Mother Teresa: Humanity’s Flower-Heart, Divinity’s Fragrance-Soul, part 1

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My sisters and brothers of the world,
Are we so blind that we cannot see
God's own Autograph
On Mother Teresa's forehead?


To be in your blessingful presence
Is to breathe in
A breath of living compassion.


A single whisper from you
Has transformed thousands of non-believers
And disbelievers.


If any dying sufferer on earth
Needs someone to cry for him,
With him and in him,
Then he can unmistakably see
Mother Teresa's all-embracing arms
Faster than the fastest
Approaching him.


To be in the presence of Mother Teresa
Is to establish friendship
With invaluable moments.


Mother Teresa tells us
That the right choice,
And the only choice,
Is the Christ's Compassion-Heart.


Mother Teresa's heart
Shall forever remain untouched
By the shadows of fears and doubts.


With a single glance,
Mother Teresa enlightens
Our crying eyes, searching minds
And aspiring hearts.


Mother Teresa does many, many things
For the betterment of the world,
But when she washes away
The untold sufferings
Of the unloved ones
With her heart's streaming tears —
That is by far the best.


Mother Teresa is
The dreamer of happiness
In the heart of
Suffering, imprisoned humanity.


When Mother Teresa approaches
Ill-fated sufferers,
What does she say?
'Do not worry, my child, God is coming.
Indeed, I see in you the living presence
Of Jesus Christ Himself.'


Mother Teresa's life-boat plies
Between the destination-shores
Of her own grandmother-soul
And her own grandchild-heart.


Mother Teresa tells the whole world
That a heart of love
Is Infinitely stronger
Than we can ever imagine.


When I look at my compassion-eyes,
I clearly see that my eyes
Can never be filled.
And when I look at Mother Teresa's eyes,
I clearly see that her compassion-eyes
Can never be emptied.


Mother Teresa time and again tells us
That a smile from the heart
Knows no replacement.


In her blessingful presence,
It is not she, but we
Who gladly and instantly chop down
Our proud, giant mind-trees.


Mother Teresa always reminds us
That each difficulty
Is nothing short of God's Confidence
In us.


With her Infinity's compassion-heart,
Mother Teresa is every day
Embracing countless, sorrowful hearts
Of forthcoming centuries.


Mother Teresa tells
Not only her suffering patients,
But also each and every human being,
'The answer to life is not self-doubt-imprisonment,
But self-discovery-enlightenment.
We are all God's children.'


The moment I think of Mother Teresa,
I immediately step forward in faith,


Mother Teresa tells her dying patients
That God's Heart-Room
Knows no closed doors.


Mother Teresa tells us
That if we want to succeed
In the battlefield of life,
Then we must never separate
Life from compassion.


The faith-bird in Mother Teresa
Sings and dances
Long before it sees the clearing dawn.


What does she tell her patients?
She tells them,
'Look, look, God is all ready to blossom
In you!
He is His sleepless Thirst for you.'


Mother Teresa tells her patients
That God's Dream-Fulfilment
Is definitely attainable in and through them.


Mother Teresa lovingly and tenderly
Advises us
Not to hesitate in accelerating
The manifestation of our heart-smiles.


Is there anybody on earth
Who will not see eye to eye with us
When we say that Mother Teresa
Is indeed God's special Way
To comfort the suffering and bleeding humanity?


We claim to love
Your compassion-heart,
But you love to claim
Our affliction-lives.


O Absolute Lord Supreme,
You have made our Mother
The embodiment of compassion.
Do make us
The embodiment of gratitude.


The moment I come
And stand in Mother Teresa's blessingful presence,
I see nothing but waves of smiles
Flowing from her compassion-flooded eyes.


Some pieces of advice
From Mother Teresa:
Think of others first,
Let faith in the power of love
Excel in your life;
Remove all your self-destructive,
Negative thoughts;
Every minute do something
To make all the children of God
Happy and smiling.


Mother Teresa has numberless friends,
But her very best friend
Is her heart's silence-prayer.


In her we see the revelation
Of her Eternity's soul,
And the full manifestation
Of her Divinity's heart.


Mother Teresa tells us
To do two things simultaneously:
To touch God’s Feet
With our humility-mind;
To feel God’s Heart
With our purity-life.


