Question: How can one recognise a true living Master?

Sri Chinmoy: One can recognise a true living Master if, when he approaches the Master, his inner being is inundated with delight and ecstasy. If you stand in front of a real spiritual Master who is meant to be your own Master, then even your outer being will be filled with immense joy and ecstasy. Now, he may be a real Master, but if he is not meant to be your Master, then you will not experience intense joy immediately. And, if he is not a true Master, and you are sincere, then you will not experience any joy at all. Of course, if you do not get anything from a Master, you cannot always say that he is not real; you may be in a very low consciousness and then you will not be able to feel that Master’s Light. But if your heart is crying for a real spiritual Master, then you are bound to feel something in a true Master. And if he is your own Master, then you will find in him everything that you need in this life.