Pole-star promise-light, part 3

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Uthe Jakhan Pub Gagane Savita

Uthe jakhan pub gagane savita
Takhan ami likhte basi kabita
Nil sagare rakta thala bhasiche
Swarna jaba phulti jena hasiche
Tomar hasi sabai chai dharate
Nami tomai bhakti bhare prabhate

When the sun appears in the East,
I make friends with my poetry.
I see a golden disc
Right above the blue sea.
A red hibiscus is smiling at me.
Is there anybody on earth, O Sun,
Who does not long for your smile?
No, nobody.
Everybody wants your smile.
I, too, want your smile
And something more:
I want to bow to you
With my heart’s adoration.

Basundhara Tomai Bhalobasi

Basundhara tomai bhalobasi
Tomar tare kusum rashi rashi
Enechi aj sakal bela tule
Parab bale tomar kalo chule
Hashcho bujhi cheye amar pane
Sajabo shune tomare taba dane

My Beloved, I love you.
For you I have brought
A few beautiful flowers
That I have collected early in the morning.
I wish to adore you with these flowers.
Ah, you are smiling at me because you know
That these flowers actually belong to you.
I am decorating you with your own gifts.

Din Chaleche Khela Dhulai

Din chaleche khela dhulai
Dakbo kabe prabhu tomai
Khelar katha shudhui mane pare
Bidya nai buddhi nai
Murkha bale sabai tai
Jethai dekhe sethai ghrina kare

I am wasting my time in sports and fun.
O Lord, I know not when I shall call You.
Only a life of amusement satisfies me.
No knowledge have I, no intelligence have I;
Therefore, everybody calls me a fool.
Alas, they also do something more unthinkable:
They despise my innocent stupidity,
My innocent ignorance.

Andhar Ghare Jwalche Ek

Andhar ghare jwalche ek
Chota pradip shikha
Bidya nai buddhi nai
Khudra ahamika
Abodh bhabe eman alo
Kehai dekhe nai
Muhurmuhu tahar katha
Bale sabar thai

In a dark room
A small candle is burning.
No intelligence, no wisdom;
What I have is only eyeless pride.
The ignorance-soul in me thinks and feels
That nobody is as wise as it is
And it always speaks of its own existence —
All in hyperbole.

Mayer Kache Jabo Mora

Mayer kache jabo mora
Mayer kache jabo
Sakal bikal mayer bijoy
Mora shudhu gabo

Thaken moder mata jethai
Jabo mora sabai sethai
Hasi mukhe sabai mile
Joy giti tar gabo

Madhur lobhe bhramar jeman
Ure phuler kache
Ure jabo mayer kache
Thakbona ar pache
Sabar age mayer hate
Kusum dibo ajke prate
Hasi mukhe sabai mile
Joy giti tar gabo

We shall go to the Mother.
We shall go to the Mother.
We shall go together to where our Mother is.
Day in and day out
We shall sing Her Victory-Song
With a smiling face.

As the bees fly around the flowers
To collect the honey,
So also we shall fly towards the Mother
And be around Her for Her compassion.
Before everything else,
We shall offer Her flowers of devotion.
With a smiling face,
We shall all together sing Her Victory-Song.

Kulu Kulu Kulu Rabe

Kulu kulu kulu rabe
Maha sindhu pane jabe
Chute chalo dule dule
Gati kabhu nahi bhule
Patha majhe naba bhabe
Parashiya tumi jabe
Ban upaban grame
Karuna tomari name

The river is flowing towards the sea, murmuring.
It never misses its course,
It never swerves from the right path.
It hopes that one day, O Lord,
You will appear before it,
For everywhere,
In the hill and the forest,
In everything
Your Compassion-Light reigns supreme.

Ajike Amar Hridaya Duar

Ajike amar hridaya duar
Khule dao prabhu khule dao
Sakal kalima manas haite
Muche nao prabhu muche nao
Tomar sebar jogya habar
Adhikari karo santane
Shaishab hate ami jena chali
Niyata tomar sandhane

Today do open my heart’s door, O Lord.
All the ugliness, darkness and ignorance
That I cherish
Do remove from the depth of my heart.
I know I am not worthy of worshipping You,
But do make me worthy.
Right from my childhood may I search for You;
May I cry only for You.

