Question: How did you come to begin doing this work at the U.N.?

Sri Chinmoy: The U.N. authorities were kind enough to give me the opportunity to be of service. That was in 1970. Since then, it has been extremely easy for us to be of real service. Also, the late Secretary-General, U Thant, was extremely nice and kind to us. He showered his goodwill, affection, love and admiration on us for our selfless service. I had the golden opportunity to meet with him on a few occasions. He came to one of our functions and he encouraged our activities right from the beginning. He observed our activities and he was extremely nice, sympathetic, kind and appreciative of our spiritual activities at the U.N. I have dedicated a copy of one of these magazines, Meditation at the United Nations, to the late Secretary-General. There are many dignitaries who offered their soulful tributes to him in this magazine. I will send you a copy. Pope Paul has also been very nice to us. He deeply appreciates our activities at the United Nations. I have had the occasion to have a private audience with him twice, so he knows all about our activities at the United Nations.