Question: You use the word "seeker". When does the seeker cease seeking and become a disciple?

Sri Chinmoy: We are all seekers. Even though I have reached the height, my highest height, I am also a seeker. There is no end to our inner discovery, there is no end to our realisation. Even if you have realised the Truth, I wish to say that today's realisation is just the starting point for tomorrow's discovery.

When we want to make a distinction between seeker and disciple, we feel that a disciple is under an inner obligation to follow a specific Master, to walk along a specific path, whereas a seeker is at liberty to go to all the Masters and get a little knowledge from each. Sometimes a seeker becomes unnecessarily greedy. He feels that if he goes to ten Masters, then he will be immediately satisfied. But it is not like that. The one Master that is meant for him has the most nourishing food. A seeker becomes a disciple when he comes to realise that Yoga is only one subject and that only one teacher is necessary.

Each teacher has a specific way of bringing the disciple's soul to the fore. Each teacher has a specific way of offering meditation to the disciple's outer being. If one keeps switching from one teacher to the next, he wastes a lot of time. Also, he finds that his aspiration may decrease. When a seeker becomes a disciple, at that time he claims to have a house of his own. "This is my father, this is my mother, this is my brother, this is my sister." A disciple who follows a specific path, will say, "These are my spiritual brothers and sisters; this is our spiritual family."