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1. Antare eso neme

Antare eso neme
Rudra debata mangalamoy
Antare eso neme
Simar bandhan asime nilaye diye
Antaratama antare eso
Karuna moitri niye
Sukha dukhamoy bim hillole
Pralaye achal rudra
Antare eso shiba shankar
Dakiche sebak khudra
Anadi deber charan parashe
Rupantarer banshi
Bishwa parane bajiche ajike
Amar maran nashi

2. Translation

Descend into my heart, O Lord Rudra,
O auspicious One, descend into my heart.
Blending the bounds of the finite in the Infinite,
O Beloved, enter into my heart
With love and compassion.
O Lord Rudra, you embody joy and sorrow
In infinite measure,
Remaining immobile even in utter destruction.
O Giver of calmness, O Stiller of fear,
You are being invoked
By your insignificant, devoted slave.
By the touch of the Feet of the Lord,
Who is ancient and ageless,
May the flute of transformation be played
In the heart of mankind today,
Destroying the immortal death.

3. Swalpe tushta

Swalpe tushta brihate shanka
Khudra gandi manaba danka
Nitya atma prachare mukhara
Tikta kariche karna kulhara
Sapta sindhu tapta mathita
Pratiti jibana klanta byathita
Tushti pushti swapne tripta
Dwandaha bishade srishti lipta
Mauni mukta tapasa siddha
Sarba oishi bivuthi hriddha
Purna indu asim dipti
Dibya jagye labuk tripti

4. Translation

Satisfied with a little, afraid of the vast,
Narrow are the confines
Of man’s boasting and vainglory.
Always preaching, always boasting and bragging,
Turning the ear deaf.
Seven inner seas are now wild and churning;
Each life is tired and sad.
Satisfaction and fulfilment only a dream.
The entire world is filled with suffering and conflict.
The silent, the liberated and the realised
Are rich in their heavenly treasure.
Let man’s inner moon of infinite Light
Get total satisfaction in the sacrifice divine.

5. Chale sei drutatama

Chale sei drutatama chale naje jatri
Dhyane lin shiba sama sthir din ratri
Chale jara basanar marichika pane
Kemane chalibe tara alo sandhane

6. Translation

He runs the fastest who does not run at all,
And who, like Lord Shiva, is in deep meditation,
Trance-bound, still, like day and night.
And those who run toward the oasis
In the deserts of desire,
How can they run in search of the Light Supreme?

7. Mugdha ami

Mugdha ami tomar gane
Shunbo kahar gan
Tushto ami tomar dane
Sabar sera dan
Chalar pathe jatai badhar
Tatoy amar joy
Ami tomar alor dulal
Ananta akkhoy

8. Translation

Delighted with and enamoured of Your Songs,
Whose songs else have I to hear?
Satisfied with Your Gifts unparalleled,
The more obstructions I encounter on the way,
The greater will be my victory.
I am the child of Your Light Supreme,
Infinite and eternal.

9. Andhakarer

Andhakarer bakka chiri
Khulche ushar toran oi
Jaya dhwani kare sabe
Khoka khuki achhish koi
Arun ranga charan phele
Usha rani ese
Khelar chale anlo tene
Ajana ei deshe

10. Translation

Behold, tearing the heart of darkness,
The door of dawn opens.
O children, where are you?
Sing, sing the divine glory.
The queen of dawn descends
With her morning rays.
She has dragged me down
Into this world unknown.

11. Sima jadi hai

Sima jadi hai asimer prane
Nahi base kabhu bhalo
Asimer pran kemane nashibe
Simar manas kalo
Antaratame je dakena kabhu
Je rahe niyata dure
Jiban je tar habe bilupta
Mithya dainya pure

12. Translation

Alas, if the finite never loves the Infinite,
How can the Infinite destroy the darkness
From the mind of the finite?
He who does not invoke the Inner Pilot
And always remains afar,
His life is bound to be lost
In the city of falsehood and destitution.

13. Hriday kande

Hriday kande praner dukhe
Man kananer majhe
Paran hase hase kebal
Kandena hai laje
Dukhir lagi sukhi hiyar
Ashru jhare jadi
Sukhir hiyai purnata je
Raibe nirabadhi

14. Translation

The heart cries and weeps
In the suffering of the vital,
In the groves of the mind.
Alas, the unconscious vital smiles and laughs;
It weeps not in shame
When the heart of the happy soul
Sheds tears for the sufferer.
I know, only in the heart of the happy soul
Will reside constantly the Life of the Infinite.

