Question: How can we purify the kind of love and devotion that we are trying to offer to you?

Sri Chinmoy: The easiest way to do this is to say to yourself early in the morning, “Guru thinks of me infinitely more than I think of myself. Guru loves me infinitely more than I love myself.” Say it only once, most soulfully. In the beginning you will do this like a parrot, since I am requesting you to do it. But the day will come when you will see that there is no parrot there; you will see with your soul that this is absolutely true.

When you say that I think of you more than you think of yourself, you have to know that “thinking” is not the proper word. “Thinking” here is the soul’s feeling of oneness. In the outer life, in the ordinary life, we say, “I am thinking of you.” But it is only to convince the mind that we even mention the thinking process. In the soul’s world it is not thinking; it is all identification, or let us use the term “oneness”. Your mind may tell you, “Right now Guru is talking to my brother; he is doing this and that, so how can he say he is thinking of me?” But if you know the real meaning of the word “oneness”, then you will be able to convince your mind that I really think of you much more than you think of yourself. Otherwise, your mind will say, “He is always thinking of his success, his progress, his deeds. He does not use my name even once a day.” But you have to feel that my oneness with you is infinitely more secure and well-established than your oneness with me. You have to feel that I have done my part and I will all the time do my part. Now it is up to you to do your share. If you can feel that way, then anything you have to offer me will be divine.

Then again, you have to feel that the thing which you want to give me I have already given to you. If you feel that I gave you divine love and devotion first, that it is not your own and that you are just returning it to me, it is easy. But if you feel that you are giving me, whereas I am not giving you anything, then there will be some difficulty. Again, if you feel that you are giving me love and devotion for the first time, then naturally you will give me earth-bound love and devotion. But if you feel that you are giving me something that I have already given to you, then it comes to me as something divine, because what I gave you was divine.