The Prayer of the Sky

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1. We are happy

You are happy
Your desire-life
Is destroyed.

He is happy
His aspiration-life
Is employed.

I am happy
My surrender-life
Is enjoyed.

2. Heart, don't treasure insecurity

Don't spread suspicions.

Don't invent calamities.

Don't brood and sleep.

Don't treasure insecurity.

3. He becomes, he is

Unfathomed tears
In him I saw.

Unmeasured smiles
In him I see.

Divinity's vision
He will become.

Immortality's life
He is.

4. All these he became

The darkness of night,
The darkness of dawn,
The darkness of day,
The darkness of light,
The darkness of the sun:
All these he became,

Only to transcend the unreal in himself,
Feel the reality in himself,
And become the eternal in himself.

5. The prayer of the sky

The prayer of the sky
Is for the increase
Of vastness-light.

The prayer of the moon
Is for the increase
Of beauty's right.

The prayer of the sun
Is for the increase
Of duty's delight.

The prayer of God
Is for the increase
Of Compassion's might.

6. God's headache

Son, My earth's indulgence-life
And My Heaven's indifference-mind
Have given Me
A very severe headache.
Will you massage My Head
And give Me a little joy?

Father, I offer You
My perfume of promise:
I shall take away
Not only Your headache
But also Your Head
So that You can be Your Heart's
Infinite Compassion-Sea for me,
Only for me.

7. Perfection and faith

What is perfection?
Man's faith in God.

What is faith?
God's confidence in man.

8. God always surrenders

My mind is ready
To surrender to fate.

My heart has already
Surrendered to God.

My God always
Surrenders to my love.

9. I depend on God

I depend on you;
I cry.

I depend on him;
I sigh.

I depend on myself;
I die.

I depend on God;
I am revived,

10. The power of the lover

Surrendering is the power
Of the seeker.

Knowing is the power
Of the server,

Becoming is the power
Of the lover.

11 I become

I see and learn,
I learn and ask,
I ask and become.
I become what my Lord Supreme
Eternally is:

12. Mind-power, heart-power

A life of earth-bondage
A life of Heaven-freedom
The powers of the desiring
Aspiring mind.

A life of world-perfection
A life of God-satisfaction
The powers of the loving
Surrendering heart.

13. His life

The beginning of his life
Was beautiful.

The ending of his life
Was beautiful.

Only the afternoon of his life
Was slightly and
Negligibly doubtful.

14. I obey

Concentration-day tells me:
"Sit down!"
And I obey.

Meditation-night tells me:
"Lie down!"
And I obey.

Contemplation-moon tells me:
"Sleep and dream!"
And I obey.

Liberation-sun tells me:
"Fly and smile
Smile and fly!"
And I obey.

15. What will come

What is gone is gone:
My failure-sigh.

What is come is come:
My success-smile.

What will come will come:
My progress-cry.

16. I am quite surprised

O my love-sky,
I am your Eternity's voice.
Did you know that?
I am quite surprised.

O my surrender-sea,
I am your Infinity's choice.
Did you know that?
I am quite surprised.

17. I thought, I discovered

Before realisation I thought
My aspiration was
A one-man effort.

After realisation I discovered
My aspiration was
Mother Earth's inspiration and dedication
Father Heaven's descending Grace and Illumining Face.

18. What is fruitful?

What is fruitful?
God's descending Grace.

What is soulful?
Man's ascending face.

What is harmful?
Earth's unaspiring race.

19. What annoys me

World interference annoys me.

Heaven-indifference annoys me.

My mind-preference annoys me.

My heart-indulgence annoys me.

My vital-arrogance annoys me.

My body-complacence annoys me.

My soul-assurance annoys me.

20. From the fallen

Nothing can fall
From the fallen.

Nothing can succeed
In the broken.

Nothing can harm
The chosen.

21. God-favour

From your heart-labour
Comes the flower.

From God-favour
Comes the fruit.

22. He succeeded

He cried when he was
An ignoble life.

He tried when he was
A noble soul.

He succeeded when he played
His surrender-role.

23. What is possible

What is impossible
Is impossible.
You cannot remain always
An animal-human being.

What is possible
Is possible.
Lo and behold,
You are another God.

24. God-ambrosia

By constantly begging
What I get
Is earth-water.

By constantly crying,
What I get
Is Heaven-milk.

By constantly praying and surrendering
What I get
Is God-ambrosia.

25. Her heart is the head

Her spiritual family succeeds
Not because there is one head,
But because
Her heart is the head.

