Question: What should you do to keep your consciousness up if someone else is in a bad mood or angry?

Sri Chinmoy: If somebody is not in a good consciousness, just try to keep your own mood high. If that person is pulling you down, try to pull that person up with your own aspiration. You make the effort. Your own aspiration is there, or you have some peace. This peace will try to enter into that person. If you have a limited amount of peace, you will keep for yourself the amount that you need. But if you have more than you need, and that other person is angry, it means he is lacking in peace; peace-money he needs badly. If you are generous, you can easily give him some of your inner wealth. But if you have only the amount you badly need, then how can you give? You can't. So first you have to increase the power of peace in your own life and then only can you give to the other person. Otherwise, you will be totally lost, because with greatest difficulty you are preserving a certain amount of peace that you yourself need.

So, increase your own aspiration and peace; then you can easily share with a person who is extremely angry. But when you give to him, you have to do it secretly. Outwardly if you tell him that he needs peace, he will be furious. Only secretly, like a divine thief, enter inside his heart and mind and offer him peace. Go and enter into the mind-room or the vital-room of the person and put peace there. Then the problem will be solved.