Janam Mor Hoini Bale

Janam mor hoini bale rajar tak shale
Achal bale sabai kahe chalina kona kale
Hathat jadi kaharo hate jai kakhano bhule
Rekhe amai deina keha jatana kare tule
Sujog bujhe parer hate apad kare dur
Amai peye sakale hoi dukhe bharapur
Keha chahena amai jani tabu o ami chali
Ek konite pariya thaki kathati nahi bali
Aghat kare shatek bar amare sabe dekhe
Achal bale churiya phele rakhena keha tenke
Tar parete kakhano jadi bhalo loker hate
Asiya juti punya phale kakhano sanj rate
Dayal haye tini amai mukta kare den
Apamaner bojha amar apan kare nen
Kaharo hate chalan kare denna tini ar
Tanhar hate sakal chala shesh kari amar

Just because I was not born
In the government mint,
Everybody calls me a counterfeit coin.
Alas, if by mistake somebody gets me,
He does not keep me in his pocket, in his wallet;
He waits for a golden opportunity
To get rid of me.
Nobody wants me, yet I move from one to another.
Sometimes people get annoyed with me,
They throw me into one corner of the room
And strike me again and again.
If only I was not a false coin.

Ah, there comes a time
When my fate changes for the better.
I take shelter in a pious man,
A religious, spiritual man.
He finds it beneath his dignity
To deceive the world with me, through me.
He never tries to offer me to anybody else.
He just places me in one corner of the room
And takes away all the insults
That were heaped upon me by others.
It is in his hands
That my false journey’s false hope
Comes to a final end.

Amar Hriday Hate He Mangalamoy

Amar hriday hate he mangalamoy
Dur kare dao sab man lajja bhoy
Loke bhoi shatrubhoi mrittyubhoi ar

Dur karo sab bhoi haite amar
Ei sab dukha katha antare bahire
Toma kache bali mata bhumi nata shire

O Compassionate One,
Take away all shyness and fear from my heart.
Take away all fear of envy and fear of death.
Fear in every form, in every way
Take away from me.
All my sufferings I place at Your Feet.
Who else will offer me a listening ear,
If not You, O Lord?
Since You have listened to me,
Do me this great favour:
Take away from me all fear
Of darkness, ignorance and death.

Tomar Apriya Jaha Charan Aghate

Tomar apriya jaha charan aghate
Dur karo sei sab shubha e prabhate
Prasphuta kamal sama tomar charane
Ashrai laibo ami praphulla anane
Santaner bhakti nati kariya grahan
Tomar kamal pade dio ma sharan
Pran mor tule dao asim akashe
Mile jai jena ami unmukta batase

Whatever You do not like
Strike it hard,
Strike it today!
At this auspicious moment,
Like a lotus I wish to blossom
At Your Feet.
O Mother, allow me to place my existence
At Your Lotus Feet.
I shall be happy.
Carry my life of desire
Into the realm of aspiration
And also let me merge
In the sky of boundless reality.

Sukha Dukher Katoi Katha

Sukha dukher katoi katha
Bahan kari buke
Nitya chali nanan dike
Apan mana sukhe
Amar pane chahiya thake
Raja bhikhari sab
Buke amar lukiye thake
Bibidha kalarab
Keha kandiche amai peye
Keha hasiche sukhe
Keha amare churiya phele
Keha rakiche buke
Mayer sneha bahan kari
Sukher bani ani
Nitya bahi sukha dukher
Birat bojha khani
Raj adesh bahan kari
Boner priti makha
Lipika ani bhayer kache
Katoi anka banka
Parite jadi naiba pare
Jatna kare rakhe
Ektu kichu likhiye dei
Dada pherat dake
Baba pathan khokar kache
Jatna kare dithi
Khokan hase amar pare
Rakhiye tar dithi
Chotra bate amar nam
Tomra balo kham
Kintu jeno desh bideshe
Ghuri abiram
Uro jahaje chariya ami
Khabar jai niye
Amar rin shodhbe balo
Kato mulya diye

