Pole-star promise-light, part 4

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Kavya Kusum Chayan Karibo

Kavya kusum chayan karibo
Jyotir kanan hate
Taito chalechi akashe uriya
Dakhin bayur srote
Sathe nai keha ar
Nahi dekhi kona par
Abiram chali chalar birati nai
Dur hate dure megher arale
Pulake bhasiya jai


I shall collect flower-poems
From the garden of Light;
Therefore, I am flying in the sky
With the southern wind.
I have no one with me.
All alone, endlessly I am flying,
And I am all lost in the beauty
of teeming clouds.

Akasher Pare Akash Rayeche

Akasher pare akash rayeche
Batas bahena ar
Ami chaliyachi paraner tane
Anite kusum har
Tomar pujar thali
Ajo je rayeche khali
Kabitar hare purna karite tai
Jibaner jato hasi o ashru
Bhule jena ami jai


An endless series of skies
Where there is no air.
An inner urge compels me to bring down
A garland of poems
To worship You.
The shrine is now all empty.
I wish to fill it;
I wish to cover it with poems,
A garland of poems.
I know that it is only this way
That I can forget my life’s sufferings and joys
That have to be forgotten.

Dhara Jadi Tumi Nahi Dite Chao (2)

Dhara jadi tumi nahi dite chao
Ei dharanir buke
Britha kena ar kataiba din
Marmo piran dukhe
Dhan man jash gyaner garima
Kamya kichui nai
Shudhu abhilash sri charane jena
Pai ekbar thai


If You do not want to be caught in this world,
Then why do I have to stay in
excruciating pangs,
And waste my time on earth?
I do not want name, fame, wealth, knowledge.
No, no, I do not want anything.
I desire nothing.
There is only one aspiration burning in my heart
And that is to be always at Your Feet.

Mandire Masjide

Mandire masjide sandhyadip jwalena ekhan
Kemane bishwas kari eisab bidhir likhan
Bishwa shrashta apan atmaje kare
Ashroy bihin pangu dinhin


In the temple, in the mosque,
there is no light.
How can I believe that this is
what God wants?
How can God allow His children to be
Helpless, orphaned, lame and destitute?
I know not. It is beyond my imagination.

Jahar Mangal Hasta Ashish Barshan

Jahar mangal hasta ashish barshan
Kariteche sarbajana shire
Jogyajogya sama gyane
Tahar charan bandi bhaktir sisire
Sabinaye kari anunoy
Kon lila khelitecha ohe dayamoy
Manaber prane base eta dukha
Sahitecha kon abhipraye


I wish to bow down to Him
Whose loving, compassionate Hands
Are blessing all and sundry.
I wish to know from Him, to learn from Him
How and why He is suffering in and through
All human beings,
Why so mercilessly He is suffering an endless pain.
Is there any special reason?
I wish to hear from Him.

Lakka Lakka Grihahin

Lakka lakka grihahin
Annahin tomare smarile
Plabaner dhara sama
Tomar nayane
Bahe naki dukha ashrunir
Tumi ki thakite para
Sukhe dukhe niret pashan prai
Nirbichal sthir


Millions of people have no home,
Have no food.
The flood has caused untold suffering.
A flood of tears I see within and without
the world.
O Lord, how can You remain unperturbed?
How can You act like an indifferent,
senseless, ruthless stone?

Juga Juga Dhari Katobyetha Sahi

Juga juga dhari katobyetha sahi
Ei prana nadi khani
Pashan girir bakka chiriya
Shunite tomar bani
Ogo parabar jana naki tumi
Kato akutite o charan chumi
Milaye diyechi apanar chhaya rup
Tabu je rayecha chup


Through aeons this life-river has been
Suffering excruciating pangs.
This life-river wants only to hear
Your message, O Ocean.
Do You not see, do You not feel
How sincerely I treasure the aspiration
Only to touch Your Feet and march into You
And embrace all-fulfilling silence-life?

