The newly married couple's oneness

After their wedding, a young wife said to her husband, "From now on, be careful. You must not say 'I'. Always you have to use the term 'we'. 'We did this.' 'We went here.' 'We have so much money.' Everything we must claim together as both of ours. If something good happens to one of us, it happens to both of us. Similarly, if something bad happens to one of us, it happens to both of us. Now that we are married, please feel we are one. Never, never say 'I'."

The husband found his new wife's request very unusual, but he did not want to upset her, so he simply smiled.

One night two of the husband's friends from college came to the couple's house. They all started talking very enthusiastically about their new careers. The husband said, "You will not believe my new job! It is wonderful. I am an accountant for a large sporting goods store. All the sports clothes I want, I can buy at cost." He was so happy, until he saw his wife looking at him very, very angrily. He remembered what she had told him earlier about not saying 'I', and so he quickly changed the topic.

The husband said, "It is so magnificent now that we are married. Last weekend we went hiking together, and this week we will start playing tennis together." Then he saw that his wife was smiling.

The husband said to himself, "This has gone a little bit too far! I must teach my wife a lesson."

The next morning the wife was cooking breakfast. Her husband was shaving, as he was getting ready for work. The wife said, "What are you doing? It is getting late." The husband said, "We are shaving, but we have only one razor. That is why it is taking time."