Pole-star promise-light, part 2

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Bahirer Hasi Nahi Jachi Mago

Bahirer hasi nahi jachi mago
Jachi antara hasi
Nirabata majhe antar pure
Baje taba madhu banshi
Bahire bhitare kena byabadhan
Bahire janai nati
Phire jena pai pujite tomai
Antare shubha mati

Mother, I do not seek for an outer smile.
I seek only for inner smile.
I know perfectly well
That it is only in the inner silence
That Your Nectar-Flute is being played.
I do not know, alas, why there is such a gulf
Between the inner life and the outer life
And why I always want to bow down to You
As a mere show in the outer life.
Why do I get satisfaction
Only from my outer obeisance?
May I get back the inner devoted will
To worship You in silence,
Sincerely and devotedly, in my inner life.

Swarup Janite Esechi E Bhabe

Swarup janite esechi e bhabe
Na janile nija rup
Hata shai bhara bhagna parane
Rahibo satata chup
Durbal prane nahi raje kabhu
Ananda bichi mala
Dekha dao more ogo aparup
Hriday kariya ala

I have come into the world
To discover my self-form.
If I do not discover my self-form,
I shall remain in silence with frustration-night.
In a weak heart the waves of delight can never abide.
I am, alas, that weak heart.
O Beauty Transcendental, do illumine my heart
And appear before me.

Shukla Rater Swapane Hasi

Shukla rater swapane hasi
Jagarane ami gumari kandi
Tai paraner andhar nashi
Andhar prane amai bandhi

I smile in the heart of my dream.
In the dream of white night I smile,
And when I wake up I cry and cry.
I try to put an end to my ignorance-life.
Alas, I bind myself more
While I am trying to free myself.

Jaha Chai Nahi Pai Tabu Asha

Jaha chai nahi pai tabu asha
Phire pabo manakashe
Mauna bhasha
Se bhashar prane raje
Kanu alo benu
Nanda ankhi mani
Ami taba jyoti dhenu

Lord, why don’t You call me?
Why do You always keep me away from You?
Why do You always deliberately forget me?
Can You not once use Your Forgiveness-power
And call me to be before You?

Sabar Age Habo Ami Tomar Priyatam

Sabar age habo ami
Tomar priyatam
Tai bujhi ma rakho dure
Anan manoram
Jayi hale jiban samar sheshe
Balbe amai madhur hasi hese
Tumiy amar chaowa shudhu
Tumiy amar chaowa
Tomar lagi dharar buke
Amar asa jaowa

I want to become Your most devoted child,
Your dearest child;
Therefore, do You keep me aside on purpose?
If I become victorious
In the battlefield of my life,
I am sure You will make me Your dearest child,
And You will grant me Your transcendental Smile.
Mother, You are my only desire.
Only to see You smiling
I come into the world-arena again and again.

Hasi Nahi Jachi Jachi Shudhu Priya

Hasi nahi jachi jachi shudhu priya
Hriday gahane santana
Bastab prane rakhiyo amare
Nahi diyo kabhu kalpana

Beloved, I do not need Your Smile.
What I need in the depth of my heart
Is Your Consolation-light.
Keep me always in the heart of Your Reality,
And keep me not in the world of imagination-illusion.

Gyan Parabare Dube Jale Mor

Gyan parabare dube jale mor
Hingsa dainya abiswas
Dayamoy tumi ati karunai
Hau tumi jani jagat tras

Let my animal nature drown
In the wisdom-sea.
O compassionate Lord,
May Your Compassion
Remove all my fear and doubt
And make me only a perfect instrument
Of Your Compassion-Sky.

Sab Abhiman Bhenge Dao Mor

Sab abhiman bhenge dao mor
Ogo chira dayamoy
Tomar bijoy pratishtha lagi
Nahi jena kari bhoy
Tomar bijoye bijoy amar
Tumi mor pran pran
E gopan katha karibe amar
Basanar abasan

O compassionate Supreme,
Do destroy my sulking nature.
To establish Your Victory here on earth,
Let me not suffer from fear.
Give me a dauntless heart.
Your Victory is my victory, indeed.
You are the life-breath of my life.
I know, when I fulfil You,
All my desires come to an end
In the twinkling of an eye.

