Question: Why has God made women so insecure that it is hard for them to become detached?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, God has not made women insecure. God has not made men impure. God has given men and women freedom. Let us call it limited freedom, since they have not realised the Ultimate Truth. When God gives us limited freedom, we have to try to use it for a divine purpose. We have to use this freedom so it will increase its own capacity and grow in us on a larger scale. Suppose somebody has given you a dollar and told you to use it in your own way. Now, you can use it to make two dollars, three dollars and so on, or you can just go and squander it. Our inner wealth is our inner freedom. We can either try to increase it, or we can misuse it.

Insecurity has grown in women because women have used their limited freedom to feel that there is no one to care for them. If women can use their freedom to nourish and cherish the feeling that there is Someone who calls them His own, and that is God, the Inner Pilot, then their insecurity will vanish. Even in the ordinary world when you know that a few friends or even one individual thinks of you and cares for you, you don’t feel insecure. But now that you have entered into the spiritual life, you know that there is Someone who has infinite Power, who has infinite Patience, infinite Light, who cares for you and is more than eager to call you His very own. So where is insecurity?

How can we know that a particular thing or person cares for us? We can know only through our self-surrender. As long as the tiny drop retains its individuality and personality, it will remain insecure; the waves and surges of the mighty ocean will scare it to death. But when the tiny drop consciously enters into the ocean, it becomes the ocean. Then it is not afraid of anything.

You are the finite. If you want to become one with the Infinite, you have to surrender your existence to the Infinite. Offer your human life to the spiritual life, which is the Breath of the Divine. Always try to be aware of your Source, which is eternal Peace, Light and Bliss. If your Source is something divine, eternal and infinite, then how can you feel insecure? If you feel that your human parents are your only parents, you will feel helpless. If you feel that your source is darkness, ignorance, bondage, limitation and imperfection, then you will always feel insecure. But if you can become consciously and constantly aware that you are of the Source and from the Source, if you can convince your mind that you came from Light and Delight and your ultimate Goal is to go back to Light and Delight, then you will have no sense of insecurity.

A person is insecure when he feels that darkness is all around him, not when he sees that there is light. At night you are frightened because there is no light. If there is light all around you, you are not afraid. So in the spiritual life we must always be aware of the fact that the Being who is inside us and around us is all Light. And this Being is immortal. Whatever is real, divinely real, is immortal. My hand is real, but my hand is not divinely real. It will die when I die. But my soul is divinely real, so it will remain eternally. The Reality inside us is divine and eternal. If we have something eternal within us to think of us and care for us, how can we feel insecure?

So in the spiritual life we always have to be aware of the Reality. This Reality exists for you, for me, for everybody. If we want to utilise the Reality, first we have to be conscious of the Reality and then we have to grow into the Reality. Right now, millions and billions of people all over the world have only a vague idea of God. For them God is not a living reality; God is just an idea. They are not atheists; they feel that God exists. But they have nothing to do with Him. For them, God is like the Empire State Building. It is there, but they don’t have anything to do with it, they don’t need it. Every day the sun is there, but if you want to keep your window shades shut, or if you don’t want to watch the sun, you have that much freedom.