Question: What is the meaning of maya?

Sri Chinmoy: Maya is measurement. The outer meaning of maya is illusion. The inner meaning of maya is measurement. We try to measure the reality with our human eye. If we use the ordinary human eye, then our vision is very limited. But with our inner eye, our inner vision, if we try to measure the reality, then we see the reality in its totality. At that time we see that it has no separate existence from us. With the inner eye, we see that vision and reality are one. One moment you are the reality and I am the vision and the next moment I am the reality and you are the vision. Maya tells us that you as an individual are sitting in one place and that I as an individual am sitting at a different place. But when we use the inner vision, or third eye, then we see that both of us are one; we see that God’s Vision and God’s Reality are inseparable.