Death, please illumine me.

Death, please illumine me.
Some people are killed
While defending their own country
When they come to you,
What do you do with them?

"When they come to me,
I bless them and bless them.
I embrace them and embrace them
Until they are tired of my embrace."

And what about those
Who are killed
While attacking another country
And killing its people?
My question is,
What do you do with those aggressors?

I hate them,
I literally hate them!
I hate them to the same extent
That I hate Satan.
And when they come to me,
I turn them all
Into a huge football
And kick them and kick them
With all the strength of my Thunder-Feet,
Until I am completely exhausted!"
Sri Chinmoy, The silence of death, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1973