Question: How can we be more active in daily life?

Sri Chinmoy: Early in the morning we should meditate on God the dynamic Power. When God's Power enters into us we will be surcharged with dynamic energy. God's Power will never destroy anybody, but it will give us this dynamic quality which we need. Right now the physical body is wanting in the dynamic aspect of reality. When dynamism enters us we will not need to rest for a minute. This dynamism is extremely necessary if we want to reach our goal as fast as possible. If we concentrate and meditate on God the Power, we will be able to give real life to the time that lies ahead of us.

The nature of the body is to encourage tiredness. Our physical body is so clever if every day you are supposed to go to the playground to take exercise, it will give you twenty reasons why you should not go. The physical mind and the body will give you twenty reasons to justify your lethargy. But if you go deep within, you will see not even one reason is sound. Then, when the hour for taking exercise or meditating is past, these forces go away. Divine wisdom comes to the fore and you feel miserable. At that time the word 'lethargy' is not in your mind. The same forces that inspired you not to exercise or not to meditate come and tell you, now it is too late. If you are sick, sleep according to the body's need. But if you have formed the habit of taking naps, you should break it. Do not surrender to lethargy.