Every day I carry countless messages.
Some are sad, sorrowful, unhappy;
Some are happy.
I fly in all directions
And the beggar and the King alike look for me.
Some cry the moment they get me,
While others smile.
Some throw me, cast me aside;
Some place me inside the very depth of their heart.
I bring to the child his mother's affection-letter.
Again, I bring the message of the King.
I bring letters of the sister's love and affection
For the little brother.
And although he does not know how to read,
He casts his glance on the paper
And his joy knows no bounds
That he has received a letter.
He places the concentrative power on it
And offers her tears of gratitude.
Finally he takes shelter in the elder brother's affection
When his elder brother writes his sister on his behalf.
Or the father sends an affectionate letter to the son
And the son's joy knows no bounds.

While observing me,
You have made me into a small existence-reality.
You call me only an envelope, but you should know
That it is I who roam from one place to another,
From one country to another.
Always I have the capacity to fly in the plane.
Darkness I see not,
Fear I see not,
Sorrow I do not have for my own existence.
But I identify myself with all and sundry.
In their happiness, in their joy
I am one.
How will it ever be possible for you
To pay your debt to me, O foolish humanity?

Andharer Buke Kendechi

Andharer buke kendechi
Asim jatana peyechi
Dinatar bojha bendhechi

Shanti shanti shanti
Dur karo mor bhranti
Dur karo mor klanti

Ananta more dakibe
Aparup aji hasibe
Mor prane bhalobasibe

I have cried in the heart of night,
I have suffered endlessly.
I have placed in me the heavy load of poverty.
Where is peace? Where is peace?
Do take away all my mistakes.
When we dive deep within,
We will see somebody is smiling,
And that somebody is nobody else
But our Inner Pilot Supreme.

Kata Kichu Chahi Kabhu Nahi Pai

Kata kichu chahi kabhu nahi pai
Tabu ami cheye jai
Dibanishi ami andharer buke
Khunji mago mor thai
Mor basanar nahi habe shesh
Nehari amai tumi pao klesh
Ki karibo balo akuti je nai
Tomare tyajiya basanare je chai

Amrita niye dako dibanishi
Basanare nai khunje dashadishi
Amar andhar chapal paran
Shanti kothao nai
Kato kichu chahi kabhu nahi pai
Tabu ami cheye jai

I desire many, many things.
I get nothing,
Yet I go on asking for my desires.
There will be no end to them;
My desires will remain deathless.
Forever I look for my own existence-reality
Inside the heart of darkness.

I know why all this happens.
It happens because I have no aspiration-light.
Alas, I want you not,
He whom I want is the professor of desires.
You bring me nectar and call me.
Alas, what I do is look for my desire-life
Here, there, everywhere; within and without.
My restless vital I am.
There is no peace of mind within me.
But there is something which is very strange:
I still long for you,
And you alone.

Ogo Amar Man Gaganer Rabi

Ogo amar man gaganer rabi
Dekhao tomar shaman jayi chabi
Jayi mora tomar jaye jani
Tumi moder praner amar bani

O sun, my mental sky,
Do appear before me with the form
Of your death-conquering reality.
We are victorious
Because it is you who bring us victory.
Again, it is you who are the divine,
Immortal message
Of our life-breath that knows no halt.

Ogo Ananta Simar Bandhane

Ogo ananta simar bandhane
Rahibena ar rahibena
Dharar mukti chahibena
Ghor andhiyare rahibe abani
Tumi na dekhale alor sarani
Gyana bhaskar rahibe je dure
Bhasibe jagat krandan sure
Ogo ananta simar bandhane
Rahibena ar rahibena

O Infinite,
Do not remain any more bound in the finite.
Cry no more for the liberation of the world.
I know if you do not look for earth-liberation,
This earth will remain in tenebrous night,
O Knowledge-Sun.
When the Knowledge-Sun remains afar,
Only song of darkness
We see all around.

