Question: What is the present role of humanity in the manifestation of God's Light?

Sri Chinmoy: Humanity is composed of human beings. Here each individual has to feel the supreme necessity of the manifestation of divine Light. Once we become sincere seekers, we try consciously, devotedly and soulfully to become divine instruments of God. We become divine instruments through our constant inner cry. A child cries. He may be on the first floor while his mother is on the third floor, but she will come running to feed him. If I want to become a divine instrument, I must cry soulfully, devotedly and consciously. We cry to go up and then, when the Light descends, we smile. In order to ascend we cry soulfully; when the Light descends and divinity dawns on us, we smile soulfully.

A sincere seeker is he who has made friends with eternal time in the soul’s world. If he refuses or wastes one second of God’s time, manifestation is delayed. It is God’s Will to manifest in and through him, and if the seeker is sincere, he will try to manifest God’s Perfection. Again, we have to know there is something known as God’s Hour. Before that Hour we shall do our best; we shall pray and meditate. Everything that is to be done we shall do. We shall make friends with wisdom-light, show our concern for mankind, make our life a sacrifice-flood. Everything we shall do to make ourselves ready. If we haven’t yet reached the goal, we don’t feel sad; we aspire. Then, when the Hour comes, we can run the fastest.