Death, do you have a God?

Death, do you have a God like me?
"Yes, I do."
Perhaps we have the same God.
"Yes, we have the same God.
But unlike me
You have two Gods."

No, never!
I have only one God,
And I pray to only one God.

"You liar!
When wild frustration
Embraces you
And untold disgrace
Dances around you,
Whom do you pray to?
To me, my child, to me.
You pray to me:
'O Death, O bountiful Death,
Do come and embrace me.
I need your immediate presence.'
You must know that
Whoever you pray to
Is your God,
Your real God.
Therefore at times
I become your God,
Your only God."

O Death, my stupid curiosity
Deeply admires your Wisdom-Reality.
Sri Chinmoy, The silence of death, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1973