Duhsaha Byatha Kemane Sahibo Balo

Duhsaha byetha kemane sahibo balo
Prabhu jetha jabe tumi niye more chalo
Ami taba kritadas
Dharanir upahas
Sahite paribo jani
Tomar hridaye tani
Ei dharanir chhal
Kuruper halahal
Tomare karibe joy
Ogo chira akkhoy
Eka ami kandi prabhu niye more chalo
Duhsaha byatha kemane sahibo balo

Do tell me how can I bear
Unbearable sorrows, O Lord?
Wherever You go, do carry me,
Take me with You.
Admittedly, I am Your slave.
The world laughs at me
But I know I will be able to bear
Everything that the world
Mercilessly does to me.
I draw You towards my heart.
I offer You the tricks and deceptions of this world
And the poison of ugliness.
O Immutable One, I shall conquer You
With my heart’s adoration-light.

Kothai Tumi Jabe Prabhu

Kothai tumi jabe prabhu
Kon sudure jabe
Dekha tomar hiya amar
Nitya jani pabe
Tumi amar ankhi tara
Laho amar bhakti dhara
Bhul karechi karbona ar
Bindu ami he parabar
Kothai tumi jabe prabhu
Kon sudure jabe

O Lord, where do You go,
To whose distant world do You go?
May I see You always at every moment.
May my heart be blessed to see You every day.
You are the Light of my eye.
Accept my devotion-flood, devotion-flow.
I know You are the ocean,
I am the tiny drop.
Alas, where do You go without me?

Ebar Amar Shesh Aratir Dhup

Ebar amar shesh aratir dhup
Baran karo habo ami chup
Simar majhe asim prane pabo
Tomar kache ebar ami jabo
Ei jibaner sakal kanna hasi
Laho prabhu bajao tomar banshi

In the fragrance of the incense
Of lasting adoration,
I shall become silent.
Inside the heart of the finite
I shall see and achieve the Infinite.
I shall go to You, I shall go to You.
I shall give You
All my heart’s sorrow and joy.
O Lord, do play Your Flute
In the garden of my heart.

Bhalobasa Ore Amar

Bhalobasa ore amar
Praner bhalobasa
Gahane tor phute amar
Nitya naba asha
Tori majhe pabe sabai
Amar parichoy
Bandhu ami toriy dane
Habo je akkhoy

O my heart’s love,
Inside you, new hope blossoms every day.
Inside you, everybody will receive,
Will come to realise who I eternally am.
I am everybody’s friend just because of you.
You have made me immortal.

Amai Tumi Dekhecha Ma (1)

Amai tumi dekecha ma
Amai tumi dekecha
Andhar rate jariye dhare
Bhalo tumi besecho
Tabu tomai rakhi dure
Katobar je kendecho
Mukti dite amar prane
Katobar je tenecho
Pashan diye gara e pran
Taito dure rekhechhi
Tomar sakal sneha bibhav
Agyanatai rekhechi

Mother, You have called me,
You have called me.
In the darkness-night You have loved me,
You have loved me.
I know not why I keep You away from me.
To give me liberation, how many times
You have brought me close to You, the ocean.
A stone-heart is mine;
Therefore, I do not care for You,
I keep You aside.
I place You far, farther, farthest from me
And I abide in the life of darkness-night.

Eso Eso Eso Mago Khama Ebar Karo

Eso eso eso mago
Khama ebar karo
Shanti dhele parane mor
Jariye amai dharo
Mahat tumi khudra ami
Taita tomai hani
Samoi hale asbe kache Jani ami jani
Kintu mago adhir ami
Ar thekona dure
Bhakti bhare pujbo tomai
Ebar hriday pure

Come, Mother, come!
Do forgive me.
Do give me peace of mind, do embrace me.
You are great
And I am helpless and hopeless;
Therefore, I strike You.
I know when the divine Hour strikes
You will come to me, but I am restless.
Do come to me, do not remain afar.
I shall adore You, worship You,
Inside the city of my heart.
Do come, Mother!

Kamana Diye Bendechi More

Kamana diye bendhechi more kemane habo mukta
Keman kare tomar sathe habe e pran jukta
Ichha taba purna hok satya ei supta
Amar prane taito ami andhar buke lupta
Eso ebar praner majhe amai karo purna
Mago amar ek nimeshe bandhan karo churna

I have bound myself with desire-night.
How can I be liberated?
How can I be one and inseparable with You?
Right now Your Victory I cannot ask for.
Aspiration is still fast asleep inside me;
Therefore, I am always lost inside the heart of night.
O Mother, come to me.
Do fulfil me, make me complete.
May Your Victory be proclaimed.
It is You who can smash asunder the bondage,
The finite that has bound me.

