Question: How do you go about spreading your teachings? Do you write?

Sri Chinmoy: I have written considerably, That is to say, the Supreme in me has written about 240 books. Whether they are worth reading or not, God alone knows. But as I said, I am the instrument; He is writing in and through me. I just entered into the art world. Very recently I completed ten thousand paintings in three months’ time. But if I say that I did it, then I am telling the worst possible lie. The Supreme in me is doing it. And according to my receptivity, I am offering Him the opportunity to act in and through me.

It is just like sunlight. I can leave my windows and doors open and, again, I can keep all my doors and windows shut. If I allow the sunlight to enter into my room, then my room will be illumined. If I don’t allow it, then my room will be all darkness. It is the divine Grace that is operating.