Question: It seems in my office that the people most receptive to you are the people I have the most conflicts with.

Sri Chinmoy: If they are receptive, you will have no conflict. Receptivity comes just because the vessel is empty inside and the door of the heart is wide open. If the heart-door is wide open, how can there be confusion? Only if the door is blocked from inside will there be a conflict. If the door is wide open and the vessel is empty and waiting for the divine light to fill it, then how can that person have confusion? It is self-contradictory.

Ten people from your office have come to our meditation. Some received most powerfully; I felt real spirituality was there. When you bring a new disciple, you should be so happy. If a new disciple comes, it means he will come and pull on your side. Against you is ignorance. If you are really clever, if you want to win against ignorance, then you will bring some strong people to fight on your side in the battlefield of life. On one side is light; on one side is ignorance. Still you have much weakness and imperfection; you can’t conquer it. But if somebody who is very strong takes your side, then easily you can win. When you bring someone, you have to know that he also needs you. His strength is not enough. Your strength is not enough. But his strength and your strength combined then become so powerful. Each time you bring a solid disciple, feel that that person is going to help you in your own life and you are going to help him. You don’t lose anything. When you bring a new seeker, don’t feel that your glory will go away and that the new disciple will be better than you in every way. Far from it. When a new disciple comes, it is to your advantage.