Question: Does one use a mantra during meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: If you have received a mantra from a spiritual Master, then that particular Master is in a position to tell you how to practise it. Usually the mantra is practised when the mind is calm, quiet, vacant, tranquil. If the mind is agitated or disturbed or restless, at that time it is not advisable to practise your mantra. And if you are in a position to dive deep within, or enter into the highest meditation, then there is no necessity for practising a mantra during the time of your meditation. But if you cannot enter into your deep meditation, then it is advisable to practise the mantra. Here the mantra is the path-finder. The mantra paves the way for a better and deeper meditation. But again, at times it is possible for someone to practise his own mantra to heighten and deepen his meditation, his meditative power.