Amal Dhabal Charan Kamal

Amal dhabal charan kamal
Kemane pujibo balo aji balo
Kemane gahibo sumadhur sure
Tomar bijoy gan
Nai bhav bhasha chhanda o tal
Nai parijat marma maral
Ache shudhu hai katha balibar
Sutibra byakulata


Pure, unalloyed Lotus-Feet of Yours,
How can I wash You?
Do tell me today.
How can I sing Your Victory-Song
With a sweet, melodious voice?
I have no tune, no words,
No metre, no rhyme,
No flowers, no heart’s want.
I have only a quenchless inner urge.

Bhoi Nai Kichu Bhoi Nai Ar

Bhoy nai kichu bhoy nai ar
Abhoy peyechi katha balibar
Taito sakal bandhan bhengeche
Paraner nirabata
Balak balika jubak jubati
Shyamal banani harit bratati
Ek sathe mile gahe bidhatar
Chira bijayer gan


No fear, no fear, no fear.
Today I am fearless.
My heart’s silence has smashed asunder
all bondage.
Today all children and green forests,
Everything, everything that is new,
Has joined me to sing this victory-song
of the Supreme.

Shashwata Ogo Chira Bhashwar

Shashwata ogo chira bhashwar
Pran kananer phul
Barek herile manase tomai
Rahibena kona bhul
Gabhir nishar supti bakke
Hariye phelechi dibya rup
Dekha dao more ogo pran phul
Shanta hridaye rayechi chup


O eternal sun,
O flower of my heart,
Once if I see You, then all my mistakes
Will be rectified and illumined.
In the heart of deep night
I have lost my divine form.
O my heart’s beauty,
I am always waiting in calm silence
to hear from you.

Hriday Puja Sanga Halo

Hriday puja sanga halo bedan giti geye
Kothai tumi nayan mani jiban tarir neye
Dibya jiban jachi priya janma naba jachi
Sukha dukha dhewer majhe nitya jena nachi


The worship of the heart has come to an end
By singing the song of sorrow.
O presiding deity of my eyes,
O my life’s Boatman, where are You?
I need a life divine, a new life.
I wish to dance on the waves of joys and sorrows.
This is my constant prayer.

Jiban Sandhya Dekeche Amai

Jiban sandhya dekeche amai
Tai aji ami kandi
Nahi jena hai kena je amai
E dharar prane bandhi
Ashesh jatana peyechi hethai
Tabu kena michha asha
Kane kane koy heribe sahasa
Marter bhalobasa


The evening of life has set in;
Therefore, I am weeping today.
I do not know why I bind myself
To this world.
Even now, endless sufferings
I have gone through.
Yet I treasure hope.
False hope even now
Tells me in a whispering manner,
“You will very soon receive world-love
In boundless measure.”

Milaner Banshi Jachi Ami Mago

Milaner banshi jachi ami mago
Nahe biyoger banshi
Ekatar majhe janani tomar
Heribo dibya hasi
Ashru jhariche pratiti jiber
E bhabe mukti lagi
Bijoy tomar pratishtha lagi
Thaki jena sada jagi


Mother, today I am crying
For the flute of union.
When I am away from You,
My separation-life from You
I do not want any more.
It is in unity that I shall see
Your divine Smile.
Tears I am shedding, bitter tears,
For the liberation of each individual soul
On earth.
To establish Your Victory, Mother,
May I remain always alert and awake.

Hriday Pakhi Na Jadi Gahe Gan

Hriday pakhi na jadi gahe gan
Keman kare tutbe abhiman
Abhimaner tibra jwala chitta amar dahe
Mago tomar shanti sudha kon sudure rahe


If my heart-bird does not sing,
How can my sulking nature come to an end?
I have been suffering for a long time
Because of my endless sulking.
Mother, where is Your Peace?
Where is Your Delight?
Are they in the farthest corner of the globe?
I need peace, I need nectar,
From You, from You.