Mother Teresa tells us:
'Do not hesitate!
It is already too late.
Put the Lord
In every corner of your life
Prayerfully and self-givingly.'


Sleeplessly and breathlessly,
With giant eagerness-strides,
Mother Teresa is paving the way
For a sickness and bitterness-free world.


Twenty-four hours a day
Mother Teresa lives inside
Her golden heart and silver tongue.


Mother Teresa shows us
How we can hold our sorrowful outer life
Up to our own inner light
By virtue of our sincere prayers.


Mother Teresa tells us
That in order to be truly happy
We must unreservedly feel our oneness-heart
With the breath of the poor.


Each and every poor life
And sick body
Receives from Mother Teresa's heart
A consolation-prize
And from her soul
An illumination-surprise.


Mother Teresa reminds us
Of something extremely significant:
Power itself has no true power.
Power has power only when
Love-compassion-blossoms are found
Inside it.


How profusely and immensely
Mother Teresa inspires us to see
The God-aspiring, God-inspiring
And God-serving life-tree
Inside our own heart-garden!


The moment Mother Teresa
Approaches a poor, hungry heart,
God Himself spreads
A Compassion-Feast.


To our greatest delight, Although Mother has seen 87 summers, Fatigue does not dare to sit On her sleepless enthusiasm.


Mother Teresa is not blind to
The world's shortcomings,
But her forgiveness-heart
Is larger than the largest.
Therefore, she is able to house
All the world's shortcomings.


She has a special message for mankind:
Pray and pray and pray
For the fulfilment
Of all your dreams.
She also tells us:
Life is not for complaining.
Life is for self-perfection.
Life is for God-satisfaction.


It is true
That Heaven heals earth's sorrows.
It is equally true
That a Heaven-born child
By the name of Teresa
Self-givingly heals earth's sorrows
In boundless measure.


When you are in front of Mother Teresa,
Earthbound desires leave you
And Heaven-born desires enter into you.
   These Heaven-born desires are:
To feed the poor,
To serve the needy.
Lo, you will see that
The redeemer and the sufferer
Are none other
Than Christ Himself.


Not only unique but unsurpassable
She will forever remain
In lighting the hope-candles of countless lives
With her heart's sun-faith-flames.


When we soulfully offer Mother
What we have:
A gratitude-heart,
She blesses us
With what she is:
Her Infinity's energy-life.


Every day Mother Teresa invites
True God-servers for the poor
And the needy
To enjoy an ego-fat-free life,
Which is the most delicious God-Bliss-diet.


When Mother Teresa bathes
The patients fast-approaching death
With her compassion-heart,
Compassion-eyes and
Her soul and her Lord Jesus
Bathe in the sea of Infinity's Ecstasy.


Service, service, service!
Mother Teresa wants us to serve
God the creation
Sleeplessly and breathlessly,
And when we ask her
What will happen if we serve
God the way
She wants us to serve Him,
Mother tells us:
'Come and see me!
For you, I am the fastest escalator
To God's floor of Delight!'


She tells us to fight off
The waves of constant fear
While nursing the death-bound patients.
Lo, we become the beauty
Of the Mother Earth;
We become the Fragrance
Of Father Heaven.


The moment I imagine
The Mother's Eternity's service-eyes,
I become the world-inspiration-starter.
The moment I feel
Her Infinity's service-heart,
I become the world-champion-winner.


Mother Teresa's blessingful message
To us is this:
The end is freedom from living and dying.
The end is eternal life.
Until then, patience.


Something more she tells us:
Forgive and forgive quickly.
Even slow forgiveness
Is infinitely better
Than no forgiveness.


Finally, the most important message
From Mother Teresa Echoes and re-echoes
in our aspiration-heart:
God is constantly watching
Our love-devotion-surrender-watch.
Our heart responds to His Whispering,
Our life to His Beckoning.

Sri Chinmoy's eulogy for Mother Teresa

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Editor's note

Poetry reprinted in honour of Mother Teresa’s Birth Centenary. The author, Sri Chinmoy, was nominated many times for the Nobel Prize in Literature. The bird drawing artwork is by Sri Chinmoy.

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