Question: But does the union of two people diminish at all when they are following two different paths to the same thing?

Sri Chinmoy: No. The only thing we have to know is how much understanding and respect they have for each other’s path. But it is always safe if they have the same Master, if they are walking along the same road. If the husband and wife follow the same path and the husband becomes tired, exhausted, assailed by doubt, then at that time the wife becomes his helper. And if the wife becomes assailed by doubt or fear, then the husband can be of real help. So if they follow the same path, it is a great advantage.

But if the wife says, “I want to follow the path of the heart,” and the husband says, “I want to follow the path of the mind,” what can they do? At that time the husband and wife have to be very careful. Each has to know that the other is doing the right thing, according to his or her own capacity and understanding. They should have mutual respect for each other’s realisation.