Question: What about the fact that we take physical incarnations? Isn't that separation right there? I mean, just the fact that we all live in individual homes and do different tasks and things like that?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, but this is not individuality; It is only the necessity that comes from having respective tasks. With my hand I write, with my mouth I eat, with my eyes I see. But even though I do different things with the different parts of my body, we have to know that all are members of the same family. Each individual also will do what he is supposed to do, but not with a sense of ego. He will do it with a sense of oneness. God has given me the capacity to do a particular thing. He has given you the capacity to do something else. So let us combine our capacity. But I will not say that my capacity is superior to yours and you will not say that your capacity is the only capacity worth having. The difficulty with the world is that everyone feels that he is infinitely more important than everyone else. Here is where the problem starts. You stay with your capacities, I stay with mine, and we don’t unite our capacities. That is why problems start.