15. Amar prane mago tumi

Amar prane mago tumi
Eso sabar sheshe
Aghat karo prane amar
Madhur hasi heshe
Bhalobasar aghat seje
Mor paraner chaowa
Se aghate nritya kare
Amar sakal paowa

16. Translation

Mother, come into my heart at last,
At the end of all.
Strike my heart hard with your sweet Smile.
I want this torture and punishment of Yours.
My heart’s choice is the torture of Your Love.
All my achievements dance in Your torture.

17. Kandbona ar

Kandbona ar kandbona
Nam dhare ar dakbona
Nirabhashai janabo aj
Tomar paye nati
Hriday shonit diye amar
Ghuchabo sab khati

18. Translation

I shall not cry; I shall not cry any more.
I shall not call You by name any more.
Today I shall prostrate myself at Your Feet in silence.
With my heart’s blood I shall compensate all.

19. Tomai ami apan bhebe

Tomai ami apan bhebe
Dekechi bahubar
Dao ni sara kendechi tai
Dekho ashrudhar
Byatha amar tomar prane
Lagena jadi hai
Alo kusum phutbena je
Hriday anginai

20. Translation

Thinking of You as my near one,
I have called upon You many times.
You have not responded; therefore, I shed tears.
Behold the flow of my tears.
Alas, if my sufferings do not touch Your Heart,
The flower of light will not bloom
In the garden of my heart.

21. Hridaye amar muktir giti

Hridaye amar muktir giti
Katha bhabe tumi geyecho
Pratidane shudhu byatha
Duhsaha peyecho
Charidike heri dinatar bojha
Abachetanar supti
Shanti salile kemane
Labhibo lupti

22. Translation

In how many ways You have sung
The song of liberation in my heart.
In return You have received only
Unbearable pain.
I see all around me
The heavy load of poverty
And the slumber of inconscience.
How can I lose myself in the waters of peace?

23. Shok tap

Shok tap jetha nai
Setha jete chai
Kusumita hridayer
Alo moi pakhi
He shechila e dharani
Mor bedanai
Prana sakha dao more
Prema sudha rakhi

24. Translation

My bird of light in the blossomed heart
Wants to go where there is no grief,
No bereavement.
The world once mocked
At my excruciating pangs.
O Beloved of my heart,
Grant me the cord of love-nectar.

25. Tomar kachhe chahi bale

Tomar kachhe chahi bale
Nishwa ami khudra
Ta na hale ami o je
Jagat guru rudra
Tomar mata mahan hate
Chaina e pran kabhu
Shaman hale bhakti sudha
Raibena je prabhu

26. Translation

I ask You for things,
Therefore, I am insignificant and destitute.
If not, I could also be Rudra, the Guru of the world.
My heart never wants to be as great as You are,
O Lord, if I equal You, then in me
The nectar of devotion will reside no more.

27. Nikhil parane

Nikhil parane sakal paran
Ek abhinna jani
Tabu kena hai aparer prane
Aharaha ami hani
Amara sabai niyati bhritya
Lalate moder se kare nritya
Prashanti majhe niyati samadhi
Jani se gopan katha
Dhalo mor prane ogo ankhimani
Madhumoy nirabata

28. Translation

In the universal heart all hearts
Are one, inseparable, I know.
Yet knowing this,
I hurt the hearts of others day and night.
We are all the slaves of fate;
It dances on our foreheads.
In peace sublime is the extinction-sleep of fate.
I know this secret.
O Jewel of my eye,
Pour into my heart Your golden Silence.

29. Kende kende

Kende kende pagal habo na pele tor dekha
Amar majhe karbo srijan nutan bhagya rekha
Rudir diye pashan hiya karbo ami jai
Tui je amar chaowa paowa amar parichai

30. Translation

If I do not see You,
I shall weep and weep and turn insane.
In me, I shall create my new fate.
With my heart’s blood,
I shall conquer Your stone-Heart.
You are my quest, You are my achievement.
And You are my only identification.

31. Prashphutila

Prashphutila taba hasi
E shunya jibane
Ami nai tumi shudhu
Muktir plabane

32. Translation

Your Smile divine has blossomed
In this barren life of mine.
No more do I exist;
You, only You, in the flood of liberation.

33. Ekti katha balbo

Ekti katha balbo tomai
Tai eshechi tomar dware
Mago ekiy bhul kena kare
Paran mama barebare
Bhuler majhe pabo ki ma
Ashish hasi dhara
Aghat hani prane amar
Bhango sakal mohakara

34. Translation

I shall tell you one thing;
Therefore, I have come to your door.
Mother, why does my mind commit
The same mistake time and again?
Mother, will I get the flow of Your Blessing-Smile
In my teeming errors?
Striking my heart, do break asunder
The prison-cell of all my attachments.

