The speeding driver

A lady was driving very, very fast. She did not care in the least about the speed limit, as she was a little bit drunk. A policeman saw her driving and began to chase after her with his car, but she just went faster and faster. She went against all the red lights and made all kinds of turns. The policeman turned on his siren and was following the lady as closely as he could, but she was driving so fast that he could not catch the woman without causing a serious accident.

Finally the lady sped into a nearby gas station. She immediately ran into the ladies' room and locked the door.

The policeman arrived soon after her, and he saw the lady's car. He asked the station attendant, "Did you see the lady who was driving this car?"

The attendant answered, "Yes, she was driving faster than you can imagine and came to a sudden stop right here. Then she ran into the ladies' room."

"I see," said the policeman. "I am waiting right here for her." He waited just by the side of her car.

After about five minutes, the policeman went back to the attendant and said, "Where is this lady? I have been waiting forever for her!" The attendant replied, "I am sure she is still in the restroom."

The policeman went back to the lady's car. After fifteen or twenty minutes, she walked out of the restroom and came back to her car. The policeman immediately asked her, "Do you have any idea what speed you were going? Why were you driving so fast? Why did you go against all the red lights?"

The lady answered, "Can you not see? I had to go to the restroom! That is why I was driving so fast!"