Rahiyacha Ati Kache

Rahiyacha ati kache
Bhabi dure bahu dure
Supta e hiya mor
Jage taba banshi sure
Tumi nai bale jara
Chhale shudhu nija prane
Sanpi jena hiya mor
Tomarai jaya gane

You are near, very near,
Nearer than the nearest,
Yet it seems to me
That You are far, very far,
Farther than the farthest.
Lo and behold,
Today my heart’s door is wide open.
My heart is fully awake
To the soul-stirring music of Your Flute.
Those who say that You do not exist
Are only deceiving themselves.
I wish to offer my surrender-life
At every moment to You, to You alone.

Tomar Dake Diyna Sara

Tomar dake diyna sara
Tai bujhi aj sarba hara
Ami sab harader dalapati
Kripamoyi tomai nati
Na jadi pai amar khudha
Keman kare dhalbe sudha
Jani ami gopan katha
Dur karo mor sakal byatha

I do not respond to Your call;
Therefore, I am all destitute.
I know I am the supreme leader
Of all those who have nothing,
Absolutely nothing.
O Mother of Compassion,
It is not Your fault at all.
I do not have inner hunger.
Since I have no hunger,
How can You feed me?
Mother, I have a suffering heart.
Do console and illumine my heart of suffering.

Swapane Shuni Hriday Bane

Swapane shuni hriday bane
Taba nupur dhwani
Jagile dekha paina kena
Ogo nayan mani
Din dupure swap mor
Satya hok satya
Ogo arup amar majhi
Rahibe tumi nitya

In my heart-forest
I heard the jingling of Your ankle-bells.
I see You in my dreams.
But alas, when I am awake,
I see You not.
How I wish to see You during the day
And not at night in my dreams!
May the dream-reality be manifested
In my outer life of existence.
O Beauty unparalleled,
May Your Beauty be manifested
In my day-to-day activities
At every moment of my wakeful life.

Dukher Dine Nitya Tomai Daki

Dukher dine nitya tomai daki
Sukh pela ma diy tomare phanki
Dukher majhe bujhbe tomar daya
Kripamoyi ogo duka jaya

Ami Khunji Amai Shudhu

Ami khunji amai shudhu
Amar prati kaje
Taita dekha paina tomar
Bishwa bhuban majhe
Jantri tumi jantra ami
Janbo mago ami jabe
Thakbena ar moher bandhan
Amar alor bhave


I only look for myself, my satisfaction,
In all that I do;
Therefore, I never see You
In all that I do.
The day I come to realise
That You are the Doer
And I am the mere instrument,
On that day all my bondage-shackles
Will be removed from me by You,
I know, I know.

Urdhe Chila Sakal Kichu

Urdhe chila sakal kichu
Hethai ami nishwa
Gyan jadi pai phire pabo
Mor puratan bishwa
Agyanati dhruva nahe
Gyani amar chaowa
Tomar kache rakho mago
Amar sakal paowa

When I was in Heaven
I had everything,
And now on earth I have nothing,
Absolutely nothing.
When wisdom-sun will dawn,
I shall regain my own old Friend eternal.
World-ignorance is not true existence;
Therefore, I long only for light.
O Mother, may I place all my longings
At Your Lotus-Feet.

Nirabadhi Mago More Tumi Karo Khama

Nirabadhi mago more tumi karo khama
Micha abhimane tabu ami basi bhalo
Dhara adharar ogo chira manorama
Antare mor gyana rabi dyuti jwalo

Every moment You forgive me,
Yet again and again
False sulking nature comes
And ruins my life;
Therefore, I fail to love You.
O Compassion-Beauty of this world
And the world beyond,
Do kindle the flame of knowledge
Inside the depth of my crying heart.

Dhulikana Ami Nikhil Dharar

Dhulikana ami nikhil dharar
Ati chota dhulikana
Chira sathi mor bishwa janani
Lavi sada mor santana
Alo shishu ami abhay mayer
Shashwata dinatama
Harashe bishate jay-parajaye
Ami chira manorama

I know, I am a speck of dust.
Yet the Mother of the Universe
Eternally stays with me.
She is my eternal Companion.
She is my only Consolation.
On the one hand, I am the poorest of all.
On the other hand, I am the child of light
Of the Mother of the Universe.
May I remain unperturbed
In all happiness and sorrows.