Janani Tomar Heribona Ar

Janani tomar heribona ar
Labani makhan rup
Tripti na pele antara tale
Rahibo satata chup
Tomar amar byabadhan nabhe
Bishader banshi baje
Shashwata smriti bhule gechi hai
Tai bujhi mari laje


Mother Divine,
I do not want to see any more Your Lustre-Form.
I shall remain in my own heart’s silence.
You have not given me satisfaction.
First, I shall try to derive satisfaction in life
In my own way.
Between You and me there is a flute
Playing notes of tenebrous sadness.
I have forgotten my Eternity’s Self-form.
Perhaps for this I am sulking today
In utter shame.

Joy Gane Bidhatar

Joy gane bidhatar
Kanthe duliche jar
Gyan o bibeka mala
Hiya tar shudhu ala


Singing the Victory-Song of the Lord Supreme
I am placing a garland around my neck.
Knowledge and conscience-light
Will illumine my heart, my all-existence.

Abhiman More Niye Jai Dure (1)

Abhiman more niye jai dure
Spriha ane taba kache
Chale jai jabe timir dainya
Hriday amar nache


O sulking nature of mine,
You have taken me far away
From my reality-life.
It is my aspiration that brings me again
to my real life.
When I go away with you,
O sulking nature of mine,
All dark weaknesses dance before me
the dance of victory.

Bhuler Anta Nai Je Amar

Bhuler anta nai je amar
Bhuler anta nai
Mithya dainya kuruper glani
Sabiy je ami chai
Asim kripai tabu tumi more
Nirabadhi basa bhalo
Hutashan jwele antare mor
Tumiy ghuchabe kalo


There is no end to my mistakes,
No end to falsehood,
Destitute in darkness and disgrace
I am totally lost.
Yet Your boundless Compassion
still loves me.
It burns the flame of aspiration
And wants to illumine my agelong darkness.

Hriday Nabhe Andhar Jabe Dhake

Hriday nabhe andhar jabe dhake
Paina khunje kripa sindhu make
Gyana rabi prane jakhan phute
Timir bandhan nimeshe jai tute


When darkness sets in my heart’s sky
I see not Your Compassion-Ocean any more,
No matter how hard I try to see it.
When the knowledge-sun breaks forth from
Eternity’s bondage,
Darkness is smashed and illumined all at once.

Hriday Gabhire Oi Dake Shuni

Hriday gabhire oi dake shuni
Madhumoy nirabata
Nahi rabe ar kutil manase
Samasya jatilota
Alo shishu ami alo parabare
Duliche amar bhela
Jiban amar maha baridhir
Shata taranga khela


Yonder I hear in the depth of my heart
Your Nectar-Silence.
There shall be no problems,
No complications in my life any more.
From now on I shall be the child of light
In the ocean of life
And there my little boat is sailing,
Sailing with enormous delight.
My life is the game of hundreds of waves
In the great ocean of life.

Antare Mor Phute Nai Shatadal

Antare mor phute nai shatadal
Tai bujhi ami ashthayi durbal
Bishwa chetana amar chetana
Bajibe jakhan eki sure
Hriday gabhire heribo tomai
Rahibena kabhu janani dure


Inside my heart the lotus
has not yet blossomed;
Therefore, I am restless, I am weak.
When the universal Consciousness
and my consciousness
Sing together and play one tune,
I shall see You, You alone,
In the very depth of my heart,
And You will no longer remain
far beyond my ken.

Ki Diye Tomare Pujibo Janani

Ki diye tomare pujibo janani
Kon upachare pujibo
Jibaner shata michhe abhimane
Kon jadubale nashibo
Abhiman hane bhaktire more
Nahi kate tai paraner ghor
Bhasibar lagi bhakti sagare
Nai je amar tarani
Jani ami mago tumiy amar
Jiban lakya sarani


I do not know, Mother,
how to worship You,
How to adore You.
All false sulking, I do not know
How to destroy.
I have no magic word
To transform all my sulking
Into love divine for You;
Therefore, darkness of my heart
never leaves me.
I want to sail in the sea of devotion.
Alas I have no boat of my own.
I know, I know, Mother,
You are my only road,
You are my only goal.