Gan Geye Jai Dibanishi

Gan geye jai dibanishi
Jahar lagi tahar dekha
Charan rekha
Amai kabe karbe pradhan
Udar mahan
Ami keman kare pabo
Kothai jabo

Ar katokal raibo dure
Hriday pure
Dhire dhire eso mago
Aji jago

I sing day in and day out.
For whom?
For Him who will make me great,
Who will make me see His Lotus-Feet.
How can I see Him?
Where have I to go to see Him?
How long have I to wait alone,
All alone, beside my heart?
O Mother, do come into my heart
And show me Your Heart-Life of

Alor Pane Chai Jabe

Alor pane chai jabe
Andhar kena dake
Sneha tomar niye jai ma
Na jani kon phanke
Andhar amai dake kena
Mago ami jani
Nithur haye tomar prane
Nitya jabe hani
Tomar paye rakhi aji
Kritagyata phul
Asim ami habo jani
Tumi je mor phul

I cry for light.
How is it that darkness calls me?
I don’t know.
I cry for one thing;
How is it that I get something else?
Mother, I cry for You
But darkness carries me away.
And when I become angry with You,
I strike You.
You remain silent.
But today I am offering You
My heart’s gratitude-flower.
O Infinite Reality,
I will grow into the sacred flower
To worship You.

Sabai Amai Dake Mago

Sabai amai dake mago
Sabar kache jai
Sabar prane khunji ami
Amar praner thai
Byatha niye phire asi
Nishwa tara nishwa
Aji hate tomar ami
Tumi amar bishwa

Everybody calls me, Mother,
Everybody calls me.
I wish to discover myself
In every human heart.
But alas, although they call me
I see not my true form,
My existence, inside them.
I see they are all helpless;
They are hopeless.
From today I shall consider You,
You alone, my only world,
And I shall not try to discover my world
Inside anybody except You.

Se Bhalobasar Nai Je Mrityu Kabhu

Se bhalobasar nai je mrityu kabhu
Sei bhalobasa dhalen parane prabhu
Bhasma haibe ar sab bhalobasa
Manusher prane kebal mithya asha

The Love that we receive
From our Eternal Lord
Is the only Love that defies death.
Any other love
Will not survive ignorance-attack;
It is but false hope
That human beings treasure.
Only the Love of our Beloved Lord Supreme
Will everlastingly last.
The rest will all die
Either today
Or in the near future,
Or in the distant future.

Jukti Ogo Jukti

Jukti ogo jukti
Tomar lagi ami
Ebar jachi mukti
Ebar hau chup
Banchte jadi chao
Prabhur bijoy gao

O reasoning life,
Today I am praying for your liberation.
You must become silent.
If you become silent,
Then only will you be able to really live.
And if you really live,
Then only you will be able to sing
The Lord’s Victory-Song,
As I always do.

Shakti Ogo Ei Prithibir Shakti

Shakti ogo ei prithibir shakti
Tomar cheye baro amar bhakti
Bhakti amar mulya bihin ratna
Tahar majhe phute mayer jatna

Power, O world power,
My devotion is far superior to you.
My devotion is invaluable.
You know, it is inside my devotion
That the Mother’s eternal Wealth shall grow.

Nahi Heri Unnati

Nahi heri unnati
Charidike abanati
Dibaser majhe nehari nishar kalo
Prane mor mago alor bahni jalo
Ratul charane thai
Ebar janani chai
Dekha dao mago samasya karo dur
E prane jagao madhu ananda sur

I see no progress;
Regress I see all around.
During the day, in the heart of the day,
I see darkness.
O Mother, do kindle the flame of aspiration
Inside my heart.
At least once allow me
To place myself at Your Lotus-Feet.
O Mother, do put an end to all my problems
And awaken inside me
The tune of nectar-delight.