Chira Agyata Ogo Dui Shishu

Chira agyata ogo dui shishu
Unnati abanati
Sabar jibane rayecha tomara
Heri tai labh khati
Narayan raje parane sabar
Ei katha barebar
Janaite chaha bujaite chaha
Keha nahi shunibar

Progress and regress are two infants.
These two infants abide inside every
Human being
And it is they who create in human beings
The sense of loss and gain.
The Lord Supreme, who is
Satisfaction Supreme as well,
Resides in every heart,
Yet nobody wants to believe in this
Eternally sacred and secret message.

Manaber Bhalobasa

Manaber bhalobasa
Nahi hai kabhu sumadhur
Bhalobasa shesh hale
Prane baje bishader sur
Chirasukhi habo mora
Narayane jadi basi bhalo
Pran nave adharar
Birajibe shashwata alo

Human love can never be sweet.
At the end of human love
We hear the frustration-tune.
If we love only the Inner Pilot,
Who is all Love divine,
All-illumining and all-fulfilling,
Then only can we have abiding joy in our love-life.

Nahi Jachi More Basenai Bhara

Nahi jachi more basenai bhara
Khudra praner joy
Tomar ichchha hauk purna
Ogo chira dayamoy
Abhipsa jachi tomar sakashe
Basanar nirban
Tomar bijoy pratishtha lagi
Mora jagrata pran

We do not seek the victory of our little life,
O compassionate Lord.
May we long only for the fulfilment
Of Your transcendental Will.
Aspiration-light we long for
Only to extinguish the flames
Of countless desires.
To establish Your Victory here on earth
We are all wide awake.

Satya Senani Amara Sabai

Satya senani amara sabai satyer hok joy
Prashanta mora langhiya chali badha bipatti bhoy
Prati manaber bhranta parane achire karibo khoy
Sathi narayan jagat janani mora chira chinmoy

We are the soldiers of truth.
May the victory of truth be proclaimed.
All obstructions along the way
We have passed through.
Boundless peace we now embody.
The eluding and deluding mind
We shall illumine.
Our companions are World-Mother and World-Father,
And we are nothing but consciousness-light.

Jachi Mora Hasi Sei

Jachi mora hasi sei
Shudhu mago sei hasi
Je hasir prane raje
Amarar alo banshi

O Mother divine,
We cry only for the smile
That embodies Your life-transforming
Flute of light,
Which is the course and source
Of earth’s fulfilment-day.

Tomar Sneha Jachi Mago

Tomar sneha jachi mago
Tomar sneha jachi
Tomar asim sneha majhe
Nitya jena nachi


Your Affection-Light I desire.
Your Affection-Light I desire.
In this world of suffering,
I wish to dance only once
The dance of light and delight.
I know it can only be done
By the infinite grace
Of Your affection-light.

Shunya Tumi Maha Shunya

Shunya tumi maha shunya
Purna tomar antare
Dibya tomar mukta dyuti
Sabar prane santare
Nikhil dhara tomar gara
Srishti tumi loy
Jay-parajay timir bhati
Tumi abhoy bhoy

O emptiness, vast emptiness,
Inside you is the satisfaction of completeness.
Your boundlessly free liberation-light
Flows inside the heart-river of all aspiring souls.
In you is the dissolution of creation.
In you is the insecurity-heart of earth-existence.
In you is the confidence-perfection of Heaven-reality.

Ami Nai Keha Nai Nai Narayan

Ami nai keha nai nai narayan
Maha shunya bakki ek labhechi saran
Alik dharar maya nai hetha nai
Susuptir prane raje jagritir thai

I exist not, you exist not.
Nobody exists save and except the Inner Pilot.
Today a great emptiness
Has offered its heart
To shelter my inner life and my outer life.
The attachment-night of the unreal world
No more in me I see.
In my age-long sleep
Today I feel the presence of the all-illumining Eye.

Sukhi Sei Chira Sukhi

Sukhi sei chira sukhi
Je tomare base bhalo
Prane tar priyatam
Nahi rakho kabhu kalo
Se tomai puje sada
Ogo pita sabakar
Puta tar hiya majhe
Raje taba jaya bar

He alone is happy who loves You only.
In his heart, O Beloved Supreme,
You do not keep ignorance-night.
He worships You at every moment,
O Eternal Father of the human race.
In his heart of sanctity and purity
You place Your garland of Victory.