35. Maran banshi

Maran banshi oi baje oi baje
Gahan hiya majhe
Dake amai shanti sudha alo
Bhalo sabi bhalo
Sabai aji mohan beshe ese
Dakche bhalobese

36. Translation

Yonder the flute of death plays.
Deep within my heart
Peace, Nectar and Light call me.
Divine, all divine, all have come
In the charming form of Krishna
And they are beckoning me with love.

37. Hasi diye shudhu

Hasi diye shudhu parane amar
Karite parana jai
Hasi sathe chahi mor hridayer
Bhaswar parichai
Hasi jara chahe parane tader
Dhalo aphuran hasi
Mor parichai shudhu dite pare more
Rupantarer banshi

38. Translation

With a mere smile You cannot conquer my heart.
I want the most luminous discovery of my heart,
Along with Your Smile.
Those who want Your Smile can have the downpour
Of Your infinite Smile in their hearts.
My self-awareness and my self-discovery alone
Can give me the flute of transformation.

39. Chokh diyecho

Chokh diyecho daoni dithi
Pran diyecho daoni bhalobasa
Chaudike mor alik purir asha
Jiban lilai je pathe jai
Path haye jai ek nimeshe ruddha
Joddha ami ami amar juddha

40. Translation

You have given me eyes,
But You have not given me sight.
You have given me a heart,
But You have not given me love.
Around me is the hope of the false city.
In this life-game, whichever road I walk along,
In the twinkling of an eye, that road is closed.
I am the eternal warrior; I am the eternal war.

41. Milbena bhai milbena

Milbena bhai milbena
Akash kusum kalpana tor
Phul haye ar phutbena
Phutbena phutbena phutbena
Nai milila nai phalila
Nai purila asha
Praner bhalobasa
Keman kare janai jake take
Nahoi amai dake tara dake

42. Translation

Brother, you won’t get it; you won’t get it.
You are building castles in the air.
Your imagination-flower will not blossom.
Even though I don’t get it,
Even though my hopes and dreams are not fulfilled,
How can I offer my heart’s love to anyone else,
No matter who calls me?

43. Hasbo shudhu

Hasbo shudhu hriday bane hasbo
Sabar prane basbo bhalo basbo
Mukti hate janma moder
Shanti se je sathi maner
Amara mayer lilar banshi
Nitya chali timir nashi
Purnatare pritir dore bandhbo
Hasbo shudhu hriday bane hasbo

44. Translation

In the forest of our hearts
We shall only smile and smile.
We shall love every heart; we shall love.
From liberation we were born;
Peace is the companion of our mind.
We are the flutes
Of the Mother’s Cosmic Game.
We march on,
Always chasing away darkness.
We shall bind Infinity
With the cord of our love divine.
In the forest of our hearts
We shall only smile and smile.

45. Mitthya jakhan satya

Mitthya jakhan satya seje ase
Satya jakhan mitthya haye jai
Satya bale ebar ami asi
Asbo phire dakle bhalobasi

46. Translation

When falsehood dons the garb of truth and appears,
And when truth turns into falsehood,
Truth says, “Farewell, I am going now.
I shall come back when I am lovingly invoked.”

47. Tamisrar bakkhe aji

Tamisrar bakkhe aji
Hania aghat
Navajanma labhilam
Alor prabhat

48. Translation

Striking hard
The breast of teeming darkness,
A new name have I achieved:
The dawn of Light Supreme.

49. Tumi je amar

Tumi je amar ami je tomar
Ananta shudhu jane
Jenechhi amara moder swarup
Atmahutir gane

50. Translation

You are mine, I am Yours;
Only the Eternal knows it.
We have known our self-forms
Through the songs of self-sacrifice.

51. Shudhu sundar

Shudhu sundar chira sundar
Jedike phirai anki
Nija rupa sudha karo bujhi pan
Amar nayane thaki
Surer lahari madhur gitika
Jei spandan tule
Aral haite shuna bujhi priya
Basiya shraban mule

52. Translation

You are nothing but beauty, eternal beauty,
Wherever I turn my eyes.
Do You always drink the nectar of Your self-form
Residing in my eyes?
The waves of tune and sweet and melodious songs
That create heart-elevating resonance,
O Beloved, do You hear them
By using my ears?