Dhire Dhire Dekhi Mora Purnatar Rup

Dhire dhire dekhi mora purnatar rup
Samayer krore raje bhalo manda stup
Bhalo manda chale jai thake shudhu smriti
Sathe kare sugopane asimer priti


Slowly and steadily
We see the form of fulfilment.
Inside the heart of Time
Good and bad abide.
Good and bad disappear eventually.
What eternally remains is reminiscence,
Sweet memory, and it is always accompanied
By Infinityâ’s Love.

Sadhan Samare Satyer Shudhu Joy

Sadhan samare satyer shudhu joy
Satyer buke atmar parichoy
Mithyar asha habe bichurna jani
Ananda habe bishwamayer bani
Je peyechhe kabhu jananir barabhoi
Manush haye o se je chira akkhoy

In the battlefield of life
Only truth will be victorious.
Inside truth only the real form of the soul
Can be revealed.
The hope of falsehood will eventually die.
Delight will be the real message, only message,
Of the universal Mother.
He who has received
The Divine Mother's Compassion-Light
Becomes divine, immortal,
Even in the human body.

Amije Amar Srashta

Ami je amar srashta
Ami je amar drashta
Amar karma amare karibe khoy
Amar karma ghor agyanmoy
Bhul pathe chali taita sarbanash
Hase nirabadhi dure rahe ullas

I am my creator, I am my seer.
My work makes me,
My work destroys me,
My work is all ignorance
As I swerve from the path of truth;
Therefore, destruction befriends me,
Real delight always remains away from me.

Ashar Pradip Khani (1)

Ashar pradip khani
Nibe kigo jai
Jibaner godhuli belai
Bidhatar mauna bani
Nutan ashroy
Naba janma naba parichai

Will the lamp of hope
Be extinguished in the end?
Or, in the twilight hour of life,
With the Lord’s silent Message
Will we shelter new life
And have a new identity?
Can these not be claimed by me?

Tamasi Nishai Ankhi Dube Jai

Tamasi nishai ankhi dube jai
Chapal praner kato bedanai
Ar nai asha bani
Britha manaber akuti bhakati
Chira jagrata jage abanati
Alik swapan muktir abhilash
Ananda ucchas
Phire chai pran phire chai arbar
Timir dainya jatanar manihar

My eyes sink in darkness-night.
My restless life suffers excruciating pangs.
There is no more hope-message.
It is all in vain
That human beings cry.
It is all in vain
That human devotion tries
To reach some height.
Failure is reigning supreme.

Again and again, I wish to become
The flood of delight.
How I wish to receive once more the sea of delight,
To put an end to my heart’s excruciating pangs.

Jare Dekhi Se Je Amar

Jare dekhi se je amar
Ei kathati abasheshe
Tumi amai shikhiye dile
Mago madhur hasi hese

Whomever I see,
I wish to consider him mine.
I wish to love him as my very own.
From You I have learned
This secret and sacred truth,
That we all are one inside.
With each individual we see our oneness
And reality-existence.

Ar Noi He Janani Ebar Shanti Jachi

Ar noi he janani ebar shanti jachi
Tomar hriday kusum kanane anande jena nachi
Ami je cheyechi dharanir byatha aparer truti nai
E jiban maru pabe kigo hai tomar charane thai

No more restless life, O Mother.
Now I need the life of peace.
In Your Heart’s garden
May I sing and dance with delight.
It is I who longed for earth’s suffering.
Nobody else is to be blamed.
Will ever my life-desert
See Your Feet for its shelter?

Satya Mor Dak Diyeche

Satya mor dak diyeche
Mithya deshe ese
Chalechi ami sakashe tar
Madhur hasi hese
Satya kahe samoi hale
Sabare ami daki
Bishal mor pran gabhire
Sabare bendhi rakhi

Truth has come
Through falsehood-world
And now truth is calling me.
I am appearing before truth
With my heart’s soulful smile.
Truth tells me:
“When the time comes,
I arrive at the right person.
I bind each and every one
With my freedom-light.”

Ekti Katha Balar Lagi

Ekti katha balar lagi
Tomar kache jai
Bhaye lage tomar pane
Kabhu nahi chai
Ami ki ma tomai chahi
Na ki tumi chao
Hriday bane mukti giti
Kahar tumi gao

Just to tell only one small thing
I often come to You.
But when I come to You
Through fear and through shame,
I fail to look at You
At Your Face.
Mother, is it I who want You
Or You who want me?
Tell me,
For whom and in whose heart
Do You sing the liberation-song?

