Sail my heartbeat sail, part 1

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This series of rhyming poems was commenced on Sunday, 14 June 1998 in New York. The first volume was completed in three days.

It is Sri Chinmoy's ardent aspiration to offer 7,000 Sail my heartbeat sail poems to his Lord Beloved Supreme.

1. Sail1

Sail my heartbeat sail, sail
To clasp our Lord's Nectar-Mail.

SMHS 1-13. 14 June 1998

2. Choice hour

How can I not love
The beauty of a flower!
How can I not rise
At my sweet Lord's choice Hour!

3. Rainbow-dream

To devour the Dust-Gold-Feet
Of my Lord Supreme
Every morn my heart becomes
A rainbow-dream.

4. Perfection-dream

To be a chosen child
Of my Lord Supreme,
My crying-smiling heart's
14 June 1998

5. God-climbing fire

Once more I shall become
My heart's God-climbing fire.
My eyes shall see nowhere
The face and body of mire.

6. Impurity-insecurity

Sleeplessly I keep my mind
Free from impurity-ties.
Breathlessly I keep my heart
Empty of insecurity-cries.

7. The right to choose

Oh, what I have and what I am,
Am I ready to lose?
If so, my Lord Supreme tells me:
Him I have the right to choose.

8. My dream

Mine is a birthless
And deathless dream:
To breathe the Heart
Of my Lord Supreme.

9. Mind-tears versus heart-smiles

My newness-mind-tears
Keep me glowing.
My fulness-heart-smiles
Keep me sailing.

10. My gratitude-heart

The fragrance
Of my God-gratitude-heart
Has smashed
My mind's ego-pride-dart.

11. Ecstasy's endless road

I see no more my earth-bound mind's
Ecstasy's endless road my life
Is ready to pave.

12. Negativity-mind

A ruthless
In every
Corner of my heart I find.

13. Silence

From the Silence Unknowable
To the Sound knowable I came
To play and sing and dance
With a tiny, fragile frame,
And build a rainbow-bridge
Between Heaven and earth
For my sweet Supreme to travel
And flood all-where His Birth.

14 Heart-smile2

Whom I seek
Is within me.
I pine His
Heart-Smile to be.

SMHS 14-26. 15 June 1998

15. Halt

Not my mind-cherishing life,
But my heart-blossoming breath
I need, I love, I treasure
To halt the pride of death.

16. Emptiness

Empty of heaviness-darkness
My mind, my heart today;
Behold, my soul-ecstasy
And I together play!

17. My paintings

My paintings
Tell me what they are.
Their message
I share near and far.

18. My poetry

My poetry
Tells me about its Heaven-Source.
Its sorrows
And joys — my journey's course.

19. My music

My music
Tells me where to dive
And fly
To clasp ecstasy's drive.

20. My sports-life

My sports-life
Shows me the pride of speed;
Transcendence-together lead.

21. My tennis

My tennis
Tells me how to serve and love
And claim
To be my Lord's choicest dove.

22. My prayer

My prayer
Tells me Whom to beg only,
Deep within,
Wide without, sempiternally.

23. My meditation

My meditation
Is compelled by God to be His Voice,
And only Him
To fulfil all-where His express Choice.

24. My aspiration

My aspiration
Tells me I can reach God's Eye,
And also God's Feet
In prayer-tears I can tie.

25. My dedication

My dedication,
My God-manifestation-bloom
To reserve a seat
In God's hallowed Heart-Room.

26. My dear, sweet Lord

My dear Lord,
How can I live
Without Your Life's Compassion-Eye?
My sweet Lord,
How can I breathe
Without Your Heart's Forgiveness-Sky?

27. Forward and backward3

I look forward
To see my Lord's Face.
I look backward
To garner my disgrace.

SMHS 27-70. 16 June 1998

28. Soothsayers and truth-prayers

Indeed, this mystery-world of ours
Is full of soothsayers;
Empty within, empty without —
Nowhere truth-prayers.

29. Smiles and miles

Each time
My happiness-heart smiles,
My life
Enjoys expanding miles.

30. Liberation-shore

No relaxation
Until you have reached the Liberation-Shore.
No satisfaction
Until you have clasped the Supreme Lord's Heart-Door.

31. Fast forward

Your mind's
Ceaseless, worthless worries fast forward
If you
Desire from God His Peace-Award.

32. Ignorance-life-tree

Certainly we know
God loves the world through you and me.
We needs must fell
Our venomed ignorance-life-tree.

33. Detachment-songs

In the morning,
My life and my heart together sing
From world-castigation.
In the evening,
My life and my heart together sing
From world-ovation.

34. Soul divine and life human

Every day
My soul divine
Endlessly flies and flies and flies.
Every day
My life human
Pitifully cries and cries and cries.