Bhabi Jakhan Tomai Jani

Bhabi jakhan tomai jani
Janar amar kichui baki nai
Prane amar aghat hani
Balo hese ebar ami jai
Man diye tui karbi more joy
Nahi mile bhakti bina
Dibya parichoy

When I think that I have known You completely,
And I have nothing more to know,
Alas, You strike me, my proud vital,
And with a smile You tell me,
“Let Me go, let Me go.
You want to conquer Me with your mind.
You can never do that.
You can conquer Me only with your devotion-light.
You can know Me, what I truly am,
Only with your devotion-light.”

Akash Amai Dake Nirabadhi

Akash amai dake nirabadhi
Batas dakiche oi
Bhalobese toma karai tader
Priyatama tumi koi
Tumi jare chao se tomare kabhu
Chahibena jeno priya
Jiban ante shesh nati mor
Kripa kare tumi niyo

The sky calls me all the time.
The wind calls me all the time.
I love You; therefore, I neglect them.
Because of my neglect, I have lost them.
O Beloved Supreme, where are You?
I tell You, he whom You consider Your best instrument
Is not Your best instrument.
I am Your best instrument.
May Your Compassion-flood
Fulfil my promise.

E Jiban Khani Tomare Sampite

E jiban khani tomare sampite
Bahubar ami cheyechi
Paini tomar darashan priya
Byatha duksaha barechi

Many a time I have tried
To offer my life to You.
Alas, I have failed to do so;
Therefore, excruciating pangs
Are torturing my heart.
All in vain I try to please You,
To surrender my existence to You,
To You alone.

Abhinaba Tomar Mago

Abhinaba tomar mago
Dibya jiban khela
Baran karuk phullaprane
Amar jiban bhela

Beauty unparalleled
Is Your cosmic Game,
O Mother Divine.
How I wish my life to accept it.
How I wish my life-boat
To accept Your Life Divine,
Your cosmic Game,
And how I wish it to sail
In the sea of Your Eternity’s cosmic Game.

Sab Chao Mor Shesh Karogo

Sab chao mor shesh karogo
Shesh karo
Khudra prane gyan diye mor
Hath dharo

O put an end to all my desires,
Put an end to all my desires.
This little heart of mine
Make wide.
O hold my hands
And make me vast and infinite.

Ogo Amar Maner Baner Nil Pakhi

Ogo amar maner baner nil pakhi
Nayan mudi nitya tomar rup anki
Simar majhe drishti tomar
Asim lagi kande
Spriha tomar swarga martye
Alor setu bandhe
Jatra sheshe pabo tomar
Purna parichoy
Sedin habe tomar amar
Apurba bijoy

O blue bird of my mind-forest,
I close my eyes and draw your beauty.
Inside the finite
Your vision cries for the Infinite.
Your aspiration builds a bridge
Between earth and Heaven.
At the end of my life’s journey
I shall know who you truly are
And at that time
Your victory and my victory,
Our joint victory,
Will have no parallel.

Kena Bhase Mor E Khina Parane

Kena bhase mor e khina parane
Akash kusum kalpana
Jadi nahi chao gabhir akuti
Karite tomar ar cha na
Hriday gabhire shanti na pai
Ashanta ami durbal
Rangin swapan ogo priyatama
Karibe ki more ujjal

I do not know why in this weak heart of mine
Lofty imaginations fly.
Although I do not have immense aspiration
To worship You,
I want to be real.
I wish to have
In the depth of my heart
Boundless peace and love.
Now I am restless and weak.
Will Your golden Dream, O Lord,
Illumine me and make me immortal?

Khulo Amar Hriday Duar Khulo

Khulo amar hriday duar khulo
Chapal shishur sakal truti bhulo
Tomar asim khamar majhe
Mor paraner bayu raje
Tumi bina jiban andhakar
Tumiy mago jyoti parabar
Bhul kare o bhulte nahi
Paro amar prane
Kripar bhore bhangicho mor
Sakal abhimane

Open my heart’s door,
O open my heart’s door.
Forget this restless child of Yours
Has made many mistakes.
Forgive all his mistakes.
Inside Your infinite Compassion
Abides my life-breath.
Without You, my life is all darkness.
You are the ocean of Light.
I know, even by mistake,
You will not be able to forget me.
Through Your Compassion-Light
You are breaking and transforming
My ignorance-eye.