Abar Amai Dakbo Tumi (1)

Abar amai dakbo tumi
Ei asha ma nitya prane raje
Taita ami nirbhavanai
Katai dibas mari naje laje
Tumi jano praner katha
Mukher bhranti bachalata
Tumi amai karbe mahat
Jadio ami khudra ati khudra
Tomar kripai mithya nashi
Amar nachan nachbe prane rudra

Again I shall call You:
This hope dwells inside my heart;
I spend my days and my nights in silence.
I do not bury myself in utter shame.
You know the secret thoughts of my heart.
You know the restlessness, my bungles.
You will make me great,
You will make me good,
You will make me divine.
Although I am now absolutely insignificant,
With Your boundless Grace I shall
Destroy falsehood-night.
Lord Rudra will dance in me,
Inside my heart,
The dance of life-immortalising ecstasy.

Jedin Tomai Dakina Ma

Jedin tomai dakina ma
Sedin ase shranti
Shranti majhe bhese uthe
Agyanatar bhranti
Andhakare chahina ma
Andhar more chai
Tahar dake sara diye
Byatha e pran pai
Alo diye jiban amar
Puta karo mago
Smari jena nitya tomai
Prane amar jago

I become tired, Mother,
Only during the days I do not think of You,
I do not meditate on You.
In my tiredness the mistakes of ignorance
Loom large.
Mother, I do not want,
I do not need darkness,
But darkness wants me and needs me.
When I respond to darkness,
Boundless sorrow tortures my heart.
Do inundate my heart with light.
Do awaken my heart and make me feel
That You and I are inseparably one.

Hatashai Bhara E Jiban Mor

Hatashai bhara e jiban mor
ahare dekibe aj
Ke parabe dehe asaktihin
Dhruba karmer saj
Ogo sundar laho nati mor
Dao more bishwas
Purnata ar amarata taba
Mor shudhu abhilash

Doomed to disappointment
Is this life of mine.
Whom can I call today?
Who will help me don the robe of detachment?
Who will help me don the robe of truth-action?
O Beautiful One,
Do accept my heart’s obeisance.
Give me faith in boundless measure.
Your Infinitude and Your Immortality
Can alone please me,
Within, without.

Sundar Ese Dekha Dibe More

Sundar ese dekha dibe more
Dharibe amar hat
Ei bharasai chale gelo hai
Sudhirgha kato rat

O Beautiful One,
You will come to me
And You will hold my hands:
This is the hope that I treasure.
Alas, how many times this hope
Has come and gone by.
Countless nights I have in vain
Waited for You, for You alone.

Hasi Amar Dekhite Giye

Hasi amar dekhite giye
Pelam ami kashta
Bhalo amai karte giye
Haye gelam nashta
Jiban tari shunena hai
Kabhu amar katha
Shanta hate chahi jabe
Dake bachalata
Ar katokal rakhbe mago
Ghor samasya buke
Ei dharanir gehe bujhi
Roina keha sukhe

I wanted to see my happiness.
Alas, instead of seeing my happiness
What I see is all suffering.
I wanted to make myself good.
Alas, instead of making myself good
I see I have totally spoiled myself.
My life-boat, alas, never listens to me.
When I want to remain silent, alas,
Talkativeness and restlessness
Come and torture my earthly existence.
How long, Mother, will you keep me
In problem-worlds?
Do You mean to say that there is
And can be nobody who is happy
Here on earth?

Dure Jadi Jete Chao Jao Tabe Dure

Dure jadi jete chao jao tabe dure
Jachibona taba hisi mor mana pure
Phule phale sushovile taba asha taru
Shudha rase bhara jabe e jiban maru
Taba abhilash mor hridayer hasi
Nahi chai kichu mago shudhu bhalobasi

If You really want
To go away from me,
Then You may do so;
I shall not long for Your Smile
In the city of my mind.
If Your own world-tree starts bearing fruit,
I am sure my life-desert, too,
Will be flooded with nectar-delight.
My heart-smile lies in the fulfilment
Of Your own Will.
I want not anything from You to satisfy me.

