Question: How can we best experience peace?

Sri Chinmoy: All the inner gifts we can get only by crying within, by aspiring. We go to our jobs and work for eight hours a day. Just because we work, we get a salary, we get money-power, and with that money-power we buy the necessities of life. When we live in the desire-world, we feel that we need quite a few things and we use our salary to buy the things we want. In the inner world, in the world of aspiration, we also have to earn a salary; but here our work is our meditation. If we pray and meditate for an hour or two every day, we get our salary in the form of spiritual light, inner peace and inner satisfaction. In our desire-life we always have to make some effort in order to achieve what we want. In our spiritual life also if we do the right thing, if we cry for light, if we pray and meditate to please God, then definitely we shall get what we want in the inner world.

When I knock at the door, the person who is inside the room opens the door for me. If I go to another room and knock, another person opens the door. I will always get the person or the thing that each room contains. If I knock at a door where there are other realities, then I will eventually get them. It is only a matter of knocking at the right door.