Janale Mor Man Gabhire

Janale mor man gabhire
Mehat tumi khudra
Sabar prabhu tumiy priya
Tumi amar shudra
Hasi bipad eki sure tomar prane baje
Bripariter sakal lila nritye taba raje

You have made me discover
In the depth of my heart
That You are at once great and small,
You are at once the finite and the Infinite.
You are everybody’s Lord
And, at the same time, everybody’s slave.
Smiles and sorrows in one tune
Are being played inside Your Heart.
The game of opposites always I notice in You.
The opposites always dance in You.

Hasi Mago Naiba Pelam

Hasi mago naiba pelam
Peyechito dekha
Oi anan pare madhu makha
Nitya jyoti rekha
Khudra paran jache hasi
Bishal paran mago tomar joy
Kon sudure mago tumi
Jachi tomar dibya parichoy

True, I have not seen You smiling,
But You have stood before me.
That is more than enough.
I see light in Your Face
Although You do not smile.
My little life, insecure life,
Wants Your Smile,
But my big heart wants only Your Victory.
Not what I want, but what You want of me.
Where are You?
Where are You?
I wish to know You totally, intimately, inseparably.

Asim Tomar Sima Karagare

Asim tomar sima karagare
Akhil manab ruddha
Janao ebar swarup moder
Mora je chilam buddha

O Infinite,
Inside Your finite prison
All human beings abide.
Do once let us know who we are.
We feel that once upon a time
We were all illumined souls.
Do let us discover our true form.

Naiba Jani Dibya Bhasha

Naiba jani dibya bhasha
Naiba jani mor swarup
Tumi je mago karuna moyi
Tai rabena glani kurup

True, I do not know
The language divine.
True, I do not know
My true self-form.
But I know, Mother,
You are the Mother of Compassion;
Therefore, ignorance-ugliness
Will not last in me for long.
Your Light of Infinity
Will illumine me within and without.

Kotha Tumi Bahudin

Kotha tumi bahudin
Moder hriday bin
Nahi baje priya ar
Eso phire arbar
Tomar amar bani
Habena byartha jani
Eso phire eso phire
Taba tanu mandire

Where have you been for such a long time?
The violin of my heart does not
Produce any tune.
O do come back once more.
Your Message and my message
Will bear fruit.
We shall not fail each other.
O my soul, come back, come back,
To the temple of your body.

Bishwa Jaha Dite Pare

Bishwa jaha dite pare
Tuchcha tuje ati
Swarup shudhu jante chahi
Haye marthya pathi

What the world can give
Is absolutely meaningless,
Is absolutely useless.
What I want from my life
Is my self-form,
And for that I have to become
A traveller, an eternal traveller,
Walking along the path of Eternity.

Shunya Bakke Biraje Purna

Shunya bakke biraje purna
Simar bandhan jetha bichurna
Shashwata sei mahanandamoy
Purna ghoshiche srashta bijoy

Inside emptiness
Fulness abides.
And inside fulness
The bondage of the finite
Is totally smashed.
Once we are there,
We hear the supreme Victory
Of the Absolute Supreme.

Oi Je Heri Tomar Mago

Oi je heri tomar mago
Drishti manoram
Phutao amar hriday kali
Agyanatar badha dali
Amai karo tomar kabi
Tomar priyatam

O Mother,
Lo, I behold Your Face of Beauty.
All my heart’s impurities have disappeared.
I am all purity now.
I have crossed all hurdles of ignorance.
Now only make me Your seer-poet
And Your beloved child.

Diner Alo Dakena Jare

Diner alo dakena jare
Ratri kalo tarei chai
Satya jare deina dhara
Mithya shudhu tarei pai

Darkness-night invites him
Precisely because the light of day
Does not need him,
Does not want him,
Does not call him.
Falsehood invites him,
Welcomes him,
Inundates him,
For he is not needed
By the truth-light.

