Part V

The Master's fragrance

When a saint or a holy man meditates at the foot of a tree for a few minutes, if later you sit under the same tree and your consciousness is good, then you are bound to feel tremendous purity and joy. There is a funny Indian story. A slave wanted to sit on the king’s throne. He felt that the king was enjoying everything so much and everybody was listening to him. So he went and sat on the throne. Immediately all the world’s worries, anxieties, curses and other problems attacked him, because the king was a victim to all the undivine forces. But if you sit on the throne or chair of a spiritual Master, you are bound to feel something. Naturally you won’t sit on his chair without taking his permission.

The spiritual Masters all the time embody Peace, Light and Bliss. If your consciousness is high, you are bound to feel these qualities. There need not be any flower inside the meditation room: If the spiritual Master meditates well, then you don’t need flowers, you don’t need incense, you don’t need candles; but all the qualities of flowers, incense and candles you are bound to feel. When your consciousness is high, you even can smell a kind of fragrance around a spiritual Master. Consciously he may not offer this fragrance, but it is your own aspiration-power, that, like a magnet, has pulled it from him. But if your consciousness is not high, you won’t feel anything.

I am a spiritual Master. When I go to a bookstore, if the owner of the bookstore is in a high consciousness, I tell you he will look at me. Even if there are forty or fifty people in the store, he will look at me. It is not because he has my books or has heard something about me. It is because of my spiritual consciousness. When I go into bookstores, immediately there is something that I offer. And some of the owners feel it.

So when our consciousness is a little high, we receive when the spiritual Masters move around. Here I am speaking and some of the seekers are receiving more than others. Why? Everybody is hearing the same thing, but receptivity is not the same for all the seekers here. The expressions, thoughts, ideas and light are distributed equally here. But according to their receptivity, some are receiving more than the rest.