Question: When I am asleep I feel I am falling off a cliff, and that immediately wakes me up. What does this mean?

Sri Chinmoy: This feeling of yours can be interpreted in two ways. Either you are energised by a divine force to dive deep into your being to illumine your body-consciousness and to fulfil God in all parts of your being, or an undivine force compels you to fall down from the height you have attained because it does not want you to enjoy the bliss of spiritual height. When you fall down, if you are not frightened to death, if on the contrary you feel tremendous energy to do something for the Supreme on the plane where you have landed, that means a divine force is operating in and through you. If you are frightened, however, that means you have been assailed by a wrong force. So I advise you always to pray and meditate in order to be inspired and guided by the divine forces for the total illumination and perfection of your life.