53. Nemeche aj

Nemeche aj asim desher alo
Jahar kachhe sakal aloi kalo
Dur amarar mrittyujayi bani
Bandila tar ratul charan khani
Mortya aji shargo pane cheye
Kahe hese bishwa tarir neye
Khelbe ebar amar bakkho pare
Madhur hese rat dupure bhore

54. Translation

Today the light of Infinity’s clime has descended
Before which all lights are nothing but darkness.
The death-conquering message of far Heaven
Touches her power-red feet.
Today earth looks at Heaven
And smilingly says: “The Pilot of the world-boat
Will play within my heart
At dawn, at noon, and at night.”

55. Amar trutir

Amar trutir nai je sima
Taito heri sabar truti
Hiya bane kusum sama
Taito kabhu nahi phuti
Ja diye mor atma gara
Mor swaruper dibya hasi
Tahar dekha pabona je
Gabhir timir dainya nashi

56. Translation

There is no end to my mistakes
Yet I watch everyone else’s mistakes.
Therefore, like a flower, I have not blossomed
In the forest of my heart.
I shall not see
The divine smile of my self-form
And the source of my soul
Chasing away the dense veil of darkness.

57. Ebar ami dakbo amai

Ebar ami dakbo amai
Ebar ami dakbo
Hriday bane amai dekhe
Basbo bhalo basbo
Ami habo amar chaowa
Amar charam dan
Mukta hiyay suru habe
Alor abhijan

58. Translation

I shall now call myself;
I shall now call.
In the forest of my heart, seeing myself,
I shall love myself and love myself.
I shall be my own quest,
My absolute wealth.
The journey of light supreme will commence
In the heart of freedom.

59. Bahubar ami

Bahubar ami dekhechhi tomai
Amar hriday tale
Bhengechhi amar suptir ghor
Amita shakti bale
Ami je tomar e gopan katha
Mane jage barebar
Tabu kena hai parane amar
Kuruper andhiyar

60. Translation

Many a time have I seen You
In the inmost depths of my heart.
I have broken dark slumber
With my indomitable inner strength.
You are all mine; this secret dawns
Time and again in my mind.
Yet I know not why the darkness of ugliness
Resides in my heart.

61. Aro byatha

Aro byatha keman kare
Sahi balo mago
Tumi jadi hiya majhe
Kabu nahi jago
Jani amar dukher nishar
Habe abasan
Twara eso mago tomai
Dake chapal pran

62. Translation

Mother, tell me,
How can I bear more pain?
If you never awake
Within my heart
I know the night of my sufferings
Will not come to an end.
O Mother, come quickly.
My impatient heart calls you.

63. Ami chali

Ami chali ami chali kabhu katha nahi bali
Ami bali ami bali andhare charan dali

64. Tomar lagi

Tomar lagi tomar kache jaowa
Prabhu tumi amar chaowa paowa
Amar lagi chaina hate bara
Tomar paye thakbo nirantara

65. Jiban amar

Jiban amar halo alokito
Paran amar halo pulakito
Hriday amar halo sushobhito
Akuti kamal halo prashphutito

66. Amar kamal

Amar kamal antare
Bhanur shanti
Shashir kanti
Akash chetan
Dharar bedan
Pratikkhane santare

67. Kahar lagi

Kahar lagi kahar lagi
Rahi ami ratri jagi
Kahar lagi kahar lagi
Chitta amar anuragi
Kahar lagi kahar lagi
Kripa bhikkha ami lagi

68. Nai je kichui

Nai je kichui manda
Hriday duar bandha
Tai je sabiy manda
Nai je kahai khudra
Dekhina hai rudra
Tai je sabai khudra

69. Man nirmal

Man nirmal pran ujjal
Deha shatadal hiya parimal
Shayane swapane ar jagarane
Rakhi jena sudha charane

70. Ushar srishti

Ushar srishti tushar brishti
Bhanur pushti kanur tushti
Oi je heri oi je heri
Shuni shuni bijoy bheri

71. Hao aguan

Hao aguan hao aguan
Oi shuna paramer aowvan
Hao aguan hao aguan
Chira sathi ananta abhijan

72. Translation

On you proceed, on you proceed!
Hearken the Invitation-Call
Of the Absolute Supreme.
On you proceed, on you proceed!
The eternal Companion is inviting you to join Him
In His birthless and deathless Expedition.

73. Swarupananda

Swarupānanda nayanānanda
Asimānanda prān
Chetanānanda ketanānanda
Param prabhur dān