Aghat Haniya Parane Amar (1)

Aghat haniya parane amar
Ja naile tumi karunamoy
Mithya bijoyi hate habe mor
Kiser chinta kiser bhoy


You have struck me, my heart,
And then made me feel
That You are infinite Compassion.
I wanted to become a hero
In the world of falsehood;
Therefore, You have struck me
And said to me,
“Be victorious.
Only by conquering false thoughts, false ideas,
Will you become the victor
In the world of truth.”

Asimer Dake Nayan Meliche

Asimer dake nayan meliche
Amar hriday bhashwar
Shashwata pran lila sathi mor
Nahi ami nashwar

I have listened to the call
Of the Infinite;
Therefore, inside my heart
I see the knowledge-sun.
I am no longer a mortal human being.
Inside me, I see the cosmic Game
Of Eternity’s Life-Breath.

Pritir Bandhane Khina E Parane

Pritir bandhane khina e parane
Bandhite niyata chao
Anrite ami nachai chahite
Tai tumi chale jao
Tumi chao mor dhalite parane
Dibya shanti dhara
Shudhu badha pao taba madhu dake
Hriday na dei sara

With Your Love-light
You want to bind me, bless me,
My little heart, my feeble heart.
Alas, I do not want to give up my falsehood-life;
Therefore, You go away.
You want to pour boundless Light and Peace
Into my heart.
You meet with only opposition from me,
And get no response from my closed heart.

Nai Je Keha Mita Amar

Nai je keha mita amar
Bairi shudhu mor
Khulbe kabi priya amar
Ruddha hiyar dor
Sabar cheye adham ami
Khobh je tabu nai
Jachi shudhu tomar paye
Jiban sheshe thai

I have no friend, none.
All are my enemies,
Here, there, everywhere.
O Lord, when will You open my heart’s door
Which has been closed for aeons?
I know, I am inferior to everyone,
Yet I do not grieve.
Only one thing I need:
At the end of my journey’s close,
I want to be at Your Feet Divine.

Jani Ami Jani Ami Amar Sandhani

Jani ami jani
Ami amar sandhani
Hethai habe sab kichu mor shekha
Simar majhe pabo tomar dekha

I know, I know,
It is I who have to discover myself.
I am the eternal seeker of my own Reality.
Here on earth, I shall have to discover everything.
Here in the finite, I have to see You,
O my Reality’s Form,
O Infinity and Infinity’s immortal Life.

Nirabata Nirabata Asimata Asimata

Nirabata nirabata
Asimata asimata
Ebar amai nirab karo nirabata
Hok abasan khudra praner chapalata

Silence, silence.
O Infinity, O silence,
You two are one, inseparable.
O Infinity, at last do grant me
A life of silence.
Let the restlessness-life of my existence on earth
Be transformed into a sea of silence,
Silence eternal.

Khama Tumi Karbe More

Khama tumi karbe more
Jani ami jani
Taito prabhu tomar prane
Nitya aghat hani
Andhar nishar agyanata
Amai base bhalo
Baran kare nibe jani
Amar sakal kalo

I know You will forgive me,
I know You will forgive me;
Therefore, O Lord,
Consciously or unconsciously
I hurt You, I strike You.
Ignorance-night loves me, I know.
Yet one day You will embrace me
And You will remove all darkness-night from me
And make me free,
Make me beautiful,
Make me immortal.

Sathi Amar Bipal Hriday

Sathi amar bipal hriday
Nahi ami khudra jib
Chapal chatul prane amar
Nitya raje mukta shib

My companion now is a vast heart.
No longer am I a small, feeble creature.
Even inside my childish and restless heart and life
I see the Liberation-flood of the transcendental
Lord Shiva.

Ami Nai Keha Nai Hai Narayan

Ami nai keha nai hai narayan
Maha shunya bakkhe ek labhechi sharan
Alik dharar maya nai hetha nai
Susuptir prane raje jagritir thai

I exist not, you exist not.
Nobody exists save and except
The Inner Pilot.
Today a great emptiness
Has offered its heart
To shelter my inner life and my outer life.
The attachment-night of the unreal world
No more in me I see.
In my age-long sleep today I feel
The presence of the all-illumining Eye.

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