Imagination and creativity

We get inspiration to create art or to offer art to the world at large only when we are in a position to become one with our imagination. Imagination is something totally different from reality, but imagination is not bad. Right now it is imagination, but when we consciously side with imagination, we feel we give birth to reality. Before something comes into existence in the outer world, it is already there in our inner life, in the form of imagination. If we feel this imagination with our love or enthusiasm or hope, immediately we see the dawn of inspiration. And inside inspiration is creation. Without imagination we cannot inspire others and we cannot be inspired ourselves. When I want to inspire you, it means that inside me there is someone who has already imagined the fact that you can be inspired and that I am the one who can inspire.

When imagination has played its role consciously or unconsciously, inspiration comes forward. Then, when imagination becomes completely and unreservedly one with inspiration, we see that inspiration has something to offer and that something is creativity. So imagination brings into existence inspiration and inspiration offers us its own wealth, which is creativity.

There is divine imagination and undivine imagination. War — this is also imagination. Here human imagination is being used in a different way. One kind of human imagination is used for a divine purpose, to build the Palace of Love, Light and Truth. The other kind of imagination wants to destroy the whole world. From imagination we are inspired to do something, either divine or undivine.

How do we get divine imagination? We get divine imagination by leading a divine life, a spiritual life; we get divine imagination by purifying our breath. Every second we are breathing in and out. While we are breathing, if we consciously repeat the word “purity” or think that purity is the only thing that we need in our life, automatically our breath becomes pure. Even by imagining that we need purity more than anything else, our breath becomes pure. And when our breath is pure, we have to feel that it is nothing but divine. So if we want to become a divine artist, then we have to feed the divine imagination within us. When the divine imagination offers its reality, it becomes inspiration. And when we consciously feel the divine inspiration, then we get divine art.