Question: How can we show the Supreme gratitude for His Compassion?

Sri Chinmoy: We do not actually show gratitude; we become gratitude. Gratitude is not a matter of showing. Here I have a finger and I can show it. No, it is not like that. The moment we want to show gratitude, we take away the sweetness, the real wealth, the real secret or real power, the very raison d’être of gratitude. So gratitude we don’t show; we don’t even express it. Gratitude is something that we grow into, we become. It is not a matter of offering gratitude when God shows us infinite Compassion. We have to just become gratitude itself.

Suppose I do something for you. Let us say I give you a smile or I help you in your meditation. Immediately become a garland of gratitude, but not with the idea of expressing it. The moment you express, the reality goes away from its Divinity’s height. During your meditation, if you feel that the Supreme, our eternal Guru, has given you a good meditation, then without using the human tongue, you can say, “O Supreme, I am so grateful to You. You have granted me today a very high meditation. It is all due to Your Compassion.” Instead of uttering this, instead of using the human tongue, just feel inside that your heart is all gratitude. If your heart is all gratitude it means your real existence has become all gratitude.