Instant illumination

Death, when a spiritual Master visits you
On his way to Heaven,
Do you give him a special reception?

"Yes, I do.
But I am so lucky
That God has turned only very few human beings
Into spiritual Masters
Since the very birth of His creation.
Only on very rare occasions
Do I have to welcome a spiritual Master."

O Death, my poor ignorant friend,
Those days are buried in oblivion!
Nowadays thousands of spiritual Masters
Are offering their loftiest Height,
Purest Light
Deepest Delight
To their younger brothers and sisters in spirit.
To your wide surprise,
There are some spiritual Masters
Who have the capacity —
Unlike Krishna, the Buddha
And the Christ —
To grant Illumination,
Liberation and Salvation
In the twinkling of an eye.

Again, there are some
Who are simply unique.
Do you know what they do?
They initiate
Over ten thousand people
At a time!
And their initiation has
The thaumaturgic power
To offer their disciples
Illumination, Liberation and Salvation
All at once!

"Is it so?
I must immediately go to Heaven
And inform my comrades Krishna, Buddha and Christ
About the incredible
And unprecedented capacities
Of these spiritual Masters.
I shall tell Krishna, Buddha and Christ
That if they really want to be
Worthy of their successors,
Then they must
Immediately come down
And be their most humble disciples.
I assure you, my divine friends
Are extremely sincere seekers.
They will immediately
Come down
And kiss the very dust
Of the feet of these Masters
Who are granting
Instant Illumination, Liberation and Salvation
Like the earth's instant coffee.
I am so grateful to you
For offering me
This creation-illumining news."

Death, I am so happy that at last
My most dedicated service
Has been of some use to you.
Sri Chinmoy, The silence of death, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1973