Question: How can we constantly be aware of the fact that we have no mind?

Sri Chinmoy: Ask yourself what the mind has done to you. It has brought you only impurity, insecurity, limitation and so forth. If you feel that your mind has something nice to give you, then you will find it difficult to give up your identification with the mind. But if you feel that the mind has only given you suffering, suffering in every form, then it is easy not to care for the mind. This is the physical mind that I am referring to, the mind that is inside the physical and subjected to the physical. There is also something called the illumined mind. This you will get only when the heart is fully awakened and transformed by the light of the soul.

If somebody has given you a tremendous, sharp slap, then you will have nothing to do with that person. When you can consciously and continuously refuse to have anything to do with someone, that person does not exist for you. If somebody constantly bothers you, and if you can constantly say that you have nothing to do with him, nothing to do with him, nothing to do with him, then automatically that person drops out of your life. So when you say, “I have nothing to do with the mind, nothing to do with the mind,” then the mind will say, “All right, if you will have nothing to do with me, then I also won’t care for you.”