My green adoration-gifts, part 1

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Tomar Charan Tale Amare Harabo Bale

Tomar charan tale
Amare harabo bale
Bhasi ami ankhi jale


At Your Feet supreme
I desired to lose
My entire existence, my all.
Therefore, I am floating
In the sea of my own eye-tears.

Asha Mor Madhu Asha

Asha mor madhu asha
Tumi pijush tiyasa
Dure jiban kuyasa


Hope, O my honey-hope,
You quench my nectar-thirst.
Away, far away
My life’s teeming fogs.

Jiban Pathe Ekla Ami Chalbo

Jiban pathe ekla ami chalbo
Tomar hasi pran gabhire bandhbo
Alor bane priyatame khunjbo


Alone I shall walk
Along my life’s road.
Alone I shall bind Your Smile
In the depth of my heart.
O Beloved Supreme, in the forest of light
At every moment I shall discover You
In a new form.

Hriday Gahane Nayan Swapane

Hriday gahane nayan swapane
Bedanar nirmal hutashane
Heri mor priya chira puratane


In my heart’s immensity,
In my eyes’ dream-reality
And in the hallowed fire
Of sacrifice-sorrow
I see my Beloved Supreme,
Who is at once the ever-new Vision
And the ever-ancient Reality.

Jibaner Shesh Dan Abhiman

Jibaner shesh dan abhiman
Maraner shesh dan apaman
Bidhatar shesh dan sandhan


A sulking breath is the last gift
Of the human life.
A ruthless insult is the last gift
Of earthly death.
And the supreme discovery
Is the last gift
Of the Transcendental Lord.

Jukti Amar Maner Bhranti

Jukti amar maner bhranti
Shanti amar hriday bhranti
Kanti amar jiban bhranti


A reasoning life
Is an error of my mind.
A tranquil life
Is a mistaken belief of my heart.
Beauty supernal
Is a false attainment
Of my life’s ceaseless cry.

Sada Jena Toma Pai

Sada jena toma pai
Jibaner bhore bhai
Maraner sanjhe thai


O, I pray that I may receive You
Every moment
As eternal friend of my life’s dawn
And in the evening of my life’s journey
An unparalleled haven
In Your Heart of light and delight.

Asha Dake Mor Jibane

Asha dake mor jibane
Byetha dake mor bhubane
Ami daki mor swapane


Hope calls me and my life.
Sorrow calls me and my world.
And I call my dream-reality alone.

Andhar Aji Supta

Andhar aji supta
Sabar sathe jukta
Prabhur majhe mukta


Today darkness is fast asleep.
Therefore, my heart-life is delighted
With all and sundry
And today I am totally free.
I am imploring my Lord Supreme
To bind me within and without.

Jabona Khabona Habona

Jabona jabona jabona
Khabona khabona khabona
Habona habona habona


I shall not go to You.
I shall not.
I shall not eat with You.
I shall not.
I shall never become
Your perfect instrument divine.
I shall never.

Jiban Amar Shaman

Jiban amar shaman
Shaman amar maran
Maran amar swapan


My life is a constant battle.
My battle is my death.
My death is my constant
Inspiring and illumining dream.

Amar Mato Tomai Hate Habe

Amar mato tomai hate habe
Tomar pane chahi ami jabe
Dekhi jena amar jyoti bhabe


You shall have to become
An exact prototype
Of my soul-reality.
When I look at you
I want to see
My own world of Light supreme.

Sudur Amai Karechhi Pagol

Sudur amai karechhi pagol
Nahi jani taha mithya asol
Jani shudhu taha swapan agol


The reality supreme of the Beyond
Has made me a confirmed madman.
I know not whether
This reality is actually real or utterly false.
But I know only this much:
That it is the existence-door
Of my life’s cosmic dream.

Baroi Anurage Sabar Age

Baroi anurage
Sabar age sabar age
Pran pakhi mor jage


Behold, with tremendous eagerness,
Enthusiasm, and determination-flames,
The bird of my heart
Opened its eyes
And claims its oneness-reality
With God’s entire universe.

Bhulai Amar Man

Bhulai amar man
Hasir swapan kanna maran
Shudhui brindaban


My mind is enjoying at long last
A sea of peace
And a celestial dream.
Sufferings and death are nothing
But transcending, illumining
And fulfilling God’s Play
In God’s own sports field.