Gabhir Asha Prane Amar

Gabhir asha prane amar
Ekti shudhu gabhir asha
Mayer kachhe pabo ami
Bishwajayer bhalobasa
Mayer sena habo ami
Habo mayer drashta kabi
Rup sagare bhasbe jani
Amar hiyar gyanarabi


There is only one hope,
One hope inside my heart.
From You I shall get
The world-conquering Love.
With Your Love and Affection
I shall become Your seer-poet.
My knowledge-sun will blossom
above the horizon
On the sea of Your translucent Beauty,
O Mother.

Amare Keha Chahena Jani Sabare Ami

Amare keha chahena jani sabare ami chai
Tomar majhe pratiti jibe herite je ma pai


I know nobody wants me,
Nobody needs me.
Yet I want everyone.
Yet I need everyone.
One desire I have, Lord:
I wish to see each and everyone in You
And love them as my own.

Nil Akasher Alor Tari

Nil akasher alor tari hridaye mor bhase
Kusum kalir mauna bhasha byatha amar nashe
Amai jara dake mago ami tader daki
Moder majhe tomai jena nitya mago rakhi


O boat of light in the blue sky,
I see you floating in my heart-river.
I see the flowers that you are carrying.
The fragrance of these flowers
Has destroyed all my sufferings.
Like you, I call those who call me,
I see in you the bond of all-loving,
All-illumining and all-fulfilling unity.

Dhyane Magna Kajer Phanke

Dhyane magna kajer phanke phanke
Hiya amar dake tomai dake
Kena tabu paina sara kon sudure tumi
Dhanya hate chai ma ami ratul charan chumi


My heart is all absorbed in selfless service,
And, while doing selfless service,
From time to time it most sincerely longs
For You, yet I see You not.
I know not where You are, how far You are.
I wish to be fulfilled by being at Your Feet,
Kissing Your Feet and claiming Your Feet
As my only salvation.

Kato Jatil Chinta Mane Paina Samadhan

Kato jatil chinta mane paina samadhan
Taito mago haina suru alor abhijan
Jiban amar gahan andhar ban
Bhul pathe jai nitya amar man


Endless problems are inside my mind
And I see no way to solve them;
Therefore, my journey of light never starts.
My life is all darkness.
My mind walks along a wrong path,
Along a wrong road.

Mukti Shudhu Amar Lagi

Mukti shudhu amar lagi chahina ami kabhu
Prati jiber mukti lagi kande e pran prabhu
Sabare jadi dite na chaha ashesh taba dan
Keman kare tripta habe bishal mama pran


I never want liberation for my own sake.
For everybody’s liberation my heart cries.
If You do not want to give liberation to
Liberation, which is an endless gift,
How can I be truly satisfied,
For am I not one with them?
Am I not in them?
Am I not for them?

Asimer Dake Nahi Dei Sara

Asimer dake nahi dei sara
Mor hridayer pakhi
Tai bujhi mago khule nahi dao
Dibya amar ankhi


The bird of my heart does not respond
To the call of the Infinite;
Therefore, You do not open up my vision-eye,
I know, I know.

Hriday Dware Rayecha Daraye

Hriday dware rayecha daraye
Nahi khulo kena dwar
Akuti bhakati nahi mago mor
O charane pujibar
Byatha diye more jani tumi dibe
Charan atmagyan
Pabo ami mago jatil maner
Samasya samadhan


You remain standing at my door,
Yet You do not open my heart’s door.
Devotion I don’t want from You.
Aspiration I don’t want from You.
I don’t want to worship You.
I feel that You will torture me
And then give me my highest realisation.
I think this is the way You have decided
That You will solve all my mental problems.

