In the beginning there was only Silence and Light, infinite Light. Then each individual was given a limited amount of freedom, but we misused that limited freedom. God gave us limited freedom but we misused it to such an extent that we created, in some ways, our own world of ignorance, inconscience and undivine forces. Like a cow we are tied to a tree with a rope and given a little freedom. But the cow runs around and thrashes and destroys everything in reach.

The evil force is in our mind, not inside our aspiring heart. The mind wants to taste the whole world infinitesimally, piece by piece. The heart wants to embrace the whole world as a unit. The heart feels that the whole world belongs to it. But the mind says this is mine, that is yours. The more the mind can separate, the greater joy the mind gets. Evil is a sense of separativity. When there is union, there is no evil; but when there is separation, at that time evil starts. If we have goodwill, love, a feeling of oneness, then instead of destroying the world, we shall try to embrace the whole world.

It is the same old story: disobedience. If we obey the law, the inner law, then nothing happens. But when we disobey the inner law, evil comes into existence. If we properly use our freedom, then we go towards the Divine, towards the Light. But if we misuse it, then we become anti-divine; we become a hostile force. It was not God’s intention that there should be undivine forces, hostile forces. No! But many things happen in this world, in the creation, that are tolerated. It is one thing for something to be fully sanctioned and another thing to be just accepted or tolerated. Parents sometimes have bad children. Now what do they do? Disobedient, naughty children they just tolerate. We are all God’s children. Some are good, some are bad. But God did not intend to have a bad creation.

God is omnipresent. That means that God is everywhere; He is in good and He is also in so-called evil. For us a tiger is an undivine force. A tiger comes and wants to devour me, so I feel the tiger is an undivine force. But inside the tiger is also God’s existence. Everything is in the process of evolution towards greater God-manifestation. But no matter what stage of evolution a person or thing has reached, God is still inside that person or thing.

Right now I am drinking distilled water. It is good water. But water can also be dirty, filthy, impure. God can be found inside impure water as well as inside pure water. But I won’t drink impure water because I know it will harm my body. Even though God is there, I won’t drink impure water.

Here we are all spiritual people; we are meditating together. Bad people won’t come here. Because of our evolution, we are trying to see God at a particular level of consciousness. God is in bad things also, but we don’t want to go back to the animal kingdom and the lower realms of consciousness to look for God.