Question: Would you please explain the difference between joy and happiness?

Sri Chinmoy: Happiness always has a kind of dynamic quality in it, whereas in joy there can be a very sweet, mild, subtle and serene quality. In happiness you can get an ecstatic movement, and you may lose your balance. But when it is subtle joy, inner joy, then you do not lose your outer balance. But this is only playing with words. Actually there is no difference between the soul's happiness and true joy. Happiness and joy are synonymous. But if you speak of joy and pleasure, then there is a difference. There is a great difference between joy and pleasure. Pleasure is always followed by frustration, depression and destruction. But joy is growth, joy is a constructive force that fulfils us. Joy is like a flower that blooms petal by petal. God created us in joy, God wants us to remain in joy and God wants us to fulfil our respective roles in utmost joy. If we remain in joy, in inner joy, only then can we make real progress.