Question: Is my yearning for the Absolute sufficient to attain to a high level of meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: If you are yearning for the Absolute, that does not mean you are having sublime, soulful meditations. If you want the Supreme, then let the Supreme be your only reality in life. You have to feel that you can exist without everything except the Supreme Reality, that you cannot live for a fleeting second without the Supreme's Compassion, Light and Reality. Once you achieve that state, then all your sincere efforts will eventually be crowned with success. So, if somebody says that he is crying for the absolute Reality, but that he does not have soulful and fruitful meditations, I will ask if he is sincere in his desire to climb the Reality-Tree. It is your sincerity, in the end, that will determine your success and your oneness with the Highest.

If you want soulful meditation, then you have to feel that that is the only thing necessary in life. Just because we want a Master's degree does not mean that we will attain it. It is our sincere approach to Reality that determines whether we attain our goal. We are all seekers aiming at the Highest Truth, but how can we all reach the Highest Truth? We can do it only on the strength of our sincere striving for the thing that we are yearning for.