Question: How can I purify my mind of its pride and its unwillingness to bow to my soul?

Sri Chinmoy: Your mind has pride because you feel you have achieved something that others have not achieved. Suppose you think that you are more beautiful than your sister and your mind is giving you pride. Immediately be sincere to yourself. You will say, “True, I may be more beautiful than my sister, but there are thousands of other people on earth who are more beautiful than I.” So your mind will get a slap. Or suppose your mind tells you, “I have much more knowledge than my sister; my sister is an idiot and I know so much.” At that time just think of how many people there are on earth who have more wisdom than you. Just think of some of the professors at Yale or Harvard and make a comparison. Immediately your sincerity will make you feel that those professors are like intellectual giants. You can be proud only when you keep everyone under your feet. You can be proud just because you know a little more than your sister or you are a little more beautiful than your sister. But you must compare yourself with someone who is infinitely superior to you. Then pride will go. Pride will see that it is nowhere. Since it is comparison that is creating pride in you, you have to make comparisons with somebody that will make you humble. So when comparison makes you proud, haughty, at that time, make a comparison with somebody else who will immediately make you humble.