Question: What is the relationship between morality and the spiritual life?

Sri Chinmoy: In order to realise the Highest, if the Highest demands that your moral attitudes change, that they be transformed, then naturally you have to surrender to the Highest. You have to know where you stand. If the Master tells you to do something that you think concerns your morality, you have to feel that he would never ask you to go back to your animal life just to please him. He is asking you to do something which has been commanded by the Highest Supreme and the Supreme knows His cosmic Play better than anybody else. If the Supreme wants you to do something, then if you are sincere you have to do it. Your life has to be totally dedicated and surrendered to only one person — and that is the Inner Pilot, the Supreme.

Morality is extremely necessary when we are transcending our animal life. But once we are trying to divinise our nature, we try to make our conscious surrender to God’s Will. If we want to swim in the sea of God’s Light, then morality and immorality have to be surrendered to God’s higher Truth, which is beyond both morality and immorality.