My song-river-heart, part 2

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What I Need Is a God-Breathing Heart

What I need is a God-breathing heart
And not a man-pleasing mind.

My Life Is a Daily Commitment

My life is a daily commitment
Only to God-obedience-light.

Never Be a Stranger

Never, never be a stranger
To your gratitude-heart-joy.

I Pray with My Sunshine-Heart

I pray, I pray,
I pray with my sunshine-heart.

I Meditate with My Rainbow-Soul

I meditate, I meditate,
I meditate with my rainbow-soul.

Failure Can and Will

Failure can and will
Accompany my doubting mind,
But not my loving heart.

My Soul Leads My Heart

My soul leads my heart by commanding.
My heart leads my mind by pleading.

My Earthly Life Is in Between

My earthly life is in between
My public smiles and my private tears.

What I Need Is a Permanent Peace

What I need is a permanent
From my Lord Supreme.

You May Not Be Perfect

You may not be perfect,
But as long as you remain
You are pleasing God.

Escape, Escape

Escape, escape
From the mind’s
Concentration camp.


Is infinitely better and happier
Than any other teamwork.

Compassion, Perfection and Satisfaction

Compassion, perfection and satisfaction:
These are the three real strangers in this world.

Every Morning My Lord Amplifies

Every morning my Lord
Amplifies my silence-heart
And simplifies my sound-life.

Never Make Foolish Mockery

Never, never,
Never make foolish mockery
Of God’s Compassion-Sun.


I am no more
A helpless slave of yours.

O My Smiling Soul

O my smiling soul,
O my crying heart,
Be not a tall pyramid of expectation.

No More Shall I See the Fall

No more shall I see the fall,
But only the rise
Of my heart’s faith-stock.

The Galaxy of Delight

Surrender, surrender, surrender.
You will be in the galaxy of delight.

No Gratitude-Replacement

There is no,
There can be no

O My Mind, Lead Me Not into the Chasm

O my mind, lead me not
Into the chasm of suspicion-night.

O God's Compassion-Eye

O God's Compassion-Eye,
Do give me a powerful push
To enter into the life divine.

My Ten Thousand Prayerful Tears

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, my Lord,
Your one blessingful Smile
Is worth my ten thousand prayerful tears.

Who Can Tell Me?

Who can tell me how heavy
The weight of my impurity is?

My Heart, Be Not Lost

My heart, be not lost
In earth’s ingratitude-forest.


Expedite, expedite!
I shall expedite the demise
Of my frustration.

Talent, If I Have Any

Talent, if I have any,
I gave it to myself.
Virtue, if I have any,
God gave it to me.

My Morning Panic

Where do I live?
I live in between
My morning panic
And my evening despair.

Breathe, Breathe

Breathe, breathe,
Breathe every day
A new life into
Your aspiration-cry.

Alas, Alas, Alas

Alas, alas, alas,
Every day my life becomes
A familiar face of frustration.

My Wisdom-Soul

My wisdom-soul is dumbfounded
At my mind’s unending stupidity.

A Sincerity-Mind

A sincerity-mind
Has direct access to God.
A purity-heart
Has an immediate access to God.

Not Needed by God

Not needed by God: my insincerity-mind.
Not needed by God: my impurity-heart.
Not needed by God: my ingratitude-breath.

My Mistake-Free Life

My mistake-free life
Is fast approaching.

At Long Last

At long last I have climbed
Out of my mind’s abysmal abyss.

Short on Heart-Meditation

Short on heart-meditation,
Long on mind-confusion.

As God Knows How to Hide

As God knows how to hide,
Even so, a God-lover knows how to find.

No More My Ego-Indulgence

No more my ego-indulgence, no more.

O My High Voltage Eagerness-Heart

O my high voltage eagerness-heart,
Where are you?

Smiling Soulfully and Soaring Speedily

Smiling soulfully
And soaring speedily
Go together.

Keep Your Mind-Door Open

Keep your mind-door open:
You need God.
Keep your heart-room open:
God needs you.

When Time Creates Me

When time creates me, I am the loser.
When I create time, I am the winner.

Two Impossible Liars

Two impossible liars:
My doubtful mind and my fearful heart.

The Tourist in Me

The tourist in me
Remains the old division-life.
The traveller in me
Becomes the new oneness-heart.

Offer Your Oneness-Breath

Offer your oneness-breath
And build a fulness-nest.


No heart-flower-fragrance
Can remain unwanted.

A Self-Assertion-Mind

A self-assertion-mind
I was.
A self-correction-life
I am.

O My Dream-Seeds

O my dream-seeds, you are everywhere.
O my reality-tree, you are nowhere.

Earth-Bound Cry I Was

Earth-bound cry
I was.
Heaven-free smile
I am.

Every Day I Drink

Every day I drink and drink

A Stainless Mind

A stainless mind I need.
A selfless heart I need.
A chainless life I need.

My Lord, I Need Your Thunder-Will

My Lord, I need Your Thunder-Will
And not a blunder-thought.

My Lord, Let Me Not Sleep

My Lord, let me not sleep
Ignorance-sleep again.

A Purity-Heart Stays Forever Young

A purity-heart
Stays forever young.

May My Heart Be an Aspiration-Mountain

May my heart be an aspiration-mountain.
May my life be a dedication-fountain.

With the Smiles of My Soul

With the smiles of my soul
And the tears of my heart
I am arriving at the reality-shore.

My Aspiration-Heart

My aspiration-heart
And God’s Satisfaction-Smile
Are two inner world travellers.

Will You Ever Tell Me Why?

My Lord Supreme,
Will You ever tell me
Why You sleeplessly love me?


My mind desires
My heart requires

Process I Shall Change If I Have To

Process I shall change if I have to,
But never my Goal Supreme.