Mother Earth4

Mother Earth, Mother, we bow to you. We see you with our searching eyes. You see us, your children, with your glowing soul and flowing heart.

We love you with our heart’s feeble capacity. You love us with your life’s all-embracing reality.

Mother Earth, you are God’s Sacrifice-tree. You are God’s Realisation-flower. You are God’s Perfection-fruit.

You are beauty’s inspiration and duty’s aspiration. You are inspiring God’s entire creation to be beautiful, soulful and fruitful. You are aspiring in and through God’s universe for God-satisfaction in God’s own Way.

God blesses you constantly with His universal Delight and His transcendental Pride because you teach your children that transformation of human nature and not extinction of human nature is God’s supreme choice.

God loves you most. Why? Because you love Him only. Because you suffer for Him only. Because you prosper for Him only. Because you have taught yourself that His choice is your choice, His voice is your voice. You have no choice of your own; you have no voice of your own. Your eternally and unconditionally surrendered oneness is your perfection-cry and God’s Satisfaction-Smile.

You are at once God’s Silence-creation and His Sound-creation. With your Sound-might you tell us, your children, how divinely great God is. With your Silence-height you tell us, your children, how supremely good God is. You also tell us that God’s universal Greatness we eventually will become and that God’s transcendental Goodness we sempiternally are.

Mother Earth, powerfully you concentrate, soulfully you meditate, fruitfully you contemplate. In your concentration we see God the infinitesimal atom. In your meditation we see God the ever-expanding Infinity. In your contemplation we see God the Beloved Supreme. In the inner world you are God’s confidence in Himself. In the outer world you are God’s assurance to Himself. God is your teacher. God is our teacher. He has taught you how to give to us unconditionally. He has taught us how to receive from you soulfully. The teacher says that you have done extremely well in the examination, while we have sadly failed. Therefore, Mother Earth, we congratulate you, we admire you, we adore you. Mother Earth, Mother, to you we bow and bow.

SCS 3. The celebration of Earth Day 1975 took place on 21 March — the first day of spring — in Manhattan's Battery Park. The Earth Day Committee invited Sri Chinmoy to commence this year's activities with a silent meditation and a short spiritual talk about our planet earth.