Question: Should I meditate on my navel to purify the vital?

Sri Chinmoy: The navel is the centre of the vital. Anything that is near the navel we can purify only through the soul’s light. The soul’s light is inside the heart. So when you meditate, do not meditate on the navel itself. Meditate on the heart first, the heart chakra, and bring the light forward. Light is everywhere, God is everywhere; but when we think of God inside the heart, we are more convinced. God is inside my thumb, inside my nose, everywhere. My body is full of God. But I know that there is a special place where I can feel His Presence most powerfully, and that is inside my heart. So first you have to meditate on the heart, on light. God means light. From here you can descend to the navel. And try always to meditate consciously. If you see that your consciousness has fallen while you are meditating and it is not on the heart chakra but on the navel chakra, then you have to bring it up. Always lift the consciousness up, lift it up.