Janam Bhalo Maran Bhalo

Janam bhalo maran bhalo
Sabiy bhalo bhubanmoy
Hese khele diba rate
Sabar prane karbo joy


Birth is good.
Death is good.
Everything is good.
We are on earth smiling and playing
All day and night.
I shall conquer the loving hearts of all.

Hriday Majhe Nupur Baje

Hriday majhe nupur baje
Chokher majhe ashru raje
Keman parihas
Agyanatar das


Inside the depths of my heart,
Whose ankle bell rings?
Inside my eyes
Teeming tears abide.
What an irony of fate.
Alas, I am a slave
To my ignorance-master.

Andhar Ghare Andhar Ghare

Andhar ghare andhar ghare
Tomai ami raibo dhare
Alor ghare alor ghare
Pujbo tomai paran bhare


In a dark room I shall bind You
And compel You to stay with me.
Again, in the illumination-rooms,
Twice I shall worship You
To my heart’s content.

Amar Lagi Tumi Ano

Amar lagi tumi ano
Tomar madhu banshi
Tomar lagi ami ani
Amar chapal hasi


You bring into my heart
Your sweet, haunting,
And melodious flute
For me to play.
I enter into Your Heart
With my uncontrolled
And restive smile.

Tomar Sathe Dekha Halo

Tomar sathe dekha halo tomar sathe
Param prabhu amar ashar madhur prate


Today I have seen You, I have seen You.
O my Eternity’s Lord Supreme,
You have appeared before me
At the very dawn of my hope-life.

Mor Amire Samarpibo Tomar Hate

Mor amire samarpibo tomar hate
Raibona ar praner malin kuyasate


My little ‘i’ I shall offer to You,
Slowly, steadily and unconditionally.
I shall no more remain
In the dark, vital fogs of my life.

Ta Je Tomar Dan

Ta je tomar dan
Saibo apaman
Tomar barabhoy
Chaibo premamoy
Tumi amar ankhi
Chup habe sab phanki


I know everything
Is Your blessingful Gift.
Therefore, I shall cheerfully brook
All the insults from the teeming vast.
I shall invoke only Your boundless Bounty.
You are my vision-light.
This world of deception-night
Will be compelled to remain silent.

Ghuri Dware Dware

Ghuri dware dware
Sanjher andhiyare
Tomai nahi heri
Dake mrityu bheri


The evening of my life has set in.
I am roaming from door to door
In search of You.
I see You not.
Within and without
I hear the sound
Of my death-drum.

Swapan Amar Krandan

Swapan amar krandan
Bachan amar bandhan
Samukhe amar shaman
Jadio adhara nandan


My dream is my painful pride.
My speech is my stark bondage.
Before me stands the king of terror,
Although I was of the divine origin.

Sindhu Tumi Sindhu Indu Tumi Indu

Sindhu tumi sindhu
Indu tumi indu
Khudra ami shudra
Ami shishir bindu


Indeed You are the ocean.
Indeed You are the moon.
Weak in body,
Low in spirit am I.
I am a helpless dew drop.

Jani Tumi Isha Murtiman

Jani tumi isha murtiman
Toma majhe mor paritran
Taba paye sudha sandhan


I know, I know,
You are the direct representative
Of the Absolute Lord Supreme.
I shall acquire my salvation
Inside your compassion-heart.
At your feet I shall discover
My immortality’s nectar-bliss.

Amar Jibana Majhare

Amar jiban majhare
Tushibo pushibo sabare
Bandhibo dhara adharare
Amar jibana majhare


I shall feed, nourish and satisfy
Everyone I come across
During my entire earthly pilgrimage.
I shall unify both earth and heaven,
The bondage-world and the freedom-sky.
I shall succeed.
I shall succeed here on earth,
In this short span of life.

Tomai Dite Rishta Chite

Tomai dite rishta chite
Nai je kichhui nai
Achhe kebal ghor abhiman
Mulya bihin chhai


Alas, I have nothing, absolutely nothing
To offer You with a cheerful heart.
What I have is a dark and blind sulking life,
Which is nothing but a meaningless, fruitless
And useless cipher.

Tumi Alo Tumi Bhalo Tumi Bhubanmoy

Tumi alo tumi bhalo tumi bhubanmoy
Taito gahi hriday bane nitya tomar joy


You are the Light divine.
You are the Goodness supreme.
You are all-where.
Therefore, in the dense forest of my heart,
While roaming,
I sing Your Victory-Song.