Akarane Taba Prane Kena Sada Hani (1)

Akarane taba prane kena sada hani
Nahi jani mago taha kabhu nahi jani
Priyatam beshe more baso tumi bhalo
Tai bujhi niye jao mor sab kalo


I do not know why,
Without any rhyme or reason, I torture You.
I know not why I do this.
You love me as Your dearest child.
I know this is the only reason
Why You take away
All the darkness that I have and I treasure

Ekti Katha Balo Mago

Ekti katha balo mago
Ebar amai ekti katha
Kabe pabo tomar sneha
Shanti jyoti nirabata
Ranga paye na pele thai
Jiban habe dhudhu maru
Barek dekha dile amai
Dibya jiban habe suru


Tell me, Mother, only one thing.
Tell me only one thing.
When will I get Your Peace, Light and Silence?
When shall I get them in You?
The day I see You.
If I do not get my salvation at Your Feet,
My mind will become a wild, barren desert.
If You, Mother, stand before me only once,
My life divine will immediately find its way
Toward Your Reality-height.

Nil Akasher Alor Pakhi

Nil akasher alor pakhi eso amar chotra prane
Mukti lagi gabhir asha amai tane tomar pane
Tumi bina jiban amar gahan andhakar
Tomai pele habo ami jyoti parabar


O blue bird of the sky,
Do descend into my tiny heart.
My heart is pining for you.
It wants to bring you close to its existence,
For, in you, it feels the liberation-song.
Without you, my heart is all darkness,
And with you, my life will be transformed
Into the ocean of Light.

Shanta Saral Hate Pari

Shanta saral hate pari jakhan labhi gyan
Dure thake pira dayi bhranta apaman
Saman bhebe man apaman
Chalte habe jiban pathe
Thai pabo ma takhan ami
Taba bijoy rathe


When knowledge dawns, I become sincere,
I become simple, I become pure.
I cast aside all failure, all defeats,
All the things that drag me down.
Success and failure, victory and defeat
I shall encounter while walking along
Eternity’s road.
But if I take them as one, not two,
Then You will offer me Your
Victory’s chariot.

Juktir Majhe Samasya Raje

Juktir majhe samasya raje bhaktite samadhan
Taito biraje jukti urdhe mukta manab pran
Andharer buke alo darashan bhakta paran pai
Jukti kebal murkha manabe bhul pathe niye jai


When I care for the reasoning mind,
I see there nothing but problems.
And when I take shelter in devotion,
I see all my problems solved.
Far above the questioning mind
Is the liberation of our earthly existence.
Inside the heart of darkness
A real devotee sees the presence of light
And the smile of light.
A reasoning mind, what does it do?
It just tells the human being
To swerve from the path of Truth.

Kon Sudure Mago Tumi

Kon sudure mago tumi
Se kon sudure
Paina dekha gabhir rate
Dibas dupure
Dekha jadi na pai mago
Jachi tomar santana
Shanta karo chapal prane
Laho amar bandana


Where are You, where are You?
Where is that farthest land?
I see You not
Either in the morning or in the evening.
No time.
If You do not want me to see You,
At least offer me Your Consolation-Light.
Do transform my mind of restlessness
Into a serene sea of calmness.
And do accept my heart’s homage,
Heart’s offering, heart’s adoration.
Even if You do not want to fulfil this
Desire of mine,
Do accept what I have for You.

Nil Baridhir Atal Tale

Nil baridhir atal tale
Hariye jabo lilar chhale
Keu pabena dekha amar
Shudhu ma tor madhur hasi
Jagabe mor bishal hiya
Khudra praner timir nashi


I shall enjoy the cosmic Game.
I shall lose myself inside the heart
Of the blue ocean.
Nobody will be able to see me, nobody.
Only one person, and that is You, Mother,
And Your Smile.
Your Smile will awaken
A boundless heart in me
By destroying all finite darkness in me.

Chapal Prane Shanti Jachi

Chapal prane shanti jachi
Labhi shudhu byarthata
Khina hriday sathi amar
Kon sudure purnata
Simar majhe asim tomar
Na jadi pai dekha
Charam gyaner dibya hasi
Habena mor shekha


I long for peace and silence
In my restless vital and my mind.
Alas, I meet with frustration and nothing else.
I have only a weak heart as my companion.
My heart and I never hope to see
the fulfilment-dawn.
O Infinite, inside the heart of the finite,
If I do not see You
I shall never learn the smile
of highest wisdom-light.

