Question: Some Masters say the spiritual heart is in the centre of the chest; others say it is off to one side. How can this be?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, the seeker has to know that spirituality is not mere observation; it is something much deeper. Even if two spiritual Masters or four spiritual Masters have differences, you have to know that it is not the Master's opinion about the location of the heart that has given him realisation. It is his own inner cry; it is his own sincere need for God.

When seekers meditate on the highest Truth, each one realises the Truth from a different angle. Let us say the Truth is here. When you look at it from above, you will see the Truth in one way. And if I see the Truth from the left side, the same Truth I will see in another way. Truth itself is always the same, but when you see the Truth from a particular angle, there is a difference in vision. But when it is a matter of realising the highest Truth, this difference does not exist. If you look at the heart from that side, you will say one thing; and if you look from this side, you will say something else. But if you remain all the time in the soul, then you will see that it is not actually the location of the heart but the quality of the heart that is important.

The goal is not the heart; the goal is inside the heart, where the soul is. If you go to the goal this way, then it appears to be on the right; if you come this way, then it appears to be on the left. When you see the Highest and try to interpret it, immediately your mind enters into the picture and the truth becomes relative.

One spiritual Master went to the extreme of saying that the heart is here, in between the eyebrows. You will only laugh. How can the heart be here? Yet he is absolutely right. He means that the heart is where the Light is. Inside the heart is the soul, which is all Light. Here is the Third Eye, which means the eye of Vision and Delight. When this Master is meditating and contemplating, he gets Light, boundless Light in the Third Eye. So he says, "Where I see Light, there is my real self; there is my heart."

When you meditate and contemplate, you get Light from a distinct place. So you have a perfect right to say that this is the place where you got the Light. To me it is the wrong place, but to you it is the right place. So each Master is right. But we have to know that saying left side, right side or forehead is not important at all. What you really want is the soul's Light. The location is not the important thing. Where one gets Light, there is his home. The heart means home.

We have to know that if we are really thirsty, we shall go where the water is. We don't fight over whether it is here or there. We shall only care whether it exists or not. When we meditate we come to realise that the heart exists, and inside the heart is the soul.