Human confidence and divine confidence

There is a great difference between human confidence and divine confidence. When it is human confidence, like Julius Caesar we shall say, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” But when it is divine confidence, we will say, “I came, I saw and then I became inseparably one.” In human confidence there is always a feeling of superiority. I am one inch higher than you, so I can lord it over you or guide you or mould you the way I want. But divine confidence is not like that. Divine confidence is the recognition, acceptance and inner assurance of oneness. And this oneness is guided, moulded, shaped, fulfilled and immortalised by a higher reality, the highest Reality, which is the Supreme. When we have divine confidence, we feel that we are God’s instruments and that God is guiding us, moulding us, shaping us. But when it is human confidence, there is no God; there is only you and I, and I am one inch higher than you; therefore I can dominate you and fulfil myself in my own way.

God-realisation is my birthright. It is my birthright because God needs me to manifest Himself in and through me. Our work is shared. I need God to realise the Highest and God needs me to manifest His Reality. In divine confidence, we share our capacity, we share our necessity. I am doing my respective job, whatever is asked of me, and God is doing His job, whatever is asked of Him. So I have confidence because I know I am of Him and for Him, and He is of me and for me. And God has confidence in me because He knows that from His Silence He has created me. I am His creation. If the Creator and the creation do not become the obverse and reverse of the same reality, then the Creator will not feel satisfaction. For the creation is like God’s mirror. He looks into the mirror, His own reality, and if He does not see Himself in what He creates, then He can never be satisfied. I as an individual have to become an exact prototype of His Reality. That is what God wants.

So divine confidence is our acceptance of the divine reality which is within us, as our very own. I am of God and I am for God; I am of Light and I am for Truth. This realisation is founded upon my feeling of universal oneness. I am not one inch higher or lower. In human confidence there is always a competitive spirit. I compete with someone and if I win, then I dominate. With divine confidence I do not compete, I do not challenge. I have become one with the reality that he has or is or he represents, for I am also the same reality. Inside us there is only one Reality and that is God Himself singing the song of universal oneness and the song of constant self-transcendence.

A sincere seeker always has confidence. He has confidence that in and through him God is going to manifest Himself. This is not his pride that is speaking. It is the necessity, the God-Necessity that he embodies. God has made him the fulfilment of God’s own Necessity.