Shuk Tara Go Shuk Tara

Shuk tara go shuk tara
Ami je aj dik hara
Shuk tara go shuk tara
Dibanishi bhalobasi
Tomar hasi timir nashi
Eso neme pran hara


O my polestar, O my polestar,
Today I am totally lost.
My vision is totally blind today.
O my polestar, O my polestar,
All day and night
I love Your inner smile.
Do conquer all my mind’s darkness
And descend into my
Hopelessly, helplessly lost heart.

Ami Tomai Daki Ke Bale Ta Phanki

Ami tomai daki
Ke bale ta phanki
Basi tomai bhalo
Ke bale man kalo
Laho pranam laho
Raho kachhe raho


I invoke You.
They say that my invocation
Is nothing short of my self-deception.
Do I have to believe them?
No, never.
My heart loves You.
They tell me that my mind remains impure
Even while my heart loves You.
Do I have to believe them?
No, never.
O my Beloved Supreme,
Do come and sit beside me.
To You I offer
My heart’s soulful obeisance.

Amar Ashru Dhar Dake Barebar

Amar ashru dhar dake barebar
Tomar ratul charan khani
Ogo bishwer hriday rani


My heart’s endless stream of tears
Ceaselessly invokes Your red Lotus-Feet,
O eternal Queen of my Eternity’s heart.

Chalo Jai Chalo Jai

Chalo jai chalo jai chalo jai
Jetha nai amarati jetha nai
Chalo jai chalo jai chalo jai
Hiya bane jetha pabo alo thai


Let us go, let us go
Where there is no iota
Of darkness night.
Let us go, let us go
And throw ourselves
At the translucent Haven-Feet
Of the Lord Supreme.

Ke Bale Shaman Amar Patan

Ke bale shaman amar patan
Jibane marane shayane swapane
Prabhur anan bijoy ketan


Who says that my death is my downfall?
In my life and in my death,
In my sleep and in my dream,
I see only the Face of my Beloved Supreme,
And I see His infinite Victory’s eternal Banner flying.

Ami Chira Asahai

Ami chira asahai
Tai thaki taba pai
Taba hasi mor sudha
Mithai je mor khudha
Taba jaya bheri baje
Mor puta hiya majhe


I am eternally helpless.
Therefore, I remain always at Your Feet.
Your Smile is my life’s immortal
No more do I suffer from pinches of
thirst and hunger.
Your Victory’s clarion-message I hear
In the depths of my hallowed heart.

Hiya Majhi Dekha Dao

Hiya majhi hiya majhi hiya majhi
Dekha dao dekha dao ogo aji
Tumi asha tumi bhasha tumi sudha
Ami kandi ami puratan khudha


O my heart’s boatman,
Do appear before me,
Do appear before me today.
You are my only hope.
You are my only voice.
You are my nectar-bliss.
My heart is crying for you
With its ancient and birthless
hunger divine.

Tomare Parabo Bijayer Har

Tomare parabo bijayer har
Ei asha ami pushi anibar
Hiya mor chotto ek bhanga bhela
Shikhao ajike tare alo khela


I always feed a hope that I shall one day
Place a garland of victory around
Your Neck.
I know my heart is nothing but a tiny,
battered boat.
Do grant my boat some celestial light
And help my boat take part in Your Game
Of cosmic light and delight.

Tomar Sudhar Bani

Tomar sudhar bani
Anbo hiyai tani
Tomar amiya hasi
Rupantarer banshi
E dharar shesh asha
Bishwa oikya bhasha


I shall bring into my heart’s flames
The message of Your ambrosial Ecstasy
And the all-transforming flute
Of Your Nectar-Smile.
My world’s last hope
Is the complete manifestation
Of a oneness-heart
That will cover the length and breadth
Of the world.

Taba Madhu Hasi Neharite Chai

Taba madhu hasi neharite chai
Ei shesh nibedan
Andhar dharani habe alokita
Labhibe mukti dhan


My last desire on earth is to see
Your sweet Nectar-Smile.
My world of teeming darkness
Will be illumined
And the liberation-wealth my new life
Shall see.

Kato Asha Niye Esechhi Dharai

Kato asha niye esechhi dharai
Sab asha halo britha
Apanar bale keha nahi hetha
Nahi hai ek mita


I came into the world with countless hopes.
All my hopes remain unfulfilled.
There is nobody on earth whom I can call my own.
A life of friendship has always remained
A far cry.