Amar Priya Tumi Prabhu

Amar priya tumi prabhu
Sabar priya tumi
Tabu kena tomar paye
Nahi mora chumi
Mukhe tomai prabhu daki
Prane bhabi ari
Ghor bipade bhaye mari
Taito tomai smari
Jano moder praner garob
Khama tabu karo
Andhar pathe mrittyu ele
Dharo more dharo
Gabhir snehe dharo moder
Hriday tari khani
Abodh mora tumi je ke
Kabhu nahi jani

You are dear to me.
You are dear to everybody else, too.
How is it that
We do not worship Your Feet, kiss Your Feet,
Knowing perfectly well
That we call You our Lord Supreme?
This is but our lip service,
But in the depths of our hearts
We do not take You
Even as a real friend of ours.
You know the poison of our mind,
Yet You are forgiveness-sea.
When death wants to capture us,
We stand in between death and our existence;
Ignorant we are.
No matter what You do for us
We offer You not our gratitude-heart.

Asha Amar Purna Halo

Asha amar purna halo
Churna halo sakal byatha
Chaudike mor hase shanti
Hase jyoti nirabata
Hriday bane phutlo prasun
Bina dake akarane
Tomar sneha dhara mago
Nitya bahe prane mane

My hope is fulfilled today.
All my sufferings have come to an end.
Peace in silence and light smiles all around me.
In my heart’s garden
Beauty’s flower has blossomed today.
I know not why and how.
Indeed, this is the boon
Of Your unconditional Concern and Love-Light
For me.

Kato Shata Bhabe Dako Tumi More

Kato shata bhabe dako tumi more
Tabu jai dure chale
Arati shreshtha abhiman mor
Biraje praner tale
Taba shantire bhabi ashanti
Joye bhabi parajoy
Taito amar charidhare hase
Mithya dainya khoy

In hundreds of ways You call me,
Yet I go away from You.
My worst fault is my sulking nature,
Which tortures me all day and night.
When Your victory dawns
I feel it is the beginning of my defeat.
When anything divine dawns in me,
I feel it is the beginning of something
Undivine in me.
I know this is the only reason why within and
Without me
I see death’s destruction-dance.

Agyanatar Bojha Gurutor (1)

Agyanatar bojha gurutor
Se gopan katha hai
Jeno janina rahiyachi ami
Nithur ama nishai

Alas, I know perfectly well
That the weight of ignorance-night is extremely heavy
And hard is it to pierce its veil.
Yet there is something in me
That enjoys the pleasure
Of being constantly and ceaselessly tortured
By ignorance-night.

Phanki Diye Cheyechhilam Karte

Phanki diye cheyechilam
Karte tomai jay
Prabhu tomar sneha dhara
Halo apabyay
Andha mora andha
Hriday duar bandha
Ghor timire nachi
Pran taranir majhi
Nutan alo sathe
Madhur amar prate
Abar prabhu dio dekha
Ei dharanir buke
Daki jena tomai mora
Nitya sukhe dukhe
Dur karo aj moder praner
Klanti mithya bhoi

Phanki diye cheyechilam
Karte tomai jay

I wanted to conquer You through deception.
Lord, all Your Affection and Love I have squandered.
All human beings are blind.
Our heart-doors are closed.
We dance in darkness tenebrous.
O Boatman of my life-boat,
Do come to me with new light
In the golden and sanctified morning.
O Lord, do appear once more before me.
Here on earth may I invoke You once again
Through ever-new sorrows and delight.
Today especially, O Lord,
Drive away all falsehood and fear from me.
Alas, I wanted to conquer You through deception,
By deceiving You.

Amar Swapan Tomai Diye

Amar swapan tomai diye
Ebar habo shanto
Satya katha balchi mago
Ebar ami klanto
Bastabata jachi mago
Jago amar prane jago
Ar katokal raibo mago
Swapan niye mane
Satya shikha jwalao mago
Amar hriday bane

I shall now offer You my dream-world
And then become totally silent.
I am telling You frankly
That I am completely exhausted.
What I want from You is reality-light
And not a dream-world.
How long have I to keep the dream-world
In my mind?
Reality’s truth-world do awaken
Inside the forest of my heart.

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