Question: How can we purify our feeling of gratitude towards God?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to know if it is real gratitude. Gratitude itself is pure. If it is real gratitude, it is all purity; but if it is false gratitude, then it is impurity. How do you know if it is false gratitude or genuine gratitude? It is very easy. If God has given you a dollar, and you offer your gratitude to God with the idea that He will be so pleased that He will give you ten dollars, then your gratitude is impure. You will offer your gratitude, but inside your gratitude hope will loom large. You are offering gratitude, but you are consciously or unconsciously cherishing the hope that He will give you much more.

But divine gratitude is different. When you offer divine gratitude, you are offering it because God has done something for you. You know that there are millions of people on earth to whom God has not given a dollar, but to you He has given it, even though you don’t deserve it or you feel that you don’t deserve it. God is doing everything unconditionally. If you feel that He is doing everything unconditionally, then automatically you feel pure gratitude. If you feel that what you have is coming unconditionally from God whether or not you deserve it, then your gratitude is bound to become pure.