Ratri Nai Diba Nai

Ratri nai diba nai
Jhup jhup brishti
Dekhite dekhite koi
Dibaser khudra parisare
Bhese gela srishti
Chhannachhara grihahara
Manab santan shato shato
Kanditecha artasware
Nirashroy nir hara bihanger mato
Nahi anna nahi bastra
Charidik shudhu jalomoy
Apar baridhi bakke bhese asa
Jena khanda bangsha danda
Kariya ashroy
Ajio rayeche benche
Hatobhagya sarbanasha
Jara tahader rekeche banchaye
Kon marichika sei kon
Kuhakini asha


Day in, day out it is raining heavily,
A deplorable sight.
Birds are helpless, human beings are helpless.
Flood, a merciless flood has taken millions
Away to the other world.
And those who are still alive
Are building their hopes
in the world of nowhere.

Tapane Gheri Jimut Dole

Tapane gheri jimut dole sunil ambare
E shobha heri baridhi kule base balir pare
Lilamayer bishwa lila kare nirikkhan
Hiya amar tar mahima karechila smaran
E hena kale badla rani namila dhire dhire
Chhute gelam gharer pane chhere sindhu tire


Teeming clouds are dancing
around the sun in the sky.
Noticing this panorama on the sunset
I was watching,
I was deriving boundless joy.
My aspiration-heart was singing His Glory.
Alas, all of a sudden, I know not how,
The queen of rain descended,
And I returned home, to my sweet home,
Leaving aside the Golden Shore
of life’s ocean.

Tomar Parane Aghat Haniya

Tomar parane aghat haniya
Nitya e pran hase
Tabu je tomar bishal hriday
Mor prane bhalobase
Nandan bane thai dibe more
Nahi habo kabhu sarbahara
Antare mor bhase nirabadhi
Taba karunar snigdha dhara


I strike Your Heart and thus I derive joy.
Yet Your magnanimous Heart
does not leave me.
In the Garden of Eden
You will give me shelter.
I will never be all destitute.
In my heart constantly flows
Your Compassion-River sweet.

Phul Haye Mor Phutibe Sakal Asha

Phul haye mor phutibe sakal asha
Janibo jakhan samarpaner bhasha
Basana anale jwalibena ar pran
Jachile shanti manas bhramyaman


All my hopes will be blossomed like flowers
When I learn the language of surrender.
When I do not burn myself
In the fire of desire,
And when peace is desired by my
Restless mind,
Then my life will grow into
The flower of beauty divine.

Rajanir Buke Snigdha Prabhat Alo

Rajanir buke snigdha prabhat alo
Manda gahane rayeche gopane bhalo
Mara tanu majhe amar atma hase
Kuruper prane aruper rup bhase


Inside the heart of night I see
The dawn of light.
Inside the heart of the undivine, in secret,
Looms large the Life-Light of the Divine.
Inside a mortal frame smiles
The immortal soul.
Inside teeming ugliness floats
The Beauty unparalleled.

Puratan Smriti Mane Mor Jage

Puratan smriti mane mor jage
Bahu puratan smriti
E dharar lagi atmatyajiya
Chahi nai kabhu priti
Nahi jani hai dainya kemane
Hanila aghat shire
Bishal hriday jachi ami mago
Phirite shanti nire


Today my old reminiscences take shelter
in my mind.
I have offered myself to please this world,
Yet I have not asked for its love in return.
I do not know why I am in the poverty-world today.
I need world-appreciation.
O Mother of the Universe, I need a boundless heart.
What for? To enter into the nest,
Illumining and fulfilling, of Yours.

Ure Amar Chitta Pakhi Gagane

Ure amar chitta pakhi gagane
Gabhir rate pai dekhatar swapane
Bishwa sathe jukta haye mukta
Pran pakhi mor rabena ar sputa


The bird of my heart flies in the sky.
I see this bird of mine only in my dreams.
This bird is united with the world.
Again, it is totally free.
The bird of my heart, I know,
Will never go to sleep.
It will remain awake for You,
Throughout Eternity.