Nil Pakhi Ure Akashe

Nil pakhi ure akashe
Ami hetha mari hatashe
Hiya pakhi mor kandichhe
Jare dekhe tare bandhichhe


The blue bird is flying in the blue sky.
Alas, here below I am dying in utter frustration.
The bird of my heart is crying most soulfully.
It is binding all around —
Time, space and man —
With its infinite freedom-light.

Premer Thakur Tomar Madhur Rup

Premer thakur tomar madhur rup
Nirabadhi heri taito e pran chup
Premer thakur atmahutir dhup
Diyechhe tomai taito bishwa chup


O my Beloved Lord,
I constantly see Your endless Beauty’s immortal Form.
Therefore, my heart enjoys silence-dream.
O my Beloved Lord,
The fragrance of my self-giving incense-purity
I have offered to You.
Therefore, my world of turmoil has forever ceased.

Tumi Sthir Tai Tumi Mor Shir

Tumi sthir tai tumi mor shir
Tumi bal tai hiya shatadal
Tumi asha tai dhara bhalobasa


You are tranquil.
You are poised.
Therefore, I always place You on my head.
You are the dauntless strength
And indomitable courage.
Therefore, I always see You in my heart
As all God-divinity’s lotus-light and lotus-life.
You are my only hope;
Therefore, my life is inseparably one with
Your oneness-love.

Ami Chahi Shudhu Tomar Paran Hasi

Ami chahi shudhu tomar paran hasi
Chahibona kabhu nam man rashi rashi
Ami chahi shudhu taba premamoy bal
Bahudure aji timir mithya chhal


I desire only one thing:
Your Heart’s soulful Smile.
I shall no longer crave for name and fame,
Ceaseless pleasure.
I desire the strength of Your Love, Life and Light.
Today far away I have kept aside my darkness,
My falsehood and my subterfuge.

Krandan Krandan Mor Hiya Prangan

Krandan krandan mor hiya prangan
Krandan krandan mor dhara bandhan
Krandan krandan prashanti aradhan


A sea of tears inundates my heart-garden.
A train of fears has bound my life.
A sky of longing
A world of peace for me invokes.

Ebar Amar Pala

Ebar amar pala
Tomar ganthe parabo amar
Kritagyatar mala
Ebar amar pala
Karbo amar kalush manas
Puta madhur ala
Ebar amar pala
Tomar paye rakhbo amar
Samarpaner dala


Now is my turn to garland You
With my gratitude-heart.
Now is my turn to sanctify my impure mind
And illumine my unlit mind.
Now is my turn to place my head
At Your Feet
With an unconditional heart.

Bhikkha Magi Bhikkha

Bhikkha magi bhikkha
Dikkha dao aj dikkha
Bhikkha magi bhikkha
Nutan jiban shikkha
Bhikkha magi bhikkha
Hok shesh mor pratikkha


O Lord Supreme,
I implore Your alms divine.
Do initiate me, my earth-bound life.
O Lord Supreme,
Do teach me my life’s new lessons.
O Lord Supreme,
May my expectation-heart
Meet with satisfaction-bliss.

Ekti Shudhu Truti

Ekti shudhu truti
Kebal jachi chhuti
Ekti shudhu dosh
Nahi je santosh
Ekti shudhu khoy
Michha amir joy


Only one mistake I commit:
Always I desire a life of vacation.
One mistake I always commit:
That I feel no happiness in the depth
Of my heart.
Only one destruction I am responsible for:
I sing the victory-song of my false
And little‘i’.

Mor Parikkhar Nahi Habe Shesh Jani

Mor parikkhar nahi habe shesh jani
Sathe chirakal agyanatar bani
Alik swapan more niye jai
Dhangsa nadir dur simanai


I know my examination-life will never come
to an end.
Within me always resides the message
of ignorance-night.
A false dream carries me to the farthest bank
Of my life’s destruction-river.

Dipti Nivas

Dipti nivas dipti nivas
Bidhatar jaya sudha ullas
Atmatyager bahni udas
Bishwa prabhur prema bishwas


O Abode of the Light supreme,
O Abode of the Light supreme,
You are the nectar-ecstasy
Of the Supreme’s Victory divine.
You are the blazing, illumining
And all-loving fire of self-sacrifice.
In you is the love-fulfilling
And life-fulfilled faith
Of the Absolute Supreme.