your love-devotion-surrender-examination.
I want you to study
The obedience-course,
Which is abundantly easier."

And, my Lord,
If I fail in Your obedience-course,
Will You have something
Even easier?

"My child,
Yes, I will have something
For you
Easier than the easiest —
My last resort —
A sesquipedalian cane
An iron rod!"

My Lord,
Before You go that far,
I am immediately starting
My obedience-love-devotion-surrender-life.
I shall obey You
Most sincerely.
I shall start loving You
Most sincerely.
I shall devote myself
To Your service
Most sincerely.
I shall give You
My unconditional surrender
Most sincerely.

"Then, My child,
Come, come, come
And sit beside Me
On My Golden Throne."


My Lord,
When I do anything wrong,
You immediately scold me
But when I do many things right —
I mean, most satisfactorily —
You do not say even one word
Of appreciation.
Is it fair?

"My child,
When you do things
To My great Satisfaction,
I am all admiration for you.
But, alas, your giant pride
Does not understand My language.
What is worse, it deafens
Your two long and beautiful ears.

"My child,
At that time you should sympathise
With Me,
Instead of finding fault with Me.

"My child,
I do hope
I have defended My case
Most honourably
And most satisfactorily."

My Lord,
In that case,
I am terribly sorry for You.
Or, should I say,
I surrender completely
And unconditionally
To Your inscrutable Cleverness.


My Lord,
I try so hard to please You,
But I can never please You.
Therefore, what is the use
Of trying again and again,
Only to fail again and again?

"My child, do not give up!
Let us not give up.
It is a joint effort.
The moment you succeed,
I shall succeed as well.
Your success has to precede Mine."


My Lord,
No matter how hard I try,
No matter how many ways
I kill myself to please You,
I can never please You.
Now it has come to a point
That I am arguing with myself
Whether I should continue trying
To please You.
Is it really worthwhile?

"My child,
I am sharing a top secret with you.
I have been also doing
The same thing.
You have no idea how hard
I have been working
To make you happy.
Alas, it is of no avail.
But something within Me
Is telling Me to continue,
So I shall continue.
And I am requesting you
To do the same.
I am sure there will come a time
When both of us will succeed.
As you know, our philosophy
Is never to give up.
So before long,
We are bound to succeed."


My Lord,
What do You think of astrology?

"My child,
In My case
I really do not want
To go backward
In order to go forward.
I want only to go forward —
Faster than the fastest
And farther than the farthest."


My Lord,
What do You think of palmistry?

"My child,
My Heart
Is infinitely more beautiful
Than My Palm.
Therefore, I want to spend
All My Life
Appreciating, admiring, adoring
And loving My Heart."


My Lord,
Am I correct when I tell You
That finally I am making progress
In my spiritual life?

"My child,
You are absolutely right.
But do not forget
To give Me a little credit."


My Lord,
Five days a week we work;
Two days we get rest.
Similarly, in the spiritual life,
Can we not pray and meditate
Five days a week
And two days enjoy rest?

"My child,
I have no idea
Whether you get a salary
On the days you do not work.
But in My case I cannot afford
To give you your salary
The days you do not work for Me."

My Lord,
What is Your salary, after all?

"My child,
My salary is
My Affection, My Love,
My Gratitude and My Pride."


My Lord,
Do You know everything
That I do for You
And say about You?

"My child,
I know only one thing:
I love you, I love you,
I love you unconditionally."


My Lord,
Do You not think
It is high time
For You to create
A better world?

"My child,
I thought you are supposed
To do that.
"Please, My child,
Do not thrust upon
My two weak Shoulders
Your heavy responsibility.
You may not believe Me,
My child,
But I am already overburdened."


My Lord,
I cry for You every day,
Every hour, every minute,
Every second.
Do You, my Lord, ever cry
For me?

"My child,
If I also do the same,
Then who will be able
To console whom?
Now, I am serious, My child —
I do cry for you sleeplessly."


My Lord,
I do not know why
You become so sad
When You see me.
Is it because You are not satisfied With me,
Or is it because of something else?

"My child,
I become sad when I see you,
Not because you are not good,
But because your visits
Are quite infrequent
And unreliable."


My Lord,
You tell me that
You always care for me.
Where were You
When I was wandering
In my mind-forest?

"My child,
I was following you,
Lovingly and faithfully."


My Lord,
When I take one step,
You immediately tell me
That I am great,
Very great.
My Lord,
When I take two steps,
You tell me
That I am good,
Very good.
My Lord,
What will You say
When I take all the steps?

"Then, My child,
In no time,
I will tell you
That you are
Absolutely perfect."


My Lord,
When I leave You,
Do You still care for me?

"My child,
My Mind may not,
But My Heart definitely does."

My Lord,
Why does Your Mind
Not care for me?

"My child,
You will not believe
How much time I spend caring
For all your brothers and sisters!"


My Lord,
Will it ever be possible
For me to love You

"My child,
This much only
I can tell you:
Many are your predecessors
Many will be your successors."


My Lord,
If You really love me,
How is it I cannot prove it
To the world at large?

"My child,
My Love for you
Is not for your demonstration,
But for your life's illumination
And nature's transformation."


My Lord,
Is there anybody on earth
Who is pure in heart?

"My child,
You use your mind-eye.
Therefore, you see everybody
As impure.
But I use My Heart-Eye.
Therefore, I see that
All My children,
With no exception,
Are pure."


My Lord,
I have made millions of mistakes
In this life.
Have You ever made any mistake,
My Lord?
Be sincere, once and for all.

"My child,
So far I have not made any mistake,
But I have decided to make one:
I want to withdraw My Concern
From the disobedient human beings.
Needless to say, you top the list!"


My Lord,
It is so easy for me to feel
That You love me,
But why is it so difficult
For me to feel
That I love You?

"My child,
Do not worry.
As long as you feel
My Love for you,
Your road will remain
Amazingly clear."


My Lord,
I promise to You
That I shall give You my heart,
If You promise
To break my mind first.

"My child,
Amen! A million times, Amen!"


My Lord,
I have called You
At least a thousand times.
But alas, no reply.

"My child,
You and I are playing
The same game.
I have called you
At least a million times.
But alas, no reply."


My Lord,
When You get angry with me,
What shall I do?

"My child,
Just give Me a cute smile."


My Lord,
When am I supposed to arrive
At the Golden Shore?

"My child,
At this very moment."


My Lord,
I need from You
The capacity to cultivate
More love, more devotion
And more surrender.
Do You need anything from me,
My Lord?

"Yes, My child:
More prayerful tears
More soulful smiles."


My Lord,
Alas, I am not ready
To rise above daily trifles.

"But, My child,
I am all ready
To give you My Divinity's All.
Take it.
Just take it."


My Lord,
I have brought my mind
To be Your slave,
Your Eternity's slave.

"My child,
I do not need any slave.
I need only a friend,
My Eternity's friend."

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