You all know what self-offering is. It is my fervent prayer to your souls that you increase your self-offering in the new year. Please try to increase the capacity of your self-offering to the Supreme. Self-offering is our constant remembrance of the Supreme. The best self-offering is to remember the Supreme all the time. Every day, early in the morning, please try to empty your inner vessel. Then I shall fill it with Light, Love and Concern.

Now I wish each of you to stand up for a second and tell what you would like to achieve next year individually or collectively for the Centre, the mission or yourself. Please tell one most significant thing that you will try to do next year — either individually or collectively. You can say that you are going to conquer a particular weakness. This is individual achievement, but your individual progress becomes the progress of the mission. If you become a better seeker, that becomes an achievement of the Centre. Or you can say you are going to do something significant for the mission. Again, if you do something for the mission, automatically it becomes your individual progress. This year you have suffered, everybody has suffered. Next year, if you can conquer your weaknesses or achieve something, then you are not going to suffer.

SCS 138. After reading out the New Year's Message at a meeting of his New York Centre on 18 December 1975, Sri Chinmoy made these remarks.