Bipul Harashe Nabin Barashe

Bipul harashe nabin barashe
Jagiche moder pran
Banglar pran ek hok aji
Subishal sumahan
Khandita nahe janani Banga
Antare raje bishwa priti
Gupta danab bhrukuti moder
Parane jagai bhranta bhiti
Tamasi rajani haye jabe bhor
Udibe tapan purbachale
Sonar Bangla amar Bangla
Jagibe abar amita bale
Naba barasher hriday gabhire
Rayeche gopane mukti asha
Chira adrita arjya rishir
Phire pabo mora mauna bhasha


With great joy in the New Year
Our hearts are awakening.
Let the hearts of all the Bengalis
Become one, great and vast.
Bengal is not two, Bengal is not divided;
In one Bengal, let the world-love abide.
The torture of the undivine hostile forces
Creates false fear in the heart of Bengal.
A tenebrous night will blossom into beauty’s day.
The sun of wisdom-light will dawn.
The golden Bengal, the immortal Bengal,
Will once more see the Light of the Infinite.
In the heart of the New Year
The liberation-hope will feed us,
We shall once more receive the silence-language
Of Immortality
From the Aryan sages of the hoary past.

Saral Parane Gahibar Ajo

Saral parane gahibar ajo
Kato gan ache baki
Antar gane pujibo tomai
Nahi diye kabhu phanki
Bishwa bijayi ami hate pari
Tumi jadi hao tushta
Anrita srote nahi jena bhasi
Tomare karite rushta


With a sincere heart
I have many more songs to sing.
With my heart’s song I shall adore You
Without deceiving You any more.
I can become the world-conqueror
if I ever satisfy You.
May I not float anymore in the current
of falsehood
To cause displeasure and anger in You.

Sabai Amai Pagol Dake

Sabai amai pagol dake
Ami ki ma pagol tabe
Pagol ke noi tomar kache
Balo mago nikhil bhabe
Boka ami pagol ami
Ami tomar koler shishu
Bishwajayi habo ami
Param gyani Buddha Jishu


Everybody calls me mad.
Am I really mad then?
Tell me, Mother, is there anybody
Who is not mad
In Your eyes, in Your vast world?
I am ready to be known as
A foolish and mad fellow
As long as You will place me on Your Lap
And there I shall become another Christ
And another Buddha of

Na Jani Hai Kiser Lagi Rayechi Ei Bhabe

Na jani hai kiser lagi rayechi ei bhabe
Amar prane shoker chhaya ar katokal rabe
Jogomaya mago amar kon sudure hai
Keman kare phirbo mayer hriday anginai
Tibra aghat trishuldhari prane amar hani
Kon ajanai niye gela tomai nahi jani
Ami tomar sonar jadu tomar ankhi mani
Jogomaya joga bale shunao tomar dhwani


I do not know why I am still here on earth.
Am I not suffering an excruciating pang
From the loss of my mother?
O my mother, Yogamaya!
O my physical mother, where are you?
I know not how I can return to you
Or how you can return to me.
I know Lord Shiva has taken you away
Into the world of the Unknown.
I was your dearest, I was your fondest child.
If you cannot come and appear before me,
For me to see you with my physical eyes,
Then do open my inner eye
And make me see your ecstasy’s song and dance,
Which you do in the inner world.

Swapane Nehari Atmaswarup

Swapane nehari atmaswarup
Basi tare ami bhalo
Khaniker tare dure chale jai
Jiban andhar kalo
Jagarane hai phire ase mor
Andhiyar byatha prane
Nahi pari tai sampite amai
Bidhatar jaya gane


In my dream I see my real form,
My soul-form, and I love it.
And I see in the twinkling of an eye
That all my sufferings, all my darknesses
Have disappeared.
Alas, when I wake up I see them
All around me, inside me.
I become once again darkness and
Ignorance incarnate;
Therefore, I never can offer my existence
To the Lord Supreme
For His constant Victory here on earth,
There in Heaven.