My song-river-heart, part 1

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No Matter What Happens

No matter what happens,
My heart shall fight sleeplessly
Against ignorance-night.

No Matter What I Do

No matter what I do,
My Lord Supreme will love me

No Matter Where I Go

No matter where I go,
My Lord’s Compassion-Eye
Shall follow me.

No Matter What I Become

No matter what I become,
I shall always remain
My Lord’s infant child.

No Matter Who

No matter who
Touches God’s Feet first,
I shall be supremely happy.

No Matter How Often

No matter how often
God speaks ill of me,
I shall remain happy,
Sleeplessly and breathlessly.

No Matter How Many Times I Have Failed

No matter how many times I have failed
To please my Lord Supreme in His own Way,
I shall not give up.
I shall not give up.
I shall not give up.

No Matter How Many Times

No matter how many times
I lose my Lord’s Compassion-Credit Card,
He immediately blesses me
With a new card.

God Has No Time to Read

God has no time to read
Any other letter from me.
He reads only my surrender-letters
Every day.

May I Enjoy Every Day

May I enjoy every day
My heart’s faith-mountain-expedition.

Whenever There Is a Doubt-Meeting

Whenever there is
A doubt-meeting of the minds,
Either I do not attend
Or I simply walk out.

O My Heart's God-Confidence-Life

O my heart’s God-confidence-life,
You must challenge my mind’s ego-wrestler.
Certain is your victory.

Every Day My Soul Trains My Heart

Every day my soul trains my heart
On high aspiration-hills.

Because I Live

Because I live
In God’s Oneness-Heart,
I see no more
My mind-limitation-boundaries.

God's Compassion-Heart Travels

God’s Compassion-Heart
Travels in third class.
God’s Satisfaction-Eye
Travels in first class.

Chase Away

Chase, chase, chase, chase,
Chase away teeming frustration-clouds.

Finally, My Mind Has Crashed

Finally, my mind has crashed
With fruitless thought-exhaustion.

I Shall Not Allow My Ingratitude-Mind

I shall not allow my ingratitude-mind
To shatter my heart’s
Brightest progress-crown.

An Ignorance-Life

An ignorance-life is the temptation-bridge
Between frustration-mind and destruction-heart.

O My Will-Power Adamantine

O my will-power adamantine,
Bring me back my sleepless,
Measureless faith
In my Lord Supreme.

O My Heart's Aspiration-Plane

O my heart’s aspiration-plane,
Carry me only to God’s Kingdom-Height,
Kingdom-Light, Kingdom-Delight.

My Confidence-Heart

My confidence-heart daily reads
Only my Lord’s Hope-Promise-News.

If You Want To Be Another God

If you want to be another God,
Then sleeplessly ignore
Your mind’s pounding thoughts.

The Ignorance-Zoo

The ignorance-zoo of each human life
Is full of monkey-mind-tricks.

Every Day My Purity-Heart

Every day my purity-heart
Cheerfully clears my mind’s thorny road.

No More My Heart Shall Listen

No more my heart shall listen
To my mind’s daily ignorance-broadcast.

No, Not Tomorrow!

No, not tomorrow!
No, not even today,
But here and now,
I must see and I must become
God’s Fulfilment-Dawn.

My Tiny Heart-Hope-Seed

My tiny heart-hope-seed
Embodies God’s Perfection
And God’s Satisfaction Supreme.

O My Beloved Supreme

O my Beloved Supreme,
Where do You hide
Your sweet Forgiveness-Heart?

May My Life Become

May my life become
The fragrance
Of my humility-heart.

The Cloud of Doubt

I shall not allow
The cloud of doubt
To devour my determination-eye.

No, Not for Me

No, not for me.
No, not for my heart
To walk along the unwillingness-track.

My Morning Friend

My morning friend
Is my meditation-silence.
My evening friend
Is my surrender-peace.

My Heart Thrives Only

My heart thrives only on
My Lord’s Compassion-Smiles.

I Am All Ready to Start

I am all ready to start
My faith-mountain-expedition.

I Never Allow Discouragement to Enter

I never allow discouragement
To enter into my heart-room.

My Cheerful Heart

My cheerful heart
Can easily afford to have
A bountiful inner village.

Each Thought-Thorn-Mind

Each thought-thorn-mind
Is a confusion-hesitation-life.

I Reject Temptation-Wages

I reject temptation-wages.
Therefore, I need no ignorance-employer.

Every Day My Lord Accepts

Every day my Lord accepts
My soulful and prayerful invitation
With His blessingful and peaceful Smile.

An Unwillingness-Mind

An unwillingness-mind
Is bound to receive

O Soulful Morning

O soulful morning,
Do help me make
A God-fondness-garland.

No Dark Doubt-Morning

No dark doubt-morning,
No bold impossibility-day.

My Obedience-Promise (1)

My Lord,
My heart is my obedience-promise to You.

My Mind's Artificial Poise

I want my mind’s artificial poise
To be exposed.

My Soul Is Welcoming My Heart

My soul is welcoming my heart
To its Infinity’s Dream.

I Never Allow Fear to Be Fearless

I never allow fear
To be fearless
In my life.

My First God-Manifestation-Sunrise

My gratitude-heart is my first

My Volcano-Doubt-Mind

I am no longer a friend
Of my volcano-doubt-mind.

I Am Fully Determined

I am fully determined
To climb my mind’s

My Perfection-Life

My perfection-life
Is only God’s Dream.

Who Can Hide?

Who can hide
From God’s choice Hour?

My Life's Goodness

My life’s goodness reaps
My heart’s fulness-harvest.

My Hope-Heart-Child

I shall never, never, abandon
My hope-heart-child.

Even on Off Days

Even on off days
I must say the right thing,
Do the right thing,
And be the right person.

Victory Can Never Be Mine

Victory can never be mine
If I am not willing
To take chances.

O Upstream Faith

O upstream faith,
When are you going to lift up my heart?
O downstream doubt,
When will you stop lowering my mind?

O My Mind, Are You Not Ashamed?

O my mind,
Are you not ashamed of being
An ignorance-messenger boy?

My Mind's Re-Election Campaign

Never, never,
Never I shall support
My mind’s re-election campaign.

Be Not Caught Any More

Be not caught any more
In your mind’s doubt-downpour.

Beautiful Is the Total Eclipse

Beautiful is
The total eclipse
Of my ego’s face.

My Heart's Gratitude-Room

The moment I enter
My heart's gratitude-room,
I see God is already there.

Drop, Drop at Once

Drop, drop at once
Your doubt-revolver!

A Self-Proclaimed Glory

A self-proclaimed glory
A clown’s crown.

The Beauty of Transcendental Truth

I may not know the beauty
Of transcendental Truth,
But I do know the duty
Of universal Truth.