Question: How is it possible to have a good meditation in the morning when we have gone to bed in a very bad consciousness?

Sri Chinmoy: Our good meditation doesn't depend on what we did yesterday. The Supreme forgives us every night while we are sleeping. If not, we wouldn't struggle to get up the next morning. We would just say, "It is useless to try. to meditate today when I was so undivine yesterday. Let me just sleep." His Forgiveness gives us the capacity to meditate well the following day. His Forgiveness is unconditional. He empties our inner receptivity-vessel at night so that we can fill ourselves with His divine Light in the morning. That is the spiritual reason for sleep, and that is why we should always meditate early in the morning before we begin our daily activities. Once we have the spiritual capacity to empty our inner vessel ourselves, and invoke the Light of the Supreme, then we will be able to transcend sleep.