"God, can You do me a favour?"

"Definitely. Tell Me what kind of favour you want."

"My Lord, I am not satisfied with my name of late. What is worse, I have been hating my name. Can You give me a new name?"

"Are you sure that you would like a new name, My child?"

"Absolutely. I am breathlessly eager to hear my name from You. And I give You my word of honour that I will use only this name from now on."

"Do you mean that not only I, but all human beings, will call you by the name that I give you?"

"My Lord, do You want me to die in anticipation?"

"I am now giving you your new name: Inconscience incarnate."

"What have You done to me? What have I done to myself?"

"Be always careful of the desire you want Me to fulfil!"