Question: What is pure emotion?

Sri Chinmoy: Pure emotion is an enlarged, expanded consciousness of our reality. In pure emotion, we feel that we are God’s children and therefore we cannot wallow in the pleasures of ignorance. There are many things we cannot do when we have pure emotion. How can I torture you, or how can I in any way show my superiority to you if I have pure emotion? When we have pure emotion, we are the Universal Consciousness. Since God is universal, we are also universal, because we are His children. So pure emotion is self-expansion, an expansion of our reality.

But impure emotion always binds us. It takes us to the pleasure-life, which is filled with frustration, and what follows frustration is destruction. In the pleasure life we bind others. When we try to bind, we ourselves are bound. But when we try to offer pure emotion, we are liberating ourselves and expanding today’s reality. When we have pure emotion, the reality that we all know is increased, its light is increased, its power is increased.