26. To please myself

I surrender
To please the world.

I love
To please Heaven.

I smile
To please God.

I cry
To please myself.

27. The supreme Truth

I tell you the supreme Truth:

Even when aspiration sinks,
It rests far beyond
Desire's imagination-flight.

28. No explanation

Your speciality is:
You never complain.

His speciality is:
He never constrains.

My speciality is:
I never disdain.

God's speciality is:
He never explains.

Alas, God tells me
There is no necessity
For His explanation.

29. Offerings

Offer your surrender.
Offer your love.

Offer your duty.
Offer your beauty.

Offer your transcendence.
Offer your aspiration.

Offer your goal.
Offer your promise.

30. To dare

To dare the known,
I try.

To dare the unknown,
I cry.

To dare the unknowable,
I surrender.

To dare the Eternity's reality in me,
I become unconditionally one.

31. Exposed and perfected

He was exposed
By his own truth-seeking light.

He was perfected, revealed and manifested
By God's own
Compassion-descending Height.

32. I am eternally grateful

O heart's beauty
I am eternally grateful.

O life's duty,
I am eternally grateful.

O surrender's necessity,
I am eternally grateful.

O Perfection's immortality,
I am eternally grateful.

33. Inside their hearts

For the sake of vision-soul,
I stay inside the heart
Of Heaven.

For the sake of creation-role,
I stay inside the heart
Of earth.

For the sake of perfection-goal,
I stay inside the heart
Of the eternal Pilot.

34. They need

The Master's breath
God needs.

The Master's life
Heaven needs.

The Master's body
Earth needs.

The Master's surrender-goal
The Master needs.

35. My needs are hiding

Realisation you needed.
Where was it?

Perfection you need.
Where is it?

Satisfaction you shall need.
Where will it be?

Realisation was hiding
In your ignorance-dream.

Perfection is hiding
In your reality-dream.

Satisfaction will be hiding
In your self-giving and

36. Capacity

Freedom to deny God:
God gave me the capacity.

Freedom to torture earth:
Earth gave me the capacity.

Freedom to ridicule Heaven:
Heaven gave me the capacity.

Freedom to destroy myself:
I gave myself the capacity.

37. Four seekers

God seeks compeers,
The Devil seeks human tears.

Man seeks consolation-room,
Earth seeks compassion-bloom.

38. Master's nearness

The disadvantage of Master's nearness,
Insincerity knows.

The advantage of Master's nearness
Sincerity discovers.

Ecstasy from Master's nearness
Surrender is.

39. Perfect and unattainable

Simple but inexplicable
God's Compassion is.

Complex but explicable
My existence is.

But perfect and unattainable
Nothing is.

40. Opposing qualities

Hope, you are soulful.
Despair, you are powerful.

Fear, you are thoughtless.
Courage, you are guileless.

Hate, you are a real disgrace.
Love, indeed, you are God's Face.

41. Love, surrender, oneness

Love is fruitful in surrender.
Surrender is fruitful in oneness.

Surrender is Divinity's Vision-Soul.
Oneness is humanity's Perfection-Goal.

42. They smile





43. How I am known

Father-Heaven knows me
As his imperfect son.

Mother-Earth knows me
As her ignorant son.

I know myself
As a perfection-striving
And ignorance-chasing man.

44. Ecstasy-flood

A desire-life
Is a life of
Undying sighs.

An aspiration-life
Is a life of
Illumining relief.

A realisation-life
Is a life of
Birthless and deathless

45. I am the dream

You dare to dream.
He hopes to dream.
I have the dream,
Heaven's illumining dream;
I am the dream,
God's Reality-fulfilling Dream.

46. My secrets

A painful secret:
I have not seen
The Face of God.

A hopeful secret:
I need God constantly

An open secret:
God loves me unconditionally

47. The sky of illumination

The storm of wild emotion
You and your vital were.

The volcano of dire concentration
You and your mind are.

The sky of illumination
You and your heart shall be.

48. Never can I repay

I have already paid.
Earth has
My flowing concern.

I have repaid.
Lo, my glowing dedication
Is in Heaven-Soul.

Never can I repay,

49. My surrender

My love of God
Outweighs all my
Teeming imperfections.

My surrender to God
Outweighs all my
Falsifying promises.

50. I asked from life

In the world of desire
I asked too much from life,
My poor life.

In the world of aspiration
I asked too much from life,
My rich life.

In the world of realisation
I asked nothing from my life,
My satisfied life.

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