35. Complains and contains

My mind
Complains, complains, complains.
My heart
My Lord's Fondness contains.

36. What else?

What else is my desire-life,
If not exasperating?
What else is my aspiration-heart,
If not exhilarating?

37. Two thirsty eyes

My Beloved flies.
Mine are
Two thirsty eyes.

38. His Nectar-Rays

In scanning the longest road,
My orphan eyes pass their futile days.
Where is my Beloved sweet?
Oh, where are His Nectar-Rays?

39. The all-devouring night

My Beloved sweet, let my sight
Dissolve in Your
Before You depart.
Helpless shall cry
The all-devouring Night.

40. Mind-mart

My Beloved sweet,
Your Love-Dagger has pierced my feeble heart
To raise my life
Far above mankind's wild confusion-mind-mart.

41. Until You claim me

My Beloved sweet,
Until You claim me Your own,
My heart shall sob,
My breath and I shall moan.

42. My heart-nest

My Beloved sweet,
Your cruel Absence gives me no rest;
Empty of love
My sleepless, tear-flooded heart-nest.

43. Indifference-absence

My Beloved sweet,
In the indifference-absence
Of Your Compassion-Heart-Sky,
Do You desire
To know what I
And my heart do?
Ceaseless we pant, we sigh.

44. I have exiled

My Beloved sweet,
Drunk in devotion-smiles-tears,
I have exiled
My brooding self-doubts and fears.

45. Your Dream-Boat

My Beloved sweet,
Your Dream-Boat You want me to sail.
My promise august:
Succeed I must — and never fail!

46. Your abandoned child

My Beloved sweet,
Why are You duty-free,
Careless, senseless and wild?
Tell me, who else if not me,
And me alone —
Your bewildered, abandoned child?

47. God's right-hand man

Every soul
Is a God's right-hand man.
Every heart
Is a God's masterpiece-plan.

48. Torture me not

How do you dare
To torture me today?
Can you not see
I have joined
My Lord's Oneness-Heart-Play?

49. Easy solution

Focus not on the dire problem,
But on the easy solution.
Live not on an empty promise,
But be a true man of action.

50. My Lord expects

My Lord expects
My heart's devotion
To be fully empty
Of commotion.

51. My heart-intimacy

My Lord Supreme
Cares not for my life's supremacy.
Sleepless He desires
My surrender-heart-intimacy.

52. Intricate and intimate

My suspicion-mind
Makes everything intricate.
My aspiration-heart
Makes everybody intimate.

53. A new way

Discover an utterly
New way
To love your Beloved
Every day.

54 Who cares?

I am certain, O world,
Where the Absolute Lord Supreme is.
But who cares,
If He gives me not an iota of peace!

55. Below, above

Within if I had
The snow-white love,
God I could feel
Below, above.

56. Silence-seas

Do you not have
Even an iota of peace?
Did you look inside
Your heart's silence-seas?

57. Why am I?

My Lord, why am I
Smitten with insecurity?
"My child, cast aside your

58. My sincerity-mind

My sincerity-mind,
Silent remain not.
This world of ours
Needs to be taught.

59. Invitation

My purity-heart,
Inactive why you are?
Accept invitation
From everywhere, near and far.

60. Perfection-Hand

My Lord Supreme, Your Smile
Is my salvation-land,
And You are Your Divinity's

61. Cry and sigh

My Lord Supreme, do tell me
Why I do not even try;
Why have I for good forgotten
Even to cry and sigh?

62. Compassion-Eye

My Lord, connect my heart-wings
To Your Compassion-Eye-Light;
I shall fly and fly far beyond
The domain of ignorance-night.

63. An ageless child

Happiness is an ageless child
In my pure heart-garden.
Nowhere I see and feel
The world's heavy burden.

64. The Sunshine-Love

To limit God's infinite Love,
An impossibility-task.
Therefore, in God's Sunshine-Love
My life and I ever bask.

65. Infinity expands

My soul-Immortality
Flies and flies.
My life-Eternity
Cries and cries.
My heart-Infinity
Expands and expands.
My mind-stupidity
Everything disbands.

66. Popularity

We needs must need
Our divinity's God-hunger
Perpetually to feed.

67. Fulfilment-Command

May my heart be
My Lord's Fulfilment-Command.
May my life be
With no expectation-demand.

68. Golden Shore

My Lord Himself
Closes my temptation-door
And shows me the sunlit path
To the Golden Shore.

69. God claimed

Before I knew,
My mind God tamed.
Before I knew,
My heart God claimed.

70. Paradise

Paradise is
Where my sweet Lord is.
